Disney Animal Kingdom DiVine

What exactly is hiding in the trees at Disney’s Animal Kingdom park? Look closely at the picture and you will see one of the most amazing attractions at Animal Kingdom – DiVine. Now you really do have to look closely to see this captivating and sometimes difficult to find Disney attraction. DiVine tangles herself around trees and appears so real it is very difficult to tell that she is not just part of the scenery.

She can sometimes be found on the pathway between Asia and Africa in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. She is incredibly captivating so make sure that you spend some time watching the amazing way that she moves and transforms herself. Who is the real person behind the vine? Priscilla Bright traveled the world before bringing her captivating interpretation of DiVine to Animal Kingdom. Be sure to look for her next time you visit the park.

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virginia kimmell - July 2, 2013

I have been to animal kingdom twice and will return next year with my daughter-in=law to show her DeVine along with the safari trek. these two are by far the most heart thrilling things I have ever seen in my 80 years, especially DeVine.what a sight to see. does she wlk only once a day?

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