Disney Cars 2 New Trailer

As the excitement builds in the lead up to the release of Disney Cars 2 on 24th June here is a brand new trailer featuring Lightning McQueen and his friends. It is an exact recreation of the original Cars 2 trailer created using Lego Bricks.

It took 3 months to make and was created using thousands of Lego bricks. It is filmed at 24 frames per second which is just like the movie so it has more of the feel of the original than would usually be expected for stop motion animation. Well so my animation obsessed children tell me anyway!

Merchandising was huge for the original Disney Cars movie and no doubt sales of toys, Lego and the expected pre Holiday release of the dvd will be excellent. Lego has released 12 different sets which include Radiator Springs Lightning McQueen Lego and LEGO Cars Flo’s V8 CafĂ©

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