Disney Christmas Cinderella Castle Lights

One of the most magical sights if you are visiting Walt Disney World at Christmas is the wonderful Cinderella Castle. 200,00 LED lights shine out from Cinderella’s Castle in Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

The Castle Dream Lights tradition started in 2007. In the day time you have to look very closely to see the lights on the castle. 40,000 square feet of fisherman’s net was specially dyed to blend in with the colors of the Castle to be used as a framework for positioning the lights. The decorations take around 6 weeks to set up. Dealing with 18 miles of cable takes some time!

As the lights used on Cinderella Castle are LED they only use as much power as 3 clothes dryers.

The Castle lights are switched on every night at sunset. Every time you will hear gasps from the appreciative Disney guests as the spectacular lights magically transform the Castle. A Walt Disney World Christmas is a truly magical experience.

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Photos by expressmonorail


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