Disney Couture de Force Maleficent Figurine


This Disney Malificent Figurine Statue by Couture de Force is a must buy for fans of this fascinating villain. This very collectable Maleficent figurine statue is full of excellent detail. If you are a Maleficent fan you have to have this on your display shelf of Disney Enesco collectibles.

Maleficent Couture de Force Figurine Statue

We have been wanting this Maleficent Couture de Force Figurine ever since we first saw it displayed. However, we had resolved to put it on our Christmas wish list. When we saw it for the amazing discount price on Amazon we just couldn’t help ourselves though! They have it on a discounted price of $45.16 with Free Shipping on Amazon Prime.

The Maleficent Couture de Force figurine is really detailed. Often at that price point you really sacrifice the detail,but that isn’t the case with this beautiful Maleficent figurine statue. For $45 we think that the detail is amazing and way more than your would expect. Everything is hand painted. You can even see her red nail polish in detail!

Maleficent is one of those really difficult characters to get right for some reason. Die hard Maleficent fans (yes we count ourselves in that category) can find it hard to find a figurine that they like. This one caught our eye from the very start as, although the face is a little less “evil” looking than some, it pretty much gets it right.

Enesco Disney Showcase Maleficent Couture de Force Figurine

We are also very tempted by this Enesco Disney Showcase Cruella Couture de Force Figurine. Again, the detail is excellent. If you love Disney villain figurines and are looking for the next one for your collection we know you will be tempted by this too. This is priced slightly higher at $49.97, but is still way cheaper than the other stores that we have seen where it sells for $65 to $70. Grab this one while you can.

Enesco Disney Showcase Cruella Couture de Force Figurine, 8-Inch

All of the Disney Enesco Disney Showcase Cruella Couture de Force Figurines are around 8 inches tall. The perfect size so that you can see the detail – and they look amazing in your Disney collectors display.

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