Disney Cruise Character Greeting Experiences


Disney Cruise Character Experiences

One of the great things about a Disney Cruise is that you get so many chances to meet the characters onboard. A Disney cruise character greeting experience is different from those in the parks. We all know that if you go to the Disney parks the characters are there – but so often there are big lines to go and have your picture taken with them. Sure the character greetings are popular onboard the Disney Cruises but you get much more of a chance to interact with them than you do in the parks.

This picture of Belle is one of my favorite Disney pictures as it reminds me of a very magical moment onboard the Disney Wonder. This picture was taken when we just caught sight of Belle reading a book. Lots of the Disney Princesses were in the lobby but we found Belle on the deck above just quietly reading.

You will sometimes see characters around the ship as they walk from one place to another and it is a lot of fun to interact with them. We have found that Peter Pan can seemingly jump out from nowhere too!

Disney Cruise Characters

Characters are often out and about onboard the decks of your Disney Cruise ship too. Chip and Dale enjoyed some time watching the passage through the Panama Canal on the Disney Wonder!

Each day on a Disney Cruise there are lots of character greetings in the lobby. The lines do build up but the wait times are usually not too bad. On the Panama Canal Disney Wonder cruise we rarely waited more than 15 minutes.

Each day the Disney Character greetings are posted in your Personal Navigators so that you can see which ones you want to go and meet. The times are also posted up on the board in the lobby.

We think that the Disney Cruise character greeting experiences are yet another great reason to sail on the Wonder, Magic, Fantasy or Dream. Have you sailed on a Disney cruise and enjoyed a special Disney Character experience?

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