Disney Cruise Line Or Disney World?


Disney World or Disney Cruise Line

Are you trying to decide between a Disney Cruise or Walt Disney World? You know that you want to experience a Disney vacation but can’t decide if you should sail with Disney Cruise Line or go to the parks at Disney World? This guide will help you decide which is best for your family.

Will you choose Disney Cruise Line or Disney World?

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Disney Cruise v Disney World

Advantages of A Disney Cruise

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  • Everything is included in the price of a Disney Cruise so it is easier to budget. The price that you are quoted will include all accommodation, meals and entertainment. Extras are gratuities, alcoholic beverages and excursions. You can see exactly what you will be paying for your Disney cruise.
  • A Disney Cruise is a relaxing experience. There is always something to do, but if you want to sit and do absolutely nothing you can do this. In the Disney parks you always seem to need to be running around to the next thing and it is rarely relaxing.
  • A Disney Cruise can work out at less cost than a Disney World vacation. This of course depends upon which stateroom you get, which sailing you go on, and where you would stay in Disney World. However, we generally find that on a per day basis Disney Cruise lines works out to be cheaper than Disney World.
  • You have access to free child care for most of the time. If you want some time on your own then your kids will most likely love to be in the Oceaneers Club and Lab.
  • There are plenty of places for adults to be without the kids, and plenty of places for families to spend time together. You choose.
  • There are lots of dining choices on a Disney cruise. Everything is included in the price that you pay. It is easy to eat when you want, please picky eaters, eat gourmet food, or pick up a snack. All without worrying about how much extra it will cost as it is all included.
  • Disney Character Experiences. There are so many characters on board the ships and usually the wait to see them is much less than at the parks.
  • You feel part of the Disney cruise community. The standard of service is consistently excellent on the Disney ships. Whilst standards are high at the Disney World parks, it just doesn’t quite match the quality on the ships.
  • Walt Disney World Advantages

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    • Disney World is a magical place. There are 4 theme parks and 2 water parks to experience. There really is something for everyone of all ages.
    • If you want to experience numerous rides and attractions then Disney World is no match for a Disney cruise. Whilst you have the AquaDuck on the Dream and the Fantasy this is no way compares to the range of rides and attractions in the Disney parks.
    • There is a huge choice of restaurants and themed dining in Walt Disney World.
    • The Disney hotel swimming pools can be a lot of fun. The swimming pools on the Disney cruise ships are small and often crowded
    • Some people just don’t enjoy cruising. To us our there who are obsessed with this it is difficult to believe but some people just don’t get it!

    I am fortunate that I can spend a considerable part of the year in the Disney Parks and sailing on Disney cruises. If I had to choose I would always choose a Disney Cruise over Disney World. It just offers our family even more than Disney World – although of course we love them both.

    What you you think? Will you choose Disney Cruise Line or Disney World?

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