Disney World Character Dining


Want to have a meal with Mickey Mouse or dine with a Disney Princess? Well there are many Disney character dining choices at Disney World.

But how do you choose which Disney World character dining experience is for you? One of the most popular Disney dining experiences is Cinderella’s Royal Table. And many of the Disney guides will tell you just how difficult it is to get a table at this Disney World restaurant. Why is Cinderella’s Royal Table so popular? Because it is right inside Disney World’s Cinderella Castle and of course you meet the Princess herself – but it has to be said only briefly! So if you want to dine in the Disney World castle be sure to make Advance Dining Reservations way ahead of time.

There are many other Disney character dining choices both inside the theme parks and also in the Disney hotels. Buffet dining is the most popular type of dining for a character meal but some meals are also served ‘family style’ meaning that a selection of food is brought to your table.

So how do you decide which Disney World character dining experience to choose? Well, firstly ask yourself if there is any particular character that you would like to meet. Would you prefer to dine with a Disney Princess? Or perhaps you want to spend more time with Mickey Mouse, or Winnie the Pooh.
Then think about whether you would prefer to dine inside the theme park or if dining in a Disney World hotel would be a better use of your time. Then think about your budget. Breakfast is usually the best deal. With buffet breakfast style dining you usually skip lunch so in terms of value you may want to factor this in to your Disney dining choice.

What about the quality of the food? Well we are not talking gourmet dining here but the quality at some of the restaurants is pretty high. One of my own favorites is the buffets at 1900 Park Fayre at the Grand Floridian. Whether it is breakfast with Winnie the Pooh and Friends or dinner with Cinderella the food here is excellent. And a great value.

Will your child love the Disney character meal? Well you have to think about how they are going to react to the characters. Generally it is much easier to predict a child’s reaction to a Disney Princess than it is to think how they will react to a less ‘life like’ character such as Winnie the Pooh. Suddenly being confronted with a large ( and some of them seem huge to a small child) Disney character may be too much for your younger child. But the Disney characters are brilliant. They can win over all but the most reluctant of kids, and they know exactly when to walk away when it just isn’t going to work.

Disney World character dining really does bring the magic of Disney right into your vacation. If you would like even more information including reviews, prices and a comprehensive guide to all the Disney World character dining experiences then explore my Disney World Character Dining Guide

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