Disney World Snow White Ride to Close


Disney World fans had a mixed reaction to the news that to make way for the expansion in Fantasyland the classic Snow White ride will close. The Scary Adventures of Snow White is one of the original attractions from the 1971 opening of Walt Disney World and many feel very nostalgic about this ride. The ride will be replaced with Princess Fairytale Hall, a new meet and greet for the Disney Princesses.

Walt Disney’s 1937 classic animated movie Snow White has a very special place in the heart’s of many Disney fan. The ride at Disney World has undergone a number of changes over the years. It was renamed Snow White’s Scary Adventures for a reason – as a warning to parents of young children who may perhaps have been expecting a rather less dark version of the ride.

I have to say that for many years I have rarely experienced the Snow White ride and have actively avoided it because I have young children. Many years ago after having to comfort a my very upset 3 year old on the ride I resolved that perhaps there were other rides we should experience instead! Whilst I know that guests of all ages do love the ride and will be very upset by it’s demise I can certainly see why Disney has chosen to close it. Perhaps simply for the reason that it is just not that popular anymore.

It is a classic Disney dark ride but perhaps is not quite right anymore for it’s present audience. Many fans are no doubt particularly upset that it is being replaced by a meet and greet. The Disney Princesses are extremely popular and are a huge part of many families experience at the Disney parks. Hopefully the new Princess Fairytale Hall will increase the accessibility and decrease the wait time to actually see the Princesses.

Snow White will still be very much a part of Fantasyland with the new roller coaster The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train coaster. Although the original Snow White ride was a Disney classic the parks really do have to move with the times and update things – no matter how sad we often are to see change!

So what do you think of the decision to close Snow White’s Scary Adventures at Disney World?

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