Disney World Snow White Ride to Close

Disney World fans had a mixed reaction to the news that to make way for the expansion in Fantasyland the classic Snow White ride will close. The Scary Adventures of Snow White is one of the original attractions from the 1971 opening of Walt Disney World and many feel very nostalgic about this ride. The ride will be replaced with Princess Fairytale Hall, a new meet and greet for the Disney Princesses.

Walt Disney’s 1937 classic animated movie Snow White has a very special place in the heart’s of many Disney fan. The ride at Disney World has undergone a number of changes over the years. It was renamed Snow White’s Scary Adventures for a reason – as a warning to parents of young children who may perhaps have been expecting a rather less dark version of the ride.

I have to say that for many years I have rarely experienced the Snow White ride and have actively avoided it because I have young children. Many years ago after having to comfort a my very upset 3 year old on the ride I resolved that perhaps there were other rides we should experience instead! Whilst I know that guests of all ages do love the ride and will be very upset by it’s demise I can certainly see why Disney has chosen to close it. Perhaps simply for the reason that it is just not that popular anymore.

It is a classic Disney dark ride but perhaps is not quite right anymore for it’s present audience. Many fans are no doubt particularly upset that it is being replaced by a meet and greet. The Disney Princesses are extremely popular and are a huge part of many families experience at the Disney parks. Hopefully the new Princess Fairytale Hall will increase the accessibility and decrease the wait time to actually see the Princesses.

Snow White will still be very much a part of Fantasyland with the new roller coaster The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train coaster. Although the original Snow White ride was a Disney classic the parks really do have to move with the times and update things – no matter how sad we often are to see change!

So what do you think of the decision to close Snow White’s Scary Adventures at Disney World?

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Char - February 9, 2011

i must admit i am sad to see the current snow white ride go… snow white scared my daughter too, when she was a little bitty girl, but she is 7yo. now and it has been one of our favorites over he past 2 years. but i must admit….i am very excited to see the seven dwarfs mine train coaster and all of the new and magical things that will be coming our way with the expansion!

Mary - February 23, 2011

I was looking forward to this ride, even though I am a grandma now. Snow White was the first movie I ever saw at a movie theatre. It was a truly thrilling experience. I’ve never forgotten the frightening sequence where Snow White is surrounded in the dark forest by trees that are ominously coming to life around her.I regret I won’t be able to share these memories on the ride with my grandkids when we go to DisneyWorld

Marcelo Gorenman - April 26, 2011

I am outraged about this. This ride was not meant for 3 year olds, but then again, neither was Space Mountain. Disneyworld is meant for everyone, not just kids. When I first visited the park at age 7, the Snow White ride was my favorite one, and dragged my poor family three times to it.
I hate the idea that I won’t be able to revisit this ride, and ignite all the memories it would. Disney Parks aren’t just about fun today, but about the nostalgia for our lost childhoods. And no doubt the park should be updated….but a classic is a classic.
And about the meet and greets…enough of those!! And Princesses sell themselves, we dont need princess on top of princesses….

Lauren - April 29, 2011

Walt would never want his ORIGINAL ride to ever be closed down! “The thought and care in which Walt built into his parks will never be the same”. I just visited Disney World this past March, exactly one month ago. I was extremely saddened by the TALK of SOMEONE wanting Snow White’s Scary Adventures to be SHUT down. I think it is an abomination to even DEBATE it’s closure. The NEW attraction that they want to replace it with will never have the same CHARATER that Snow White’s scary adventures has to this date. That is a LAME excuse to close it just because “some” say that it’s too scary. It should not be closed down due to the mixted reviews, it will upset many people. I am 19 years old and I still look forward to seeing it, as well as my mom who is 50!

Jeremy - May 19, 2011

Considering the enhancements they just made to the California original version, I am wondering what they are thinking. The new effects seem to do wonders for this type of attraction.

KIM - May 26, 2011

Oh no they don’t! I can’t believe another one bites the dust! Shame on you, there are plenty of other areas that would be fine for this. I can say I can care less about the princess’s, that was never what Disney meant to my family. It all commercialized. Again, shame on you.

Maria - July 11, 2011

This is totally ridiculous. I don’t care what anyone says about modernizing Disney World, this ride should have stayed. Sometimes people need to realize that older, classic things, whether it be rides, movies, actors, or books, are better than newer things. These are just examples but there are PLENTY of people who would prefer Snow White to the Tower of Terror or Gone With The Wind to Harry Potter. I hope that other classics like It’s a Small World will remain at the Magic Kingdom.

Steve - July 22, 2011

Fantasyland is slowly being replaced with the Disney bean counters from Realityland. The new Fantasyland has nothing to do with “modernizing” or “creating a magical experience for our guests”. It’s about money! Disney will sell 100 times more princess stuff than Snow White ever could. They don’t care that people love this ride and want to share it with their children and grandchildren. Mr. Toads Wild Ride suffered the same fate 10 years ago. Toad was replaced with Winnie the Pooh and they added a Pooh gift shop. Kids want Pooh dolls, not Toad stuff. The new snow white ride will not have half the charm or creativity as the original. You can’t enjoy detailed scenes or creative landscapes on a rollercoaster. Disney will save money with less animation and detail to maintain on the new version. The sad truth is it will not end with Snow White. Peter Pan and It’s a Small World will be next. Disneyland has already added Disney characters to the Original Small World. Stitch, Woody, and Jesse help sell Toy Story junk. Disney has figured out there is a percentage of guest that can’t buy enough of this stuff. Anything that is in the way will be removed for their bottom line profit. Thank goodness the gate ticket prices are still a bargain. Oh no wait, that was in 1995 I could buy a 3- day pass for $75. Now it’s $250! $1000 for a family of four, and I thought Eisner was bad!

Jamie Robson - July 24, 2011

When I heard this ride was going to close, I cried. It wasn’t just one of my personal favorites, but was a classic at Walt Disney World, one that was there when it opened in 1971. One that I’m pretty sure Walt himself worked on to make, and getting rid of it is like getting rid of a piece of Walt.
What are you going to get rid of next, hm? Carousel of Progress? it’s a small world?
If little kids get scared, whatever. I mean they would get scared on Tower of Terror too! That’s no reason to get rid of it. Older kids enjoy it. Teens enjoy it. Adults enjoy it. And elderly people for sure enjoy it. You can say I’m wrong, and that people don’t appriciate things like that anymore. But that’s where your wrong. I’m 17 and would rather see Mission: Space go than a classic like Spaceship Earth. Snow White: It’s classic, it’s history, it’s Walt-made.

It really kills me that lately Disney only seems to put out things with Ariel, Lion King, and Toy Story. Snow White was the first Disney princess EVER and you take away her ride and put in a meet-and-greet for OTHER princesses when many of them are getting meet-and-greets anyways in the new Fantasyland expansion anyways? I find it sick. I don’t care that she’s getting a “new” ride. It’s not even her. It’s the dwarfs. I love Disney with all my heart, I really do. But something is going wrong.

I mean, you should probably go ahead and get rid of Peter Pans Flight because a lot of kids are scared of heights. Oh and Winnie the Pooh because the bouncing part makes people sick. Oh, and of course get rid of Pirates of the Carribean, I mean, the moving skeleton? Horrific. And they point guns and shoot canons!!! Oh my. Tsk tsk. Scary scary. NO. Take my word, if you really think it’s too scary, change the lighting and repaint the backrounds brighter. Seriously. It’s as simple as that.

rhonda - August 9, 2011

Pretty soon all of Disney will be ‘meet and greet’ with characters. Be sure to add another ride somewhere if you take this one away.

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Abby - November 6, 2011

I agree! How dare they take it out! it’s sad ’cause I was just there in August (and for the first time ever by the way) and I’m like 16 and I was soooo in love with that ride! and it was my first time too! All I can say is that I’m glad I went on it before they closed it down. I’m surprised though – I thought Disney’s ambition was to make the public happy, not get more money in their pocket :'(

Marissa G. - December 23, 2011

For those of us who were lucky enough to ride the original rides in Walt Disney World, it saddens me to hear that they want to remove the Snow White ride. I think that Disney World should try to preserve and perhaps enhance their oldest rides because of all the nostalgia that surrounds it. They have enough land to expand, I think that it’ll be amazing to see the same rides 50 years from now. Completely restored and improved technologically, but not removed. Does anyone remember the submarines. I loved them even as an adult and so did my kids. It doesn’t go out of fashion. Other parks can have their roller coasters and their movie attractions and let them constantly change, but they’re nothing like Walt Disney World. Walt Disney World should try to preserve that 1900’s old fashioned feeling which is clearly represented in Main Street, an era most of us will soon forget. This is what Walt Disney planned until the end of his life. The park is part of Walt Disney, it has Walt Disney’s personality. They need to stop scrapping the old rides and maybe bring back some of the old ones back.

Stacey Galitsky - December 28, 2011

Disneyworld is always our vacation spot, and @ “37” years young :0 this is STILL one of my Favorite rides. It was when i was a child, it still is now that i have shared it each time we take our children! I am disgusted that they are ruining this CLASSIC ride that families love (and if your preschooler or infant is afraid…HAVE THE SENSE AS A PARENT TO “KNOW” THAT AHEAD OF YOU STEPPING ON>>>and DONT ride it) Disney DOES NOT NEED any more meet and greets!!!!!!! I agree with the above~that was another way to get more Money (just like exiting through gift shops) but i believe if you destroy rides like this you ARE taking magic that Disney was built on and throwing it away. Disney doesnt have to “improve” rides like Snow White~they are perfect in what they ARE~they are CLASSIC…they are MEMORIES. They have survived ALLLLLLLLL these YEARS for a REASON. I was so sad when i heard this, and my daughter (8) cried. We would ride this ride over and over. It’s a shame that rides like this will go to make more room for nonsense that isnt needed.

Elizabeth - January 16, 2012

How dare they close a classic ride like Snow White’s Scary Adventures for a Princess meet and greet! By shutting down this ride they are closing a piece of Disney history that Walt himself created. First they get rid of Toon Town, now this! This has literally been my favorite ride since before I can remember and now it’s like they’re taking a part of my childhood away for PRINCESSES!!! There is plenty of room elsewhere where they could build something for them! I am 18 and I was devastated when Toon Town was shut down but now it is even worse. I love that ride and many of friends agree that Disney should leave it alone. If they want to expand fine but not this way, they can’t simply get rid of the old to make room for the shiny new toys. I am more determined than ever to make it to Disney one more time before this attraction is closed. The original intention of Disney World and the dream that Walt had was to create a world of dreams, a place where everyone can remember the first time they saw snow white, the first time a beast fell in love, and now they only care about increasing their profits. Why would anyone want to fix something that isn’t broken?

The more changes that Disney has undergone these past few years makes me wonder if I will be able to share any memories with my children. With all the rides being taken away for improvements, I highly doubt that I will. This saddens me more than anything. Do I want my children to meet all the characters, yes, but not at the cost of experiencing the amazing rides that Disney, for now, possess. I hope that somehow they change their mind or find another space for their stupid improvements but I think it is too late to fix this problem. I will say that before it closes for good I will ride it as many times as I can.

DisneyGirl - January 28, 2012

Shame on Disney is RIGHT! HATE to see this go. I was scared to see this go but now as an older teenager its one of my favorite classic rides! Excited about the new Roller Coaster…..But taking THIS ride out and putting in ANOTHER meet and greet???? Come on Disney…Get you HEAD ON RIGHT! I know things have to come and go, I understand but this is really a classic! I was so looking towards taking my furture children on this ride…Well…I guess they can always just hear the stories….Shame on Disney! Walt would have never let this happend…He’d be ashamed!

Stev G. - January 29, 2012

While I too am sadened by this news, to say that Walt would never allow this to happen is simply inaccuate. With respect to Disneyland, Walt said that it would always be changing and would never be complete. If anyone knew about change, and was always looking to the next big thing it was Walt. After all, he is also the man who said that he would never make a sequel to any of his movies. So you can be nostalgic and sad, and I will join you, but the idea that this is simply greed and nothing more, and that it is something that Walt would never stand for is just not correct. All in my humble opinion of course.

Jason W - February 3, 2012

I’ve been telling my daughter’s they would go on the ride for the past year. We’re going in April 2011. Is the ride currently closed? If not, when will it close? This sucks…

Alison - February 3, 2012

As of today they haven’t yet announced when it will close but it is fairly safe to assume it will still be there in April as the first phase of the expansion is not scheduled to open until summer.

Jonathan - February 7, 2012

I was highly upset about the closing of Snow White. The writer of this article says the ride was not popular anymore, but there was ALWAYS a LONG line in the daytime for the ride, just as long as pooh, or Peter Pan. Disney World is for kids of ALL ages, whether they are 7 or 47. And for the reecord, if they are taking out the ride cause its scary, I like the comment by another poster about taking out Peter Pan because of the heights, or Pirates, because of the skeleton, or the part that is completey in the dark. Come on Disney, just admit that it is all about the MONEY. There could have been plenty of other places to put a Princess meet and greet, how about IN Cinderella’s castle, where a Princess would actually LIVE! AND DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED ABOUT THEM TAKING OUT MICKEY AND MINNIE’S HOUSES….that is making Walt roll over in his grave. They better dang well put Snow White in the new meet and greet area, is all i can say, or this summer may be my LAST trip to Disney World.

Natalie - February 24, 2012

Awwwww what?! I am gutted. This is my favourite ride! It has always been busy when we have visited and we’ve always been happy to queue for it. Why take out the ride of such an iconic film?!
The meet and greet area best feature Snow White!!!!!

Milton Sawyer - February 25, 2012

Mixed reviews on closing this ride? All I have heard or read was how sad it is to see it go.. I am also sad to see it go. I would not mind it as much if they were updating the ride or putting a new ride in. But a meet and greet? really? One comment said put the meet and great in the castle. that seems more logical. whats in the castle now besides the new room for special guest and a restaurant? Office space? storage? So in about twenty years from now magic kingdom will be like Epcot is today. More shopping than rides.

brenda - February 27, 2012

My daughter, grandaughter and I are very upset about this ride closing, it is classic Disney and we all love it. I see this as a blatant attempt by Disney to sell more Princess items and improve the bottom line. I purchase my share of princess things and there are plenty of places in the park to find them. We pay so much money just to get in the parks, food etc.. Can’t we just keep the classic rides going? And why are there so many things for little girls now and hardly anything for little boys. (My grandson is age 8 ). Booh to Disney!!!!!!!!

DAVE - March 20, 2012

I have been to Walt Disney World 22 times, I am traveling this friday for the 23rd time in my life to the most magical place on earth. I am shocked that this ride is leaving. This will be my last time on this treasure. Yes, the ride is quite the nail biter. Also, I feel this ride is the most accurate ride in fantasy land. Accuracy according to the chronological order of the movie Itself. Everyone is welcome to state their opinion, despite my spelling errors (I am only 16). I have seen rides get changed according to the movie, and this cant be touched much. One event such as the witch or the queens transformation being changed can throw that whole masterpiece out of porportion. I am upset, but things change. Have a magical day. You can find me on tumblr. A disney website with role players for all the character. I play


Doug - March 21, 2012

Currently scheduled to close May 31, 2012……

Chandler - March 22, 2012

I think that the decision to remove it was made because it’s really weird for a character to have two rides in two different areas. While I never really cared for this ride, it is a classic that a lot of people are very nostalgic about. I think that replacing it with ANOTHER meet and greet is a terrible idea. Won’t they already have enough of those in New Fantasyland? If they’re going to replace it, replace it with an actual ride. Mr. Toad, anyone?

Karina-Lisa - April 27, 2012

scary? so what? its a fairytale- a lot of original fairytales are scary or even cruel, some are not even ment for children, but we have been telling our kids those storys for a very long time…brothers grimm stories are scary as hell- and thats for a reason, even though its not common anymore to moralize society by telling scary stories.
i love the european version of snow whites scarys adventures very very much- when i went on it for the first time i was 4 years old, i was a bit scared, but it didnt do me any harm at all!- what a stupid argument to say its too scary…i can not believe this…

Taylor - June 21, 2013

It’s ridiculous! Walt would be rolling in his grave! It was he’s most absolute favourite (other then his plans for tomorrow land) Snow what is my fav princess and fav ride. I actually spent a whole day crying when I found out they were getting rid of my childhood! I have been to disneyworld 13 times in my 17 years of life and it was always the first ride I went on. A classic is a classic and shouldn’t be tampered with! I don’t care how good the new ride is going to be because I will always miss the old one. I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! :(((((((((((((((

Rob - November 12, 2013

Very disappointing. This was a favorite of mine, and even if it wasn’t the most modern it is, next to Peter Pan, one of the best film-to-ride translations I can think of.

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Chris - April 4, 2014

I don’t follow Disney news and was looking frantically at my Disney ap, looking for tis ride, one of my favorites, since my first time in 1975, and all the visits after, Snow White was part of my childhood. I am glad my girls got experience the same terror I did. Too scary?? Need to move ahead, hey let’s dump the carousel of progress, and bring back SW.

Jcosta - February 6, 2016

I can’t understand how the very idea of replacing “nostalgia” with innovation can be considered a good thing. I remember how much I loved Snow White’s Scary Adventures as a child in the early 70’s and wanting to see it again and again.

The Seven Dwarfs Mine roller coaster ride does not hold a candle to this in my humble opinion shared by many here on this post. Can’t we hold on to just a few things of the past that continue to inspire the imaginations of children for generations?

Apparently not.

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