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Does Disney World Have Secret Tunnels?

Does Disney World really have secret tunnels? Did you know that the story about there being underground tunnels at Disney World is actually true? This one is no myth – there really is an underground tunnel, or Utilidor as it is known, underneath Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

Watch the video to find out more about the Disney World Tunnels.

The Disney World Tunnels are one of those fascinating things about the Magic Kingdom which guests just want to know more about! What are the tunnels used for? There is a famous story that Walt Disney himself was not impressed when he saw a cowboy who should have been in Frontierland walking through Tommorowland in Disneyland.

Walt Disney always wanted to create as real an experience for his guests as he could. So he set about devising a solution to this problem when he was designing Disney World. What if Cast Members and service vehicles could actually travel underneath the new park? There the idea of the Disney World Tunnels was born.

Walt Disney made his idea a reality when designing Magic Kingdom in Florida. The Disney World Tunnels are also known at Utilidors.

You may be surprised to learn though that the Disney World tunnels in Magic Kingdom are actually at ground level. How can this be? Because of the water line on the land it simply wasn’t possible to dig down far at all. 8 million tonnes of Earth were moved to build the Magic Kingdom – and the practical solution was to build Main Street and The Magic Kingdom on the second and third floors about 15 feet above ground level.

You won’t know it but when you walk along Main Street you are walking on the higher floors with the Disney World tunnels beneath you.

The utilidors cover 9 acres of space beneath the Magic Kingdom. The design is that of a central hub at Cinderella’s Castle with ‘spokes’ going to the other lands. The only land not included is Mickey’s Toontown Fair as this was added after the other lands were built.

The underground Disney tunnels are the center of activity for the Cast Members and the operations of the park. There are color coded signs to help Cast Members find their way around. They travel around in electrical powered vehicles which look something like golf carts.

The Disney World Magic Kingdom Cast Members can travel around Magic Kingdom without being seen. So there will not be a repeat of Walt’s experience. You will never see a cowboy unless you are in Frontierland!

The utilidors also servie many other functions. Ever heard about the garbage disposal system? The AVAC System is Magic Kingdoms innovative garbage disposal system. Ever wondered why you don’t see Cast Members emptying the garbage cans around the Magic Kingdom? AVAC is the answer. It uses compressed air to speed garbage at 60 miles per hour to a centralized processing system for recycling and disposal.

The Digital Animation Control System or DACS as it is known is also housed in the tunnels. This is the nerve centre for all of the controls for Disney’s Magic Kingdom – from the animatronics controls to the personal address system.

The utilidors also serve many other purposes. Cast Members can cash a check or even get a haircut! Cast Members locker rooms,offices and

These underground tunnels are unique to Magic Kingdom. Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios don’t have utilidors. Epcot does have a small underground tunnel system which connect Innoventions and The Land. There is another tunnel that goes from Universe of Energy, right under Spaceship Earth, and ends at The Living Seas.

So next time you walk along Main Street in Magic Kingdom just imagine all the activity going on right beneath your feet. Or if you want to actually see the tunnels then take the Keys of The Kingdom Tour. This is a fascinating look behind the scenes and includes a look inside the utilidors. This 4.5 hour walking tour of the Magic Kingdom is open to those aged 16 and over only. Make sure to book ahead by calling 407 WDW TOUR.

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