Disneyland Annual Pass For Southern California Residents Updated 2018


Are you considering buying a Disneyland Annual Pass For Southern California Residents? If you live in Southern California and want to visit Disneyland this year then an Annual Pass may be a good deal for you.

Disneyland last announced a ticket price increase on February 11th 2018. For the past 3 years the price increase has come in February.


We have been writing this blog for many years and have updated this post many times. Every time the news for the Disneyland Annual Pass for Southern California Residents has been bad. The tickets which have increased in price the most are the Disneyland Annual Passes.

We are even predicting, if not the end of the benefit for living in Southern California for saving money going to Disneyland, but certainly the slow and systematic erosion of benefits. A SoCal Disney pass used to be a bargain – now not so much.

Florida residents enjoy a lot of discounts for living close to Disney World. The discounts for Florida residents on Disney World tickets are still generous and worth seeking out. Disney Cruise lines also regularly gives substantial discounts for Florida residents.

However, if you live in Southern California there is the sense that Disneyland really doesn’t want you any more. I adore Disney and am loyal to the core. However, I can see that Disneyland Southern California benefits are pretty much gone.

There is one ticket left for Disneyland Southern California residents. The Disneyland Southern California Select Annual Pass is now your only real option.

Disneyland Annual Pass For Southern California Residents


Disneyland Annual Pass For Southern California Residents

Although prices for Disneyland tickets increased across the board, they weren’t as much as we feared in 2018. This probably has a lot to do with the hefty price hikes we have experienced for Disneyland annual passes in recent times.

Perhaps we are getting used to big prices rises and alterations to the availability of different tickets for Southern Californian residents. The prices and perks certainly used to be a lot better than they are now.

How much does the Disneyland Annual Pass For Southern California Residents cost? There are two types of Annual Pass just for Southern California Residents. To qualify you have to live in the zip codes 90000-93599.

However, the big change for late 2017 is that there is now only one Disney Southern Californian Annual Pass available to purchase, unless you are renewing. The Disneyland Southern Californian Annual Pass is only available if you already have one and are renewing it.

There is a very strong indication that Disneyland wants to discourage discounted Annual Passes for Southern Californian residents. In years gone by, when attendance was much lower and Disney’s California Adventure Park was just not getting the crowds Disney needed, they offered several different types of Southern California Pass. Millions of people live close to Disneyland and they were easy to attract to the parks. However, those days are long gone. Crowds are high and Disneyland doesn’t need the locals as much as they used to.

With the opening of Star Wars Land in 2019 it is anyone’s guess as to whether or not any Southern California resident discounts will be wiped out altogether. Disneyland California residents may find themselves with no Disneyland tickets discounts at all if the current trend continues.

In reality there is now only one discounted option for Southern California residents. This is a seriously restricted option and it doesn’t come cheap – the Disneyland Southern California Select Annual Pass.

Disneyland Southern California Select Annual Pass

This has blackout dates but allows up to 170 days in the Disneyland and California Adventure Parks. The cost of the Southern California Select Annual Pass is now $369 (increased from $339). There is no longer the option to purchase a parking pass so that will cost you $20 each time you visit.

There is a Monthly Payment Option – Southern California Select has a down payment of $147.00 and an additional 12 payments of $18.50.

If you are renewing a Disney Southern California Select Annual Pass it is $369.

Discounted tickets are no longer available for block out days as they have been in the past. If you visit on a day not covered by the Disney Southern California Select Annual Pass you will be paying full price for a day or multi day ticket.

You can see the Disneyland blackout dates and more details of these Annual Passes on the Disneyland site.

Disneyland Annual Pass

You can also upgrade a Disneyland ticket before it expires to an Annual Pass. So if you visit Disneyland and realize that you are having so much fun and want to come back another time then you can go to the ticket booth and upgrade your ticket. The cost of your original Disneyland ticket will be put towards the cost of your Annual Pass. You must remember to do this before your ticket has expired though. You can’t go back a week later and ask nicely!

If you decide you want a “higher” Disneyland Season Pass you can also upgrade that in the same way.

The Disneyland Southern California Annual Pass is now available for $469 for renewal only. There is also a Monthly Payment Option with a payment of $97 down followed by payments of $31 per month.

The other options for Disneyland Annual Passes are covered in detail at

Disneyland Park Annual Pass Options

In summary these passes are now available:

The Disneyland Signature Plus Passport with no blackout dates costs $1049. The price did not increase in February 2017. This has a monthly payment plan which is $97 down followed by monthly payments of $79.34. This Disneyland Annual Pass includes theme park parking, Disney PhotoPass downloads, 15% discount on dining and 20% on merchandise. This is the only Disneyland Annual Pass which gives free parking.

The Disneyland Signature Pass which offers the same benefits as the Signature Plus but has blackout dates for 2 weeks around the Christmas Holidays. This costs $849. There is a payment plan with $97 down and monthly payments of $62.67.

If you want to renew the Disneyland Signature Pass this costs $799.

The Disney Deluxe Annual Passport is $619 (up from $599) and does not give free parking! So if you park at Disneyland, which really you have no choice unless you are paying for parking at an hotel, that is an additional $20 per visit. This Disneyland Season Pass has blackout dates and offers 10% of dining and select merchandise. Again it has a monthly payment plan option with $97 down and monthly payments of $43.50.

A renewal of a Disneyland Deluxe Annual Passport is $579.

What Are The Perks of Disneyland Annual Passes?

There are other advantages to an Annual Pass for Disneyland as well as saving money on entrance to the parks.

One of the best of these benefits is the discount on Disney dining. For the Southern Californian Disney Annual Passes the discount is 10% on dining. The Signature Plus Annual Passport offers a 15% dining discount. The discount is for food and drinks but excludes alcohol. However, you probably might expect a discount when you are paying over $1000 for your pass!

Disneyland Annual Passholders are often offered discounts at Disneyland Resort Hotels. This can be a substantial saving if you intend to stay at the hotels.

Extra Magic Hours are sometimes offered to Disneyland Passholders, but in recent times this has been quite rare.

Only the Disneyland Signature Plus Passport now includes parking.

What is the future for Disneyland Southern California Annual Passes? Will the discount for Disneyland disappear for california Residents? It is very clear to see that Disneyland doesn’t need Southern California residents as it used to. I get it. As someone who has benefited from the discounts in previous years I am thankful. However, I think that in the future there will just be one ticket for Southern California residents. Yes, it will be discounted, but not by very much. Attendance at Disneyland is going to go off the scale when Star Wars Land opens. Why would they need to discount such a quality and in demand product?

It’s sad, but I think an era is over. Demand is so high now and can you imagine what Star Wars will bring to the amount of the crowds? I will still keep going and paying whatever they ask. Because it is worth it.

Are you going to buy a Disneyland Annual Pass For Southern California Residents? Have you been a Disneyland Annual Passholder in the past?

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