Port Canaveral Disney Cruise Parking


Port Canaveral Disney Cruise Parking

What is the best option for Port Canaveral Disney Cruise parking? Many cruise passengers arrive at Port Canaveral by car and want to know the best parking options available. The first thing you need to know is that the Disney cruise terminal is Terminal 8 at Port Canaveral. There are a number of options for Port Canaveral Cruise Parking if you are sailing on a Disney cruise.

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When we sail on a Disney cruise we are always looking for the most convenient parking option even though this may cost a few extra dollars. We have a family of 5 and for us the convenience of parking directly at the port outweighs the savings benefits. The prices for parking directly at the Port Canaveral Port for a Disney cruise are:

3-night cruise $64
4-night cruise $80
5-night cruise $96
7-night cruise $128

There is an extra charge for over sized vehicles over 20 feet in length.

3- night cruise $112
4-night cruise $140
5- night cruise $168
7-day cruise $224

We have sailed out of many destinations and the Port Canaveral cruise port is one of the easiest and most efficient. The dedicated Disney cruise port at Port Canaveral is definitely a model of how a cruise port should be! As soon as you arrive at the Disney Cape Canaveral cruise port you know that you are already on vacation!

There is also a preferred parking rate of $25 per day at Port Canaveral.This is not necessarily the best Port Canaveral Disney Cruise Parking. However, it is worth thinking about. This does get you closer to the Disney ship but really the premium is rather too much for the benefit it actually gives. There are only 113 spaces available. It is closer to the terminal but really for the benefit you do have to think carefully about whether this is a good option for you.

There are also offsite car parking choices at Cape Canaveral for Disney cruise parking which may save you a few bucks – but of course will cost you more in time, as the shuttle bus has to get you to the cruise port.

Port Canaveral Disney Cruise Parking

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The major player in off site parking for Port Canaveral is Park N Cruise. The rate for Port Canaveral parking is $8.95 per day so this works out a lot cheaper than on site parking at just $26.85 for a 3 night, $35.80 for a 4 night, $44.75 for a 4 night and $62.65 for a 7 night cruise. If you want to save money this is the way to go but it will mean taking the shuttle bus.

Park N Cruise also offer discounts including a 10% discount for the military, and 5% discount for AAA members. They have a loyalty program which offers the 5th stay free. They are certainly worth checking out if you want to save some money on Disney Cruise parking.

Another great option is to combine a hotel stay with parking at Port Canaveral. This is a good choice if you are driving from some distance away and want to have a relaxing stay before your Disney cruise. We have never taken this option so can’t offer any direct reviews, but many see this as a great choice. We have used this option at other cruise ports before joining a cruise and it is our preferred option. It cuts down on any stress that you may have about arriving at the cruise port late. You can have a relaxing morning before joining your Disney cruise. It also gives you an extra night of vacation time!

Often if you book a cruise and stay package you will get free parking for up to 7 nights. You will need to check on the individual hotel websites to see prices and current deals. However, it can be a very cost effective way of parking and having the combined benefit of a stay at a hotel the night before your Disney cruise.

One hotel with park and stay is at the Radisson Cape Canaveral. You can book a cruise and stay package which starts at $110. Check the link on the website for details of prices. This is an older hotel and it does get mixed reviews. There is a free shuttle to the Disney cruise port.

The Country Inn and Suites also offers Port Canaveral Cruise Packages. There is a free breakfast and free wi-fi included in the package price. There is a free shuttle to the Disney cruise port.

Have you ever parked at Port Canaveral for a Disney cruise? We would love to hear your feedback on your experiences of Port Canaveral Disney Cruise Parking. Have you found a better deal for Disney cruise parking?

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