How Does Disney Cruise Rotational Dining Work?



Disney Cruise Rotational Dining


You may have heard that dining on a Disney cruise ship is a little different – and that they have something called Rotational Dining. But what does this actually mean? Rotational dining is a brilliant idea unique to Disney cruise lines.

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How Does Disney Cruise Rotational Dining Work_

On all of the different ships there are 3 main dining rooms. Each night guests go to a different dining room but your servers come with you. This is a great concept as it allows you to get to know your servers and more importantly for them to get to know exactly what your dining preferences and needs are. If you tell them one day that you like iced tea with your meal the next day you will most likely find a glass waiting for you on your table when you arrive in the restaurant.

The standard of service on a Disney cruise is exceptionally high and the dining room experience is a big part of your enjoyment of your cruise. Having the chance to dine in 3 very different restaurants, and have your wait staff with your each day makes your Disney cruise even more special.

Animator's Palette - Black and White

The Disney cruise wait staff are great with children and will even cut up their food for them just the way they like it!

Each of the Disney cruise ships has 3 dining rooms. There are 2 seatings for each. First seating is at 5.45 and the second one is at 8.15. You do get the chance to pick which seating you want when you book your Disney cruise.

The early dining option is the most popular, particularly with families. If you can’t get the early dining option and have children then the kids club staff do pick up the children from the dining room, usually at 9pm, so the adults can enjoy their dessert in peace if they want to!

Disney Wonder Main Dining Rooms

The Disney Wonder has Tiana’s Place, Animator’s Palate and Triton’s restaurant.

Triton’s Restaurant is the most elegant of the Disney Wonder main dining locations.

Tritons Mural

The concept is of course inspired by The Little Mermaid and there is a beautiful mosaic decoration at the back of the restaurant. The menu is French inspired. Triton’s also serves formal breakfast and lunch most days.

Tiana’s Place has a New Orleans Jazz theme. It serves a traditional style southern cooking menu.  It also has a buffet breakfast most days and sometimes serves a buffet lunch. This can be a good alternative to the much busier Beach Blanket Buffet.

Animator’s Palate is an incredibly innovative restaurant which is found on all of the Disney ships. It is described as a dinner show. As you arrive in Animator’s Palate you will see the pictures on the walls – as the evening goes on the pictures come to life and change.

Animator's Palate

Animator’s Palate is on all of the Disney ships but the Wonder is the most dated of the shows as it is yet to receive the refit the Magic has, and of course the Fantasy and the Dream are newer ships with more up to date technology for the show. It is still an experience not to be missed though.

Disney Magic Main Restaurants

The newly refurbished restaurant Carioca’s is named after Donald Duck’s amigo in Disney’s The Three Caballeros.

Carioca's on the Disney Magic

It is the equivalent of Parrot Cay on the Wonder and serves a South American menu at dinner. It also has buffet breakfast and lunch most days.

Lumiere’s is of course inspired by the Beauty and The Beast Movie. The menu is French inspired.

Lumiere's on the Disney Magic

It is the equivalent of Triton’s on the Wonder and also has a served breakfast and lunch most days.

Animator’s Palate was updated during the Magic dry dock and now includes 2 shows similar to those on the newer ships. The shows are Drawn To Magic and Animation Magic which allow guests to participate and show their drawing skills, or lack of them! It’s all in good fun and not to be missed.

Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy Main Dining Restaurants

The newest ships of the Disney Fantasy and Dream have the same 3 main dining restaurant locations.

Enchanted Garden is a beautiful restaurant which is themed on the gardens of Versailles.

Enchanted Garden restaurant - Disney Fantasy

The Disney innovative magic allows the restaurant to be transformed from day to night as your meal is served. Enchanted Garden also has a buffet breakfast and lunch on select days.

Royal Court is very lavishly decorated and inspired by Disney animation classics such as Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Sleeping Beauty and Beauty and the Beast. Even the bread basket is in the shape of Cinderella’s carriage. The menu is French inspired.

Royal Court

Animator’s Palate is more technologically advanced than on the classic ships and has 2 shows. The decor is a lot of fun with brightly colored chairs in Mickey Mouse signature colors.

Animator's Palate restaurant

The menu is Pacific Rim and American inspired. Take some time to look at the restaurant walls where you will find lots of Disney animation objects which change for each show.

Have you experienced Disney cruise line rotational dining? Which is your favorite restaurant?



Disney Star Wars Cruise – What You Really Need To Know

Star Wars Day at Sea


Disney Star Wars Cruise

Are you thinking of a booking a Disney Star Wars Cruise? The Star Wars Universe is well and truly a part of the Disney family. Now you can enjoy a Disney Star Wars Cruise. What does this involve? When are the dates that the Star Wars cruises are offered? Here is everything that you need to know about the Disney Star Wars Cruise.


What is Disney Star Wars Day at Sea?

Star Wars Day at Sea

On select sailings on the Disney Fantasy in 2017 and 2018 there will be a celebration of all things Star Wars. The Star Wars themed day on the Disney Fantasy has special events, character appearances and greetings, and a special deck spectacular.

If you enjoy Star Wars you are going to be so impressed by the whole thing. It is Disney at it’s best  – combined with Star Wars. No fan could ask for me. There is a lot for hard core fans, but really it is so much more than that. It is a great chance to get the whole family involved in this fabulous theme day. Even if you only have a passing knowledge of the Star Wars movies, you are going to enjoy this.

Star Wars Day At Sea Happenings and Events

The Star Wars Day will always be a day at sea.This is usually Thursday, so the day before you arrive at Castaway Cay on your 7 night cruise.

There are so many events to choose from:

Star Wars Character Greetings. Guests have the chance to meet characters from the Star Wars movies on these special Disney Cruises.  Characters include R2-D2 and C-3PO, Darth Vader, Ahsoka Tano, Kylo Ren, Captain Phasma, Sabine Wren and Ezra Bridger

Trials of the Temple is for children aged 4 to 12 in this interactive event – which is a lot like Jedi Training in the Disney Parks. There are lots of Star Wars themed events in the Oceaneer’s Club and the Oceaneer’s Lab.

There are Star Wars Activities and Crafts for all ages. These are a lot of fun to join in with for the whole family. Why not learn how to draw Yoda? Or find out just how much you know about The Force by joining in with one of the Star Wars Trivia events?

The Star Wars Days at Sea are an amazing opportunity to showcase your own Star Wars Costumes. Lots of the guests enter into the spirit of things and it isn’t just kids who are playing dress up here. Plenty of the adults are showing their Star Wars side in some fabulous costumes.

Every Star Wars Day at Sea also has a Guest Speaker who is associated with the Star Wars Universe. These talks are fascinating and not to be missed. Make sure that you get to the presentations early as they are very popular. If you do miss the event they are recorded and made available on your stateroom television.

There is an incredibly creative Star Wars Dinner Menu which is served in all of the rotational dining restaurants. You will see the familiar names of some of the planets featured in Star Wars. Appetizers are from Naboo and Tatooine, Entrees are inspired by Coruscant and the Death Star. The final course offers desserts from Cloud City and Alderaan. Who can resist the Padme Amidala Souffle? Or the Stormtrooper Flatbread? The servers really get into the spirit of things and the costumes are amazing.


The day ends with a Star Wars Themed Deck Party. This Summon The Force event is a definite must see for everyone, even those who are not Star Wars fans. The amazing Star Wars music sets the scene for this spectacular party which ends with an amazing fireworks display.

For those of you concerned that the Pirates may be losing out, you do not have to be worried. There is still Pirate Night and all the pirate themed celebrations on another day at sea on the Disney Fantasy. What this means is that if you are lucky enough to be on a Disney Star Wars Cruise you will get to have two party nights with fireworks at sea.

What  if you know nothing about Star Wars? It is difficult to not be caught up in the whole thing and resolve to learn more about what the big thing is about Star Wars! If you really don’t want to get involved you can avoid it, but why not enter the celebration? There are Star Wars movies shown all day and there is a special Star Wars 101 so that the uninitiated can learn about the Galaxy Far Far Away.


Disney Star Wars Cruise Sailings 2017

Following the incredible success of the debut of Star Wars Cruises, Disney has announced that they will be continuing. Here are the dates for the Disney Star Wars Cruises for 2017:

Disney Fantasy 7 Night Eastern Caribbean Cruises with Star Wars Days at Sea

Day 1 –   Port Canaveral Florida

Day 2 –   At Sea

Day 3 –   At Sea

Day 4 –   Tortola

Day 5 –   St Thomas and St John

Day 6 –   At Sea

Day 7  – Port Canaveral Florida

Dates 1/14/17, 1/28/17, 2/11/17, 2/25/17, 3/11/17, 3/25/27 and 4/8/17

Disney Fantasy 7 Night Western Caribbean Cruises with Star Wars Day at Sea

Day 1  – Port Canaveral Florida

Day 2  –    At Sea

Day 3   –   Cozumel

Day 4  –   Grand Cayman

Day 5  –   Falmouth, Jamaica

Day 6 –    At Sea

Day 7  –    Castaway Cay

Dates 1/17/17, 1/21/17, 2/4/17, 2/18/17, 3/4/17, 3/18/17, 4/1/17 and 4/15/17

Disney Cruise Sailings Star Wars Days at Sea 2018

Disney Cruises has now announced the Star Wars Days at Sea for the Disney Fantasy for 2018.

Here are the dates for the 7 Night Western Caribbean Sailings

1/6/18, 1/20/18, 2/3/18, 2/17/18, 3/3/18, 3/17/18, 3/31/18 and 4/14/18.

The 7 night Eastern Caribbean Sailings are:

1/13/18, 1/27/18, 2/10/18, 3/10/18, 3/24/18 and 4/7/18

Will you be sailing on a Disney Star Wars Cruise?

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Cinderella’s Royal Table – Is It Worth It?


Want a Place at Cinderella's Royal Table?

Disney Cinderella’s Royal Table

Have you ever wondered what Cinderella’s Royal Table restaurant is really like? Located inside Disney’s Magic Kingdom castle it is the most popular restaurant in the whole of Walt Disney World. However, does it really deserve to be that popular? Is Disney Cinderella’s Royal Table worth the money?

Is Cinderella's Royal Table Worth the

Anyone who has tried to make Advance Dining Reservations for Cinderella’s Royal Table will know that sometimes it feels as though you have embarked on Mission Impossible! Unless you call right at the first minute of the first day you can make ADRs (90 days ahead for everyone, and up to 100 days ahead for Disney resort guests) then you will most likely be told that there are no tables left. So we know it is very popular!


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What if you don’t manage to get Advance Dining Reservations for Cinderella’s Royal Table? Try again. Sometimes there are cancellations and you will strike it lucky.

Do remember though that there is a 24 hour cancellation policy. When you make your ADRs you will be asked for your credit card details – and they will be charged unless you cancel within the 24 hours before you are set to dine. The charge will be the full amount of the meal, so always make sure that you cancel in time if you need to.

Does the Cinderella dining experience live up to the expectation? Of course it gives you a chance to actually get inside Cinderella’s Castle. And for this alone it is worth it for many Disney World visitors. The interior of the restaurant is very well done. Just as you would expect the inside of the castle to look – lots of stained glass,stone work and wood. It is also much smaller than most people imagine – another reason why it is so difficult to get in!


Disney Cinderella Royal Table Breakfast

Pastry Plate

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The Disney Cinderella Royal Table Breakfast is served from 8 am until 10.40 am every day in Magic Kingdom.  It is known as Fairytale Dining at Cinderella’s Royal Table.

It is pretty pricey.  Breakfast at Cinderella’s Royal Table will set you back $58.29 to $64.13 for adults and $34.64 to $37.98 for children aged 3 to 9.

At the start of the breakfast meal at Cinderella’s Royal Table you will be served with a breakfast basket of pastries and breads for the table.


You will then choose from one of these entrees:


Baked Quiche – Goat Cheese, Spinach, and Mushroom Quiche with a dollop of Goat Cheese Cream served with Arugula and Roasted Bell Peppers

Shrimp and Grits – Tillamook Cheese Grits, Poached Egg, Andouille, and Lemon Butter Sauce
Beef Tenderloin and Egg – Potatoes and Cheese Frittata with Broccolini and Boursin Cheese Sauce and Chive Oil

Stuffed French Toast

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Caramel Apple Stuffed French Toast – Decadent French Toast stuffed with sweet Cream Cheese, baked with Caramel Apples, and drizzled with a Calvados Caramel Sauce
Healthy Choice – Hard-poached Egg on a bed of Arugula, tossed with Quinoa, Avocado, Roasted Vegetables, and spritzed with Myer Lemon Oil and White Balsamic Vinegar
Traditional Breakfast – Scrambled Eggs, Sausage, Bacon, and Potatoes

We really can’t deny that this is a very expensive Disney Dining experience. It is something that you have to have on your Disney Experience Bucket List, but you also have to weigh up the cost of the experience. Even for breakfast you will be in for over $200 for a family of 4. Obviously this is a big chunk of change. However, it really is one of those things that we would recommend.

If you have paid for the Disney Dining Deluxe Plan you should really try to get a reservation. The undeniable fact is that this is the only way to dine inside Disney Cinderella Castle in Magic Kingdom.
Cinderella’s Royal Table restaurant is what is known as a photo package experience. What does this mean? The price of the meal also includes a photo with one of the characters.

Many people love the fact that a photo is included with the meal. The photo package is four 4×6 prints and one 6×8 print of your photo, as well as one 6×8 print of Cinderella Castle in a Cinderella photo holder. Each party of 1 to 4 guests will get one photo package,5 to 8 guests will receive two packages.

For me and for many other guests though the feeling is that it would be better if the price was lower and the photograph was not included. Personally I do not like to have to wait in line to have a picture taken (and this is what often happens). This may be because I have hundreds of pictures already of myself and my family with Disney characters! But I would prefer to be able to skip this part.

Disney Princess Cinderella

The time with the characters is good for a Disney character dining experience. The restaurant is small so there is plenty of time with the characters. Who will be there? As with all Disney character dining restaurants the list can, and does, change so don’t promise your little ones (or yourself) a special character. But the ones you are likely to find are Cinderella, The Fairy Godmother, Princess Belle, Princess Aurora and Snow White.


Disney Cinderella Table Lunch and Dinner Menu


You will probably want to know what the cost of lunch at Cinderella’s Royal Table is before making a decision. Maybe you need to be sitting down. Lunch or dinner ranges from $65.00 to $80.00 per adult and $45.00 to $65.00 per child aged 3 to 9.  Gratuity is extra. A family of 4 will easily be spending around  $250 to $300 on dinner or lunch at Cinderella’s Royal Table.


Chef’s Tasting Plate – Cinderella has instructed her Royal Chef to create a selection of “Specialties of the Castle” for your enjoyment.


Entree/Main Course at Disney Cinderella Table

Beef Tenderloin Salad – Grilled Beef, Avocado, Roasted Pearls Onion, Haricots Verts, Roasted Red Peppers, and Blue Cheese Crumbles with Baby Greens and Romaine laced with an Herb-Vinaigrette
Braised Short Rib – Slow-braised Beef Short Rib, Parsnip-mashed Potatoes, and Wilted Spinach
Chef’s Fish of the Day – On Cinderella’s request, the Royal Chefs have prepared a delectable dish to showcase the Kingdom’s freshest fish
Seasonal Gnocchi with Roasted Vegetables – Eggplant, Mushrooms, and Squash tossed with Gnocchi, Arugula, White Wine Butter Sauce, and finished with shaved Drunken Goat Cheese and Leeks. Also available with Rice instead of Gnocchi or as a Vegan Offering without Cheese and Butter Sauce
Slow-roasted Pork Tenderloin – served over Seasonal Vegetables and Madeira Demi

Pan-seared all-Natural Chicken – Goat Cheese Polenta, Seasonal Vegetables, and crispy Pancetta with Chicken Demi



Disney Food

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Bruno’s Favorite DessertPineapple-Carrot Cake, Mascarpone Cheese, Pineapple-Ginger Sauce, and Pecan Brittle

Lemon Sorbet – Garnished with Blueberries, a No Sugar Added Dessert

The Clock Strikes Twelves – Flourless Chocolate Cake with Berry Compote and Anglaise Sauce

Cinderella’s Royal Table Food Quality

So what is the food like at Cinderella’s Royal Table? Not great but not bad either. For that price I would expect a much higher standard. However, with this Disney restaurant you are going there for the experience of dining in Cinderella’s Castle. The food is fine, but nothing to get that excited about. There are plenty of choices including a Children’s menu. Some guests do report feeling rushed.

So is Cinderella’s Royal Table really worth it? I would certainly say it is somewhere you should experience at least once. The unique quality of being located inside Cinderella’s Castle really is a lot of fun. However, it is expensive fun!

Have an expectation that the food will be fine, but nothing that special. If you want to dine with Cinderella and have great food then try out dinner at 1900 Park Fare in Disney’s Grand Floridian. Overall Cinderella’s Royal Table is a good Disney experience though – if you can get in then you should give it a try.

Photos used under Creative Commons from armadillo444 unless stated otherwise.









The Disney Dining Plan Made Simple



Disney Dining Plan Guide


Here is our much requested guide to the Disney Dining Plan. The Disney Dining Plan is a very popular choice for those staying at Disney World Resorts and Hotels – but how does it work, how much does it cost and is it really worth it? Will you actually save money with the Disney Dining Plan?

The first thing to understand is that there are 3 different Disney Dining Plans and they are all comprised of some or all of these elements:

Disney Counter Service Meal


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This is usually what is known as a combo meal. This is most often an entree and a side, dessert and non alcoholic beverage.

Disney Table Service Meal

Epcot - Tokyo Dining - Sushi

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This is a meal at one of the full service Disney restaurants and includes an entree, a dessert, a non alcoholic drink. It also includes a full buffet with non alcoholic drinks. This does not include a gratuity.

Some restaurants, known as Signature Dining Restaurants need 2 Dining Credits. For example Le Cellier, California Grill and Jiko are Signature Dining locations. It is rare that eating at a Signature Dining Restaurant and using 2 Credits makes good financial sense.

Disney World Snacks


All of the Disney Dining Plans include at least one snack per day.

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As you would expect there is a lot of choice of snacks in Walt Disney World. You can see what is included on the Plan as the snack item will have the DDP symbol printed on the menu. These can be found at the dining kiosks and the quick service restaurants.

Resort Refillable Mug

At the start of your stay each of you on the Disney Dining Plan will be given a Resort Refillable Mug. You can fill this with soda from any of the drinks fountains at the Disney Hotel Resorts. You can’t use it in the parks. You can use it at a different resort from your home resort – for example if you are staying in Disney’s Contemporary Resort you can use it in The Grand Floridian. However, you can’t fill it up at Magic Kingdom or any of the other Disney parks.

How The Disney Dining Plan Works

Disney Dining Plan

When you check into your Disney World resort hotel you will be given a certain number of credits for each one of your party aged 3 and above. Kids aged 3 to 9 have to eat from the Kids Menu when available. Those aged under 3 can share but are not charged under the Disney Dining Plan.

You can use credits on any day from the start of your stay. Say you have a total of 10 snack credits. You can use them all on one day if you want – and you can distribute them between your party. Remember that the credits are per party when you are thinking about using them. So if you never want a snack (unlikely) or counter service meal, someone else in your party can use that credit.

All credits expire at midnight on the day that you check out.

There are 3 different types of Disney Dining Plan:

The Disney Quick Service Dining Plan


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The Quick Service Disney Dining Plan includes:

2 Counter Service meals
1 Snack
1 Refillable Drink Mug

This is per person per day (except the Refillable Drink Mug which is per stay). You get this for each person on the Disney resort reservation. Under 3s are free

The daily price of the Quick Service Plan is $48.19 per adult and $20.88 per child ages 3-9. Tax included.

For us the Disney Quick Service Dining Plan has just never been worth it as we want to dine in Disney restaurants. We also don’t drink much soda in our family of 5.

Disney Dining Plan


This is the standard dining plan and includes:

1 Counter Service Meal
1 Restaurant Table Service Meal
1 Snack
A Refillable Drink Mug

The daily cost of the Disney Dining Plan is $69.35 per night for adults and $24.95 per night for children aged 3 to 9. This includes tax but not Gratuity for Full service restaurants.

Disney Deluxe Dining Plan

3 Meals of your choice of either Full Table Service or Counter Service
2 Snacks
A Refillable Drink Mug

Another difference is that for the full service restaurant option it includes an appetizer as well as an entree, dessert and a non alcoholic drink. That is a whole lot of food, but may be a good option if you are planning to eat at Signature Restaurants which need 2 Dining Credits, and want to dine at character meals and buffets frequently.

To get the most financial value out of the Disney Deluxe Dining plan you need to eat 3 full service meals a day – but realistically this is too much food for most people. Really the best plan to get the most value out of the Disney Deluxe Dining Plan is one restaurant meal and a Signature Dining experience per day for most of the days you are using this plan.

Remember though that if you are wanting to eat in the Signature Dining restaurants these are the ones which book up most quickly so you will have to plan far ahead.

Twin Lobster Tails

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The Deluxe Dining Plan is probably more suitable for a short stay. Only the most dedicated of eaters can realistically eat 3 full service meals a day!

The daily cost of the Deluxe Dining Plan is $106.68 per night for adults and $38.75 per child aged 3 to 9. This includes taxes but not gratuities.

The Deluxe Dining Plan includes a large amount of food. It can really only be worth it if you are eating at some Signature Dining Restaurants. Also have in mind that if you are trying to get value out of the plan you would have 3 Full Service Meals per day. This is not only a lot of food, it is a lot of time to be spending in a restaurant.

Can I Book The Disney Dining Plan If I Am Not Staying In A Disney Hotel?

No. The Disney Dining Plan is only designed to be part of a Disney World vacation package. It has to be purchased as part of a hotel stay and you must buy a park ticket. You do not need to buy a park ticket if you are an Annual Passholder or Disney Vacation Club Member as the Dining Plan would be available as an add on option if you are staying in a Disney Resort.

Can I Just Buy the Disney Dining Plan for Part of My Stay?

No. You have to purchase the Disney Dining Plan for all the nights of your stay.

What If I Do Not Use All My Dining Credits?

Morocco Entrees

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All of your Disney Dining Credits expire at midnight on the day that you check out of your hotel. If you haven’t used them then you lose them.

How Do I Keep Track Of My Disney Dining Credits?

Mickey Waffle

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This is easy. Each time you purchase a meal with credits you will be given a receipt which shows how many you have left. If you don’t have this receipt then simply ask any Guest Services to check it for you and then will give you a print out.

Is the Disney Dining Plan Good Value?

Sushi Bar at California Grill

Photo Credit

There is no definitive answer to this! It can be but it depends upon how your party likes to eat. It does require planning ahead (unless you are just using the Quick Service Dining Plan). These days you really do need to book your Disney dining ahead of time or you simply won’t get a restaurant of your choice.

Some guests love the Dining Plan. Others just don’t. If you want to get the absolute maximum value it definitely needs planning and you will probably adjust your eating accordingly. You may find yourself ordering something on the menu that you would not have done otherwise, simply because it is higher priced. That can be fun of course and you may discover new dishes that you enjoy. Or you could just be eating more food so that you are not out of pocket.

Photo Credit

It can be difficult to work out how much you have really paid for the Disney Dining Plan if you are purchasing it as part of a discounted Disney World Dining Package. For our upcoming trip in February if you calculate the cost of the full price standard Disney Dining Plan and the ticket prices our 2 hotel rooms at a Disney moderate resort would have cost less than $1400 for 7 nights. At the rack rate this would have been closer to $3000 for the week so you do have to balance the cost of the whole package with how much you are paying for the Dining Plan. This discounted rate was only available with the Dining Package so for us it is a great value.

I have written a full report of the value of the Disney dining plan for our recent trip. I know not all of you agreed with my opinions!

You can read it here

Disney Dining Plan – Is It Worth It?

How Do I Get Free Disney Dining?

Disney World sometimes offers Free Dining as part of the package. Historically this has usually been September to early December. At the moment there are no offers for free Disney Dining for 2017 but we will of course keep you up to date if any are announced.

What do you think of the Disney Dining Plan?

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Disney World Character Dining Without Park Admission

Disney World Character Dining




Disneyland Cafe Orleans Review and Menu

disneyland cafe orleans review

disneyland cafe orleans vegetarian

One of my favorite restaurants in Disneyland is Cafe Orleans in New Orleans Square. It’s just that right mix of good food, good prices and very pleasant atmosphere. Cafe Orleans is definitely one of the best value of all the dining venues in Disneyland and it is of course home to the Monte Cristo Sandwich! It is also a good option for vegetarians and vegans as there are some good choices on the menu here.

Disneyland Cafe Orleans offers indoor and outdoor seating. I really prefer the outdoor seating, which, even in the hottest of weather, is pleasantly shady and cool. It’s good for people watching if you can get a table at the edge of the patio. The inside decor is nicely done but somehow it seems a little cramped inside so we always prefer an outside patio table.

Disneyland Cafe Orleans Menu

The menu is not huge, but there is plenty of selection. I sometimes like a one page menu rather than a huge book full of options! The menu offers soups, sandwiches, salads and crepes. The influence, as you would expect ,is French New Orleans Quarter.

It is an indulgence, but I just love the Three-Cheese Monte Cristo. I have never seen a vegetarian version of this amazing sandwich anywhere else. This vegetarian Monte Cristo has Swiss, Mozzarella and Double Creme Brie cheese all fried in a light batter and served with Berry Puree dusted with Powdered Sugar. Yes a calorie splurge, but worth it once in a while. It is also a financial splurge at $20, but you only live once!

The N’awlins Vegetable Ragout is also a great vegetarian option at Cafe Orleans. This is $14.99 Those non vegetarians out there can add chicken or salmon and that takes the price up to $20. The vegetable ragout has Eggplant, Red Onions, Bell Peppers, Squash, Zucchini, and fresh Garlic. It is served with Corn Cakes topped with Grana Padano Cheese. It has a really good flavor and is a great option for lunch or dinner.

disneyland cafe orleans review

There is a kids menu but the only vegetarian option is mac and cheese which neither of my boys will eat. They love the Pomme Frites though and at $7.00 this is a reasonable value option, but not that healthy I know. These can be vegan if you skip the parmesan topping and the garlic dip.

Another favorite are the salads here. A vegan option is La Salade de Maison without the cheese. We usually explain our vegan requirements and they will bring some extra caramelized pecans on the side. At $6 it is a reasonable price for a full service Disneyland restaurant.

Of course if you have room for dessert you are rather spoiled for choice here. Mickey Shaped Beignets are a favorite at $9, but the Royal Street Bananas Foster Crepe is also tempting for the same price. We usually split a dessert to save on money and calories.

If you want the Mickey Shaped Beignets, but are not looking for a sit down meal then you can get these at the Disneyland Mint Julep Bar which is tucked away being the French Market in New Orleans Square.

Here is a complete view of the Cafe Orleans Menu with prices correct as at March 2017:


French Onion Soup – sautéed sweet-onion medley in a traditional broth with Croutons and Melted Gruyere. $10

New Orleans Gumbo – A rich, flavorful stew with chicken, andouille sausage and tasso ham, served with Cajun-style “dirty rice”. Cup $7 Bowl $10.

Pommes Frites – Traditional French-fried potatoes tossed with Parmesan cheese, garlic and parsley, served with a Cajun spice remoulade $7.

La Salade de Maison – Our Cafe Orleans signature house salad, featuring tossed baby greens in a raspberry vinaigrette, topped with cherry tomatoes, crumbled goat cheese and caramelized pecans. C’est bon! $6.

Disneyland Cafe Orleans Entrees

Monte Cristo Sandwich – Sliced turkey, ham and Swiss cheese in a light batter, fried and served with berry puree; dusted with powdered sugar – $20

Three-Cheese Monte Cristo – Swiss, mozzarella and Double Creme Brie fried in a light batter and served with Berry Puree dusted with Powdered Sugar. $20

Chicken Muffuletta Sandwich – Cajun-spiced chicken breast, ham, capicola, salami, provolone cheese, olive spread, and roasted red pepper mayo on a sesame seed bun served with house-made seasoned chips – $21

N’awlins Vegetable Ragout – Vegetable Ragout with Eggplant, Red Onions, Bell Peppers, Squash, Zucchini, and fresh Garlic served with Corn Cakes topped with Grana Padano Cheese. $16

— With Pan-seared Atlantic Salmon $20

“Crescent City” Salad – Choose Blackened Chicken or Pan-seared Atlantic Salmon on top of fresh Spinach and Mixed Baby Greens, tossed with Carmelized Pecans, Red Grapes, Navel Orange Segments, Caramelized Onions, Chopped Green Onions, Roasted Sweet Corn, and Orange-Cilantro Vinaigrette $18

— With Pan-seared Atlantic Salmon $20

Fried Green Tomato Sandwich – Fried Green Tomatoes and Zucchini, Pickled Slaw, and Cajun Rémoulade on a Potato Roll served with your choice of fresh Fruit or House-made Seasoned Chips

Braised Beef Crêpe – Hearty Braised Beef in a Bordelaise Sauce with Cremini Mushrooms and Pearl Onions Made-to-Order served with Pea Purée – $20


Mickey Shaped Beignets – Topped with Powdered Sugar served with Raspberry Coulis and vanilla Bean Creme Anglaise $9

Royal Street Bananas Foster Crepe – Delicate Handmade Crepe filled with sautéed Bananas and topped with Caramelized Bananas and Caramel Rum Sauce. $9

Coconut Cake – layered with Vanilla Cake and Coconut Cream served with Pineapple and Berry Coulis $8

French-Quarter Thirst Quencher

Glowing Character Punch – Minute Maid Light Lemonade Punch served in a souvenir cup with a glowing Disney Character Light. $6.99

Disneyland Dream Suite

Radiator Springs Racers

Walt Disney World Wilderness Lodge Resort – Is It For You?

disney wilderness lodge resort hotel

Walt Disney World Wilderness Lodge

Are you thinking about staying in Walt Disney World Wilderness Lodge Resort Hotel? If you are looking for a luxury hotel with a wonderful location then you need to consider Disney World Wilderness Lodge Resort .

This deluxe Walt Disney World hotel takes it’s inspiration from the Old Faithful Lodge in Yellowstone National Park. It is one of the most beautiful and relaxing of all of the Disney World resort hotel.

Even though you are so close to Magic Kingdom you feel as though you are in a quiet oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the Disney theme parks. You truly do seem to step into a different age as soon as you enter the Wilderness Lodge resort.


Wilderness Lodge Courtyard

Photo Credit

Guests have a choice between the traditional hotel rooms of the Lodge and the Disney Wilderness Resort Villas. These studio, one and two bedroom villas are part of the Disney Vacation Club but can be booked by non DVC members.

The address of the Disney Wilderness Lodge Hotel is 901 Timberline Dr. Lake Buena Vista, FLA 32830. The phone number is 407-824-3200 and the fax is 407-824-3232.

Disney's Wilderness Lodge

Photo By

So what does the Walt Disney Wilderness Resort Hotel have to offer? Here is a guide to the best rooms, a tour around the facilities and restaurants. This will help you decide if the Disney Wilderness Resort is the place for you to stay for your magical vacation.

Rooms at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort

Front of Disney's Wilderness Lodge

Photo Credit

The Wilderness Lodge has 728 rooms which are 340 square feet in size. The Lodge has the smallest sized deluxe rooms of all the Disney resorts. Expect a wonderfully themed room which will make you think that you are in a luxury log cabin. The rooms have very detailed Native American themed bedspreads and carved animals on the furniture.

Most rooms at the Wilderness Lodge have 2 Queen sized beds, but some of the rooms have 1 Queen and 1 bunk bed. These bunk bed rooms are great for families with small children. Unfortunately you cannot request a bunk bed room. There are also a small number of rooms with a King bed. Many of the rooms do have balconies but unfortunately not all – so be sure to request a room with a balcony. As with all requests this of course cannot be guaranteed but it doesn’t hurt to ask!

Standard rooms rack rates at Disney Wilderness Resort start at $345 for Value season going up to $565 in Holiday Season. Club Level rooms at Wilderness Lodge start at $579 and rise to $878 in Holiday Season.

Standard view rooms at Disney’s Wilderness Resort generally have a view of the parking lot or over the roof of the building. However due to the excellent design of the Wilderness Lodge there really aren’t that many of these rooms and you are much more likely to get a reasonable to great view.

Disney's Wilderness Lodge

Photo Credit

The bathrooms in the Wilderness Lodge have the popular configuration of the double sink vanity being outside from the bathroom with the toilet, bath and shower.

There are also some Junior Suites available. This is a great option for families and is a good alternative to the Wilderness Lodge Villas. The Junior Suites have 2 rooms with approximately 500 square feet of space. The bedroom has 2 Queen beds. The living/kitchen are has a pull out sleeper sofa. Junior Suite guests also have access to the concierge lounge Old Faithful.

The Villas at Wilderness Lodge offer larger accommodation which can be a great idea for families. Studios, one and two bedroom villas are available. The studios have kitchenettes and the villas have full kitchens.

I am a big fan of villa accommodation as this offers families not only the chance to have much more space, but also to prepare some of their own meals. This can prove to be a big money saver and may be worth booking a villa, particularly if you have a larger family. The Villas are part of Disney Vacation Club, but you can rent them even if you are not a member.

What a place to wake up in (Disney's Wilderness Lodge)

Photo Credit

What are the Disney Wilderness Lodge Room Views?

There are 3 view type classifications at the Wilderness Resort Lodge: Standard View, Wood View and Courtyard View.

Woodland View rooms are an excellent option. If you can then try and get a room on the 6th floor. 6604 to 6030 have a great view of the Magic Kingdom fireworks. Strangely, the views from the 7th floor concierge rooms are not the best views. Although some do have a view of the Magic Kingdom some other non concierge rooms offer a better view. Room 7054 has an excellent view of the Magic Kingdom castle. If staying on the 7th floor then ask for a room with a Magic Kingdom view – the even numbered rooms are on this side

Most of the rooms at the Wilderness Villas have woodland views. The odd numbered villas 2351 to 2563 and 3531 to 3563 have some of the best views. The rates for the Wilderness Villas start from $315 right up to over $1300 per villa per night depending on size of villa and season.

Is Concierge Level at the Disney Wilderness Resort Lodge Worth the Extra Money?

Staying at a concierge level in a Disney World deluxe hotel can be a great option. As well as the services of the concierge to assist you with anything you need during your stay, the concierge level offers a separate lounge serving drinks and snacks throughout the day.

The Old Faithful lounge is on the 7th floor. It is actually pretty small but most guests report that it doesn’t seem to get too crowded. Food is served throughout the day. If you want you can use the concierge food to save on meals at the parks – some guests certainly do this. For breakfast there is a selection of cereal,pastries, yogurt and fruit. The daytime snacks are cookies and small snacks like goldfish. In the evening there are 2 hot items, dips, crudites,bread, crackers and cheese. Soft drinks, beer and wine are also available.

One of my favorites is dessert time in the evening! They offer cookies, brownies and a hot dessert.Room rates start at $579 per night so you are paying quite a lot more than just a standard room.

The rooms are the same as the standard non concierge rooms and many have the same views over the courtyard or woods. Guests report varied experiences with concierge staff.??Personally I have stayed at Disney hotels both on concierge and non concierge. I tend to look at the price difference between the two at the time of my stay to see if it really is worth the difference. I have a family of 5 so it can be worth it for the concierge lounge food – although these days the Disney dining plan offers such great value that this tends not to be as big of a factor any more. But if you are expecting a better room or view from concierge then you may want to think twice about your choice.

Dining at Walt Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Hotel

#38 Dining in the Wilderness

Photo Credit

Artist Point restaurant at the Wilderness Lodge is one of my favorite places to dine at Disney World. The food is consistently good and the atmosphere and decor are so relaxing it it just a very special place to eat. Even if you are not staying at the resort you should consider dining at Artist’s Point.

Artist Point is a Signature Dining Restaurant so will require 2 Dining Credits if you are on the Disney Dining Plan.

The design of the Artist Point restaurant is inspired by the historic national park lodges. Tall windows at the end of the dining room look out to the beautiful landscape of the resort with a view of the lake and waterfall.

Enjoy Artist Point signature dish Cedar Plank Roasted Pacific King Salmon with baby sweet potato, chicory greens, forelle pears, yogurt, lemon vinaigrette for $47. Their entrees are exceptional and include buffalo steak,grilled pork chop and seared scallops. Entrees start at $30 up to $50.

Don’t forget to try one of the signature desserts such as Artist Point Cobbler. Desserts are priced around $10 to $13.

Whispering Canyon Cafe

Photo Credit

Whispering Canyon Cafe is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is located just off the lobby. It is a lot of fun,particularly for families. Each table has a lazy susan in the middle where your food is placed.

You can order a la carte but the family style skillet meals are popular and a good value. Breakfast serves typical favorites like waffles,omelet and the good value Canyon Skillet. Lunch offerings include sandwiches and burgers. Dinner favorites are meatloaf,roast chicken and grilled rib eye.

The Whispering Canyon Cafe is a lively and often noisy place. Some of the guest rooms in the main building get some noise from the restaurant and guests can find this annoying. In particular if you want to sleep past 8am then you need to request a room away from this area.

The Roaring Fork is counter service with a good selection of breakfast favorites, sandwiches,burgers and pizza.

Recreation at Disney’s Wilderness Resort

Wilderness Lodge Pool

Photo Credit

The Disney Wilderness Resort Hotel has 2 swimming pools. The main pool actually begins in the lobby! Right there in the hotel lobby there is a bubbling geyser which runs outside to Sliver Creek Falls and finally into the pool. There is a water slide and a children’s pool. This pool does get pretty busy at times, but there is an alternative quieter pool where you can get away from the noise if you want to.

Wilderness Lodge

Photo Credit

There are plenty of ways to be active at the Wilderness Resort. Work out at the Sturdy Branches health club,enjoy a one mile run on the trail to Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground or rent a bike.

Wilderness Lodge Stream

Photo Credit

Disney’s Wilderness Resort is one of the most relaxing resorts too – you have to experience it to realize just how reminiscent of those great lodges of the National Parks it is. One of my favorite things to do is to escape the excitement of the theme parks and just relax on the beach at Bay Lake.

The Wilderness Lodge is of course situated right there on the shores of Bay Lake so you can enjoy some water pursuits too. You can rent water craft or take a fishing trip

If the children still have some energy left from a day at Disney World there is a playground open 24 hours a day. If parents want a break then they can sign up their kids aged 4 to 12 for the supervised activities at Cub’s Den.

You may also want to sign up for the free tour around the resort – Wonders of the Lodge. The tour gives an insight into the design, architecture, landscaping and art work in the hotel. The tour starts at 9am on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Walt Disney Wilderness Lodge Transportation

Wilderness Lodge

Photo Credit

One of the advantages of staying at a Disney hotel is that if you are just visiting the theme parks then you do not need to rent a car because you can use the free Disney transportation system.

The Wilderness Lodge’s location on Bay Lake means that one way to get to Magic Kingdom is to take the boat from the hotel dock. You can also take a bus to Magic Kingdom and all the other Disney parks.Most of the time there is not that long of a wait for a bus. There are buses to take you to Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The bus to Animal Kingdom also stops at Blizzard Beach. Buses to Downtown Disney start running at 4pm. The Wilderness Lodge buses also stop at the Polynesian and the Floridian resort hotels.

Weddings at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort

If you are dreaming of a Walt Disney World Wedding you can get married at this lovely location in Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. Sunrise Terrace at Wilderness Lodge gives a beautiful view of Disney’s Bay Lake. Escape Weddings at Wilderness Lodge Sunrise Terrace start at $4500 with the amenity package.

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Top 10 Disney World Hotel Resorts






Which Disney World Moderate Hotel is the Best?

Disney Coronado Springs Pool

Which Disney World Moderate Hotel is The Best

Are you trying to decide which Walt Disney World Moderate Hotel to choose for your vacation? The moderate hotels of Disney World resort can offer excellent value, but it can be difficult to choose which one is the best for you and your family. Here we have written a comprehensive guide to help you make your decision.

which disney world moderate hotel is the best_

If you are looking for Deluxe Hotel options we have written this for you:

The Pros and Cons of Every Disney World Deluxe Hotel

Disney’s Coronado Springs Hotel and Resort

Coronado Springs Hotel

Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort address:
1000 West Buena Vista Drive
Lake Buena Vista, FL
Phone: 407-939-1000

Overview of Disney’s Coronado Springs Hotel

Coronado Springs Hotel

If you are looking for great accommodation with one of the best pools of any Disney World Hotel the Coronado is a great choice. The first thing that you will notice about Disney’s Coronado Springs is how large and spread out the resort it. Coronado Springs has 1,921 rooms located in three themed beautifully landscaped areas set around a 15 acre lake Lago Dorado.

The resort really is very spread out. It can be a long way from the El Centro Building which houses the lobby, shops, restaurants and convention center. This can be seen as either an advantage or a disadvantage depending upon your point of view. If you pick your room carefully you can be close to El Centro. We think that the size of the resort is actually one of its biggest plus points. It is relatively quiet compared to the other Disney World Moderate hotels. The sense of space and very attractive surrounding makes this one of our top recommendations for a family if they are wanting to stay in a Disney Moderate Hotel.

The one criticism which Disney’s Coronado Springs seems to get a lot is that it is a convention center hotel. It does have a large convention center on site so you do get a lot of business people staying in the resort. We have never found this to be a particular down side – unless you are trying to get into the bar at night and there is a big convention in the hotel!

Some say that the emphasis on convention center business means that the resort is “less Disney” than some guests want. It is true that the rooms do not have much evidence of Mickey Mouse and his character friends, but there is a lot of subtle Disney themeing going on in this resort.

Disney Coronado Springs Hotel Resort Rooms

Hotel Room Disney Coronado Springs September 2009

The Resort is divided into three different areas. The Casitas Village has most of the guest rooms, with 981 standard rooms an 43 suites. The Ranchos buildings have 624 rooms which are housed in either two or three storey buildings. The Cabanas are just 2 storey buildings and most of them have water views. All of the buildings are motel style and have exterior corridors.

There are 6 different types of room at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. Some of the suites sleep up to 6 guests. There are Preferred Rooms available which are in Casitas Buildings 1, 2 and 3. These are the closes to El Centro.

  • Standard View Rooms with 2 Queen Beds and sleeps 4
  • King Rooms with a King Bed and sleeps 2
  • Water View with 2 Queen Beds and sleeps 4
  • Junior Suite with 2 Double Beds and a Queen Murphy Bed and sleeps 6
  • Junior Suite with a King Bed and a Queen Murphy Bed and sleeps 4
  • Casitas 1 Bedroom Suite with 2 Double Beds and a Queen Murphy bed sleeps 6
  • 1 Bedroom Suite with a King Bed and a Queen Murphy Bed which sleeps 4
  • Casitas Executive Suite with a King Bed and 2 Double Beds and sleeps 6

The standard rooms are a reasonable size at 314 square feet – certainly large enough to accommodate a family of 4, particularly if the children are young.

The rooms were refurbished in 2009. The bathroom is small, but the sink and vanity is outside so this makes it more convenient for families.

The resort also has Concierge Club guest rooms. All of these are located in Cabana 9B which is one of the closest buildings to the El Centro building. Concierge offers nice perks They offer extra perks such as DVD player,robes and coffee maker. They also have a dedicated Front Desk service, continental breakfast and snacks. Is Concierge worth it? We think it really depends upon whether you will use the free food service. If you are already paying for the Disney Dining Plan then it probably isn’t worth the upgrade, but we always feel that concierge offers great value if you are prepared to use the benefits to save you money on food.

Standard room prices start at $191 a night in Value Season, rising to $300 for Holiday Season. Junior Suites start at $465 per night. If money is no object then you can book one of the Casitas Executive Suites starting at $1221 per night. However, if we were paying that much we would be staying at a Deluxe Resort! We really can’t see why you would want to pay this rate for a moderate hotel, even if you are staying in a luxurious suite. It is still a Disney Moderate Resort!

Save on your hotel -

Recreation at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort

Deep Blue Mayan Afternoon

Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort has one of the best pools of any of the Disney World Hotels. We write about our favorite Disney Hotel pools at

Top 10 Disney World Hotel Resort Pools

The Mayan Pyramid themed pool is a good size, has plenty of lounge chairs close by, and also features a 123 foot long Jaguar Water Slide. It also has the largest hot tub on Walt Disney World property – it holds up to 22 people. The Dig Site also has an excellent playground,children’s pool a sand volleyball court. It also has Siesta’s, a poolside bar.

There are 3 other pools on the property and these are much smaller and quieter.

The La Vida Health Club is the only fitness facility at a moderate Walt Disney World hotel. This excellent 3,000 square foot facility is free for resort guests. If you are staying at a different Disney resort then you can purchase a day pass. The spa is a 200 square space which offers a sauna, pedicure, manicures, massage and personal training.

The Coronado Springs Resort is a large and beautiful resort – it is good just to walk around for a while on the resort trail. Or you can rent a bike or a surrey bike.

The recreation at Coronado Springs is right outside your room – just walk around the beautiful resort trail, walk on one of the sandy areas around the lagoon or relax in a hammock. You can rent bikes, Surrey Bikes, kayaks and pedal boats too.

Restaurants at Disney’s Coronado Resort

There are a number of dining choices in Disney’s Coronado resort. All are located in the El Centro Building

The Maya Grill is Disney’s Coronado resort’s only full service dining restaurant. They used to serve a buffet breakfast but now they are just open for dinner from 5pm every day. The entrees are priced from $24 to $34. They include New York Strip, Beef Short Ribs and Shrimp Tacos.

For counter service food the Pepper Market is the choice at the Coronado.for breakfast lunch and dinner. This is a large, and often very noisy and crowded area. There are various stations where you select your food and then find a table.

We have to say that Pepper Market is one of our least favorite quick service dining choices of any Disney World Hotel. The quality of the food has deteriorated in recent years, and our experience is that it often just isn’t very well cooked. There are so many great choices of where to eat in Disney World, but unfortunately we really don’t think this is one of them!

Walk in Market Disney Coronado Springs Hotel

The Rix Cafe serves snacks and beverages. There is also room service at the Coronado which is available 11 am to 11 pm.The Siesta Pool Dining and Grill located next to the Dig Site. The Ritz Lounge is in the El Centro building and is open from 5 pm to 2 am with a full service bar and appetizer menu. This is a nice bar, but it can often be full with conference attendees.

Disney’s Coronado Springs Hotel and Resort Review

We are not that enthusiastic about the dining choices at Disney’s Coronado Springs Hotel, but like the accommodation very much. Even though it is a conference hotel, we think the standard of accommodation that it offers is very good, and the resort is beautiful. Kids and adults will love the resort pool. It is a relatively relaxing place to stay and seems a whole way away from the hustle and bustle of the theme parks.

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Hotel


Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort Address:
900 Cayman Way
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-1000

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Hotel Overview


Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort

This colorful and vibrant resort is the largest of all of the Disney resorts. It covers more than 200 acres and offers 2,109 guest rooms. Old Port Royale is where you will find the lobby, restaurants and shops. There is a large lake with a walking trail around it. An unusual feature is the Caribbean Cay Island in the middle of the lake. This has a children’s play area and is a good spot to sit and relax.

The rooms are housed in brightly colored building. There are 5 different villages – Trinidad, Martinique, Barbados, Aruba and Jamaica.

This video gives a very comprehensive overview of the Caribbean Beach Resort.

The Custom House is where the main check in desk is located. The resorts 45 acre lake is 1.4 miles around and makes for a great walking/jogging track. In the middle of the lake, connected by bridge, is Caribbean Cay island which has a number of secluded spots to sit and relax, as well as a children’s play area.

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Hotel Rooms

You may not have expected to find Nemo in the Caribbean Beach Resort, but you most certainly will! Most of the rooms have a Finding Nemo theme. The rooms are a lot of fun. There are also some Pirates of the Caribbean rooms available for an extra charge. These are very popular and you tend to have to book them early.

There are some preferred rooms available in Martinique and Trinidad North – these are closer to Old Port Royale.

The one big downside is that whereas the other Disney Moderate Resorts have queen beds, the Caribbean Beach has doubles. This may ba a deal breaker for some people. The rooms are also the smallest of any of the Moderate Resorts. At 300 square feet this may another big factor in helping you decide which hotel to choose. However, the room size isn’t that much of a difference as the other resorts have standard rooms which are 314 square feet.

You have a choice of either a standard view or a water view. The water views either overlook a pool or the Lake. Of course the water views are slightly more expensive.

Rooms are nicely furnished. As with all the Moderate hotels the bathroom is pretty small, but the Caribbean Beach has double sinks outside so again this makes it easier for families who are getting ready to go out to the parks together in the mornings.

Prices start at $187 per night for a Standard Room in Value Season and $300 in Holiday Season. Rates for a Pirate Water View Room start at $264 and increase up to $382 for Holiday Season.

Disney Caribbean Beach Dining Options

Food Patio at Walt Disney World Caribbean Beach Club Resort

We much prefer the Caribbean Beach Food Court to the Pepper Market at Coronado Springs. The design of the food court is really good, with the layout being a recreation of Caribbean island style streets. There is a good choice of food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The quality of the food is good and the atmosphere of the dining area is lively and a great place to eat.

Shutters is a full service restaurant at Old Port Royale which serves dinner only. Entree prices range from $18 to $33 and include a number of pasta dishes, New York Strip and Caribbean Pork Ribs.

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort Pools and Recreation

Pool at Walt Disney World Caribbean Beach Club Resort

You won’t be short of choices for swimming pool at the resort. Each of the villages has its own pool. The best pool is the Pirate themed pool at Old Port Royale. It has a wading pool and a jacuzzi. There is a children’s water play area which includes squirt hoses, a large bucket that pours water from above and three water slides. The main pool is very popular so if you are looking for some peace and quiet then head for one of the village pools.

One very relaxing thing to do is find a hammock to rest in on the sandy beach surrounding Barefoot Lake. Watercraft are also available to rent from Barefoot Bay Marina which is located at Old Port Royale. You can even go on a guided fishing tour of the lake or a Caribbean Pirate Adventure Cruise. Bikes are also available to rent including the Surrey Bicycles for 2 or 4 people. They are a lot of fun to ride around the lake.

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Hotel Resort Review

Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort

The Caribbean Beach Resort has a lot to offer. It is a wonderfully themed and vibrant resort. It is large, like the Coronado Springs, but has a rather different atmosphere re. If you have kids they may prefer the more lively atmosphere of the Caribbean Beach, and of course those Finding Nemo and Pirate themed rooms are a big attraction.

Disney Port Orleans Riverside Hotel Resort

Walt Disney World Port Orleans Hotel Riverside

Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – Riverside address:
1251 Riverside Drive
Lake Buena Vista, FL, 32830
Phone: 407-934-6000

Disney Port Orleans Riverside Hotel Overwiew

Port Orleans

This is another huge Disney resort – it has 2048 guest rooms and is located on almost 200 acres of land. It was originally called Dixie Landings Resort and is themed after the Mississippi River area.

There are 2 very different areas in the resort. The rather unfortunately named in the light of recent events, alligator Bayou has 16 two storey buildings. They are rustic in style. The Magnolia Bend area is very different. It has 4 buildings which are built-in the style of plantation mansions. The building have either two or three storeys.

If you are choosing a Disney Moderate hotel and are looking for somewhere with good accommodation in beautiful grounds with a relaxed atmosphere, the Port Orleans Resort should be at the top of your list. The landscaping is excellent. A particularly nice feature is the Sassagoula river which winds its way through the resort. Not only does it look beautiful, but if also provides boat transportation to Port Orleans French Quarter and Disney Springs.

Disney Port Orleans Riverside Rooms

Most rooms have 2 Queen beds although there are some King rooms available. The rooms are very nicely decorated. You won’t find any Disney characters in the rooms (unless you bring your own)! Some Queen rooms sleep up to 5 as there is a pull down Murphy bed which is suitable for a child. There are several choices of room category including Standard View, Water View, Garden View and Preferred Room.

The most sought after room type are the beautifully decorated Royal Rooms. One really fun feature of these rooms is that they have a special “fireworks” headboard which lights up and plays a tune. If we could choose to stay in any room in any of the Disney Moderate rests we would always choose the Royal Room at Disney Port Orleans Riverside.

Watch this video to see what the Royal Rooms at Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort look like:

Rack room rates start at $189 for a Standard room and go up to $249 a night for a Royal Room with a Pool View. These are Value season rates.

Disney Port Orleans Riverside Dining Choices

Disney Port Orleans Riverside Hotel Boatwrights Restaurant

Riverside Mill is Port Orleans quick service dining location. It is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are five different serving stations to choose from with such offerings as pizza, pasta, and sandwiches. You select your items and then go to the cashier before selecting a table. It can get pretty crowded at times, but the food is of average standard and its good for grabbing something to eat while you are at the hotel.

Disney Port Orleans Riverside has a full service restaurant which is open for dinner from 5 pm every day.The interior of Boatwright’s Dining Hall is very well doe – it is themed to look like an old Louisiana ship yard. There is a huge partially framed wooden ship hanging from the ceiling. The Cajun influenced food is pretty good. Entrees range from $19 to $33 and include Cajun Spiced Catfish, Voodoo Chicken and General Fulton’s Prime Rib.

Disney Port Orleans Riverside Recreation

Pool at Walt Disney World Port Orleans Hotel Riverside

There is plenty to do on the resort. There are no less than 7 swimming pools including the fun Doubloon Lagoon main swimming pool. There is also the Ol’ Man Island is also a great place to spend some time hanging out around the pool. All of the pools in this resort are available to be used b guests at both Disney’s Port Orleans Resort and Port Orleans French Quarter. This is the only Disney resort where guests are allowed to use pools at another resort.

There are a lot of fun activities at the resort such as Movies Under the Stars,Campfire on the Bayou, and horse carriage rides.

Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort Review

This is one of our favorite Disney Moderate Hotel Resorts, particularly if staying in one of the Royal Rooms. The atmosphere is very relaxing and can be a welcome retreat from the busy parks. We also like the boat service to Disney Springs. The resort is spread out but for some reason it doesn’t seem as spread out as the other Moderate Resorts.

Disney Port Orleans Resort French Quarter

Disney’s Port Orleans Resort French Quarter address:
2201 Orleans Drive
Lake Buena Vista
Florida 32830-8424
Tel: 407-934-5000

Disney’s Port Orleans Resort French Quarter Overview

The hotel is the sister hotel of the Port Orleans Riverside Resort. The style is a New Orleans and Mardi Gras theme. It shares a lot of the facilities, including the swimming pools with Port Orleans Riverside.. Guests can travel easily between the hotels by boat, bus or on foot.

There are 7 three storey building which house the guest rooms. As with all of the moderate resorts the buildings are motel style with outdoor corridors.

Disney Port Orleans Resort French Quarter Rooms

With just 1,008 rooms this is the smallest of all the Moderate Resorts. Most of the rooms have 2 Queen beds, with only 62 King bed rooms available. All of the rooms are 314 square feet in size, just like every other moderate resort except Caribbean Beach where the rooms are slightly smaller at 300 square feet. There are several room types including Standard View, Garden View or Water View. Room prices start at $213 per night in Value Season and $323 in Holiday Season.

Here is a great video which shows you what the interior of the rooms looks like at Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter.

Port Orleans Resort French Quarter Dining


There is no full service restaurant in the French Quarter, but guests can eat in the Port Orleans Riverside location if they want to. There is a quick service food court rather elaborately named the Sassagoula Floatworks Food Factory. It has a fun, Mardi Gras theme. You must try one of the very popular New Orleans Beignets.

The Food Factory itself is a pleasant space which seats up to 300 guests. There are 5 differently themed quick service food choices including the usual favorites of pizza and burgers. They also have such entrees as Jambalaya, Barbecued Rib Dinner and French Market Meatloaf.

Port Orleans Resort French Quarter Recreation

This is identical to the information for Port Orleans Riverside as they can share the swimming pools and activities.

Which Disney Moderate Hotel is the Best?

There are of course a number of answers to this question! A lot is based on your own personal tastes but we think if we had to choose we would always choose a Royal Room in Port Orleans Riverside.

If you have young children then Disney’s Caribbean Beach is a good bet. The vibrant atmosphere, the fun pool and of course the Nemo or Pirate themed rooms make this the most “Disney” of all the Moderate Hotel Resorts. Caribbean Beach room rates make it the best value amongst the Moderate Resorts.

For adults and those with older kids we would suggest Disney’s Coronado Resort. The atmosphere is a little more grown up, but it does have nice rooms and arguably the best pool of any of the Disney World Moderate Resorts.

We actually do not particularly recommend the Port Orleans French Quarter hotel. It’s lack of full service restaurant and the fact that it seems to be the younger and not quite so spoiled sister of the French Quarter put this one to the bottom of our list.

Which of the Walt Disney World Moderate Resorts is your favorite?




Disney Frozen Dual Vanity Playset

disney frozen dual vanity playset

disney frozen dual vanity playset

Are you thinking of buying a Disney Frozen Dual Vanity Playset? If you have a young princess in your house you will probably already have been thinking about whether the Disney Frozen Dual Vanity Playset is a good buy.

This is a great toy for any Frozen fan, and will give many hours of happy play time. The Disney Frozen Dual Vanity Playset is a case which contains clothes and accessories for the Anna and Elsa dolls. The dolls are not included with the package, but there is plenty to get excited about with this popular toy.

As the Disney Frozen Dual Vanity set has small parts it is only recommended for children aged 3 and up.


The Frozen Vanity set has two different colored closets. Blue for Elsa and deep pink for Anna. The carrying case opens up to reveal both sides. When the case is closed you can clip the Anna and Elsa dolls to the side.

Inside the vanity case you will find a skirt for Anna and one for Elsa. These skirts compliment the existing outfits of the Frozen dolls very nicely. The skirts also clip to the inside of the vanity case.

Also inside is a vanity. There is only one, so somehow Anna and Elsa have to work out how to share! You will also find lots of accessories such as shoes and necklaces for Anna and Elsa.

The clothes and accessories also fit Barbie dolls, but really you do need to have the right Anna and Elsa dolls as there aren’t complete outfits included with the set. As with all doll shoes of this type, they are pretty easy to lose – so make sure that your daughter knows to clean up and put them away in the vanity set! Usually shoes go missing pretty quickly in sets like this.


The Frozen Dual Vanity Play Set retails at around $24.49 on Amazon. For the amount of hours of play that your little one will most likely get out of this, it is an excellent buy.

Disney Frozen Dual Vanity Playset

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