Disneyland Crowds and How To Beat Them


Disneyland Crowds. It’s a reality of visiting the Happiest Place on Earth, but it doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker.

Being one of the most popular tourist destinations in the entire world, Disneyland is no stranger to busy days. The trick is knowing how to deal with the Disneyland busy days.

Disneyland Crowds

A lot of the time the crowds are at a tolerable level where the lines for attractions average somewhere around a 10-40 minute wait. Therefore, you
can manage to get on a good number of Disneyland and California Adventure attractions.

However, there are some days (usually around summer and Holidays) where it seems as though every single attraction is at least a 30-minute wait. Including even the little ones like
Golden Zephyr or the Mad Tea Party.

Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Ride Closures 2013

Even that Mark Twain Riverboat which everyone pretends to enjoy has a long wait. And since the little rides have a long wait, that means
the really good ones that always have long waits have even longer waits.

Where the Indiana Jones Adventure is usually around 45 minutes, it is now 75. Where Radiator Springs Racers usually has an hour wait, it is now a 90-minute wait. Meaning you’ll
have to listen to that old 60’s music that they play in the queue for even longer, thus making your day at the Happiest Place on Earth a living nightmare.

Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Ride and Attraction Closures January 2015

Then there is just walking around the Disneyland park – there are so many people! You can barely move, you’re trying your best not to lose your family.

People are always in the way, and in the midst of all this chaos, all of a sudden someone on an electric scooter comes out of nowhere traveling at 63 miles-per-hour and almost runs you down.

Okay, maybe it’s not quite as bad as I’m making it out to be. But it most certainly isn’t fun.

However, here are some things you can do to enjoy yourself in when Disneyland is busy despite the big crowds.

Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough


What? There’s a Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough?

Yes, there is, located to the left of the entrance of Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. Or as like to call it: The Thing That Will Make You Spend Goodness Knows How Much Money Only To End Up Spending Four
Grueling Hours Washing All The Glitter Out Of Your 4-Year-Old’s Hair.

The good thing about the Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough is not many people actually know it exists.

So it isn’t that busy – ever! Even on crowded Disneyland days! So if the crowds get a little too much for you, you can just pop on over to the Walkthrough.

disneyland busy

Plus, the Walkthrough itself is actually very entertaining. It tells the story of the classic Disney movie Sleeping Beauty by showing models of scenes from the film.

The effects they use to recreate these scenes are actually fairly amazing to look at, using similar techniques are seen in The Haunted Mansion.

Additionally, it’s air-conditioned, and nothing can beat that. Not even having glitter dumped all over your hair at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.

California Adventure Animation Academy


Located in Hollywoodland at California Adventure, the Animation Academy is an excellent place to get away from the Disneyland crowds.

It usually isn’t too crowded and there are plenty of things to do there.

There is the drawing class where you can learn to draw your favorite Disney characters, such as Mickey Mouse or Winnie the Pooh.

Or, there is Turtle Talk with Crush where you can have a conversation with Crush from Finding Nemo about all the amazing things about the ocean.


Or, you can meet Anna and Elsa from the movie Frozen. Or go to the Sorcerer’s Workshop and learn about animation as well as find out which Disney character you’re most like. (Although sometimes you don’t want to know. I found it quite
insulting when they said I was like Dopey).

It’s air-conditioned, there are places to sit down, a perfect place to go if you’re a fan of Disney, so, therefore, is a great way to get avoid the crowds.

Disneyland Crowds – How Much is Too Much?


I find that waiting in for an hour in Disneyland crowds on only one attraction isn’t too bad.

Yes, by the time you’re 45 minutes in you start to get tired – especially if the person behind you is eating one of those heart-attack-inducing turkey legs that smells like a sandwich that has been
left out on the counter for 6 years and 23 days.

Still, it is worth it if you pick the right ride to line up for. So if you’re going to go in a long line, make sure it’s something you know will be very good. Something like
Indiana Jones Adventure or Splash Mountain.


Waiting an hour for just one or two rides that are both very enjoyable isn’t as bad as it sounds, but – and this is just me personally, maybe you’ll be different – going on more
than that can get very tiring.

So what I’m saying is you can manage to do one or two – or maybe three – so you can manage to get some good rides done. But it’s when you
reach the fourth big queue that it can become exhausting.

Disney California Adventure Redwood Creek Challenge Trail

This is great for kids as it is basically a big, glamorous well-themed play-ground. And for adults, it is a relaxing place to sit as it is themed after some of the most beautiful forests
in California, such as Sequoia.

So you can watch your kids have fun while you sit down and take in the lovely atmosphere while you wonder why you didn’t just go up to Sequoia instead of paying
goodness how much money to get into a theme park only to find out that it was too busy to get on anything and ended up sitting down in a fake replica of one of the most
beautiful places in the world that’s only a few hours drive upstate and would be much cheaper and less time-wasting than sitting there constantly checking the Disneyland
app to see if Goofy’s Sky School’s hour-long-wait has died down. But I digress.

Where to Go When Disneyland is Busy


After visiting the Disneyland parks for close to two decades now we have learned some places where it is best to go when the Disneyland crowds just get too much.

Visit The Disneyland Hotels


The Grand Californian is an especially good place to go when visiting Disneyland. It’s just a nice place to walk around as it has a lot of atmosphere. Plus, there’s a bar, so that’s another reason to go.

The Disneyland Hotel, while there isn’t as much to see, is pretty nice as well. Especially the area with Trader Sam’s.

However, if you can only go to one, visit the Grand Californian. It’s much better.

Just Soak In The Atmosphere

Disneyland Hotel Discounts

The reason why most people go to Disneyland is to go on its amazing attractions, which is fair enough – that’s certainly why I go. But sometimes just sitting down on a bench and taking in all the sights is good enough.

Especially in lands like Cars Land where you truly feel as though you just stepped into a movie.

As you can see, there are plenty of things to do other than go on rides at Disneyland. In fact, you could just spend the day there and not go on any rides and still have an enjoyable time.

What do you do to beat the Disneyland crowds?

Disney Cruise to Hawaii


Is there a Disney Cruise to Hawaii? Many cruise lines including Princess cruises sail to Hawaii. However, although Disney has offered Hawaii cruises, at the moment there are none scheduled until 2020. Sadly there is no Disney cruise Hawaii 2018 or 2019.

Disney Cruise Hawaii

Disney Cruise to Hawaii


Disney cruise lines just announced that they will be sailing to Hawaii again in 2020. The Disney Wonder has two Hawaii sailings for 2020.

2020 Disney Wonder 9-Night Hawaiian Cruise from Vancouver to Honolulu


This Disney Hawaii cruise sails on 4/29/2020

Day 1: Vancouver (British Columbia), Canada
Day 2: At Sea
Day 3: At Sea
Day 4: At Sea
Day 5: At Sea
Day 6: At Sea
Day 7: Nawiliwili, Hawai’i
Day 8: Kahului, Hawai’i
Day 9: Hilo, Hawai’i
Day 10: Honolulu, Hawai’i

2020 Disney Wonder 10-Night Hawaiian Cruise from Honolulu to Vancouver


This Disney Hawaii cruise sails on 5/8/2020

Day 1: Honolulu, Hawai’i
Day 2: Hilo, Hawai’i
Day 3: Nawiliwili, Hawai’i
Day 4: Nawiliwili, Hawai’i
Day 5: Kahului, Hawai’i
Day 6: At Sea
Day 7: At Sea
Day 8: At Sea
Day 9: At Sea
Day 10: At Sea
Day 11: Vancouver (British Columbia), Canada

Disney cruises first sailed to Hawaii in 2012. The Disney Wonder is the only Disney ship which has cruised to Hawaii. She is the only Disney cruise ship which has sailed on the West Coast.

At the moment the Disney Wonder sails Cruises To Alaska in the summer and Disney Mexican Riviera Cruises in the Spring and Fall.

The 2012 Disney Hawaii Cruises were round trip from Los Angeles. She sailed on April 29th and October 14th, 2012.

These Disney Hawaii roundtrip cruises had a lot of Sea Days. The 15-night cruises had 9 days at Sea. For us, that would be perfect.

It is similar to the Disney Panama Canal Cruise in terms of cruise length and amount of days at sea.

The Disney Hawaiian Cruise had port stops at Hilo and Kahului in Hawaii, Honolulu on Oahu and Nawiliwili on Kauai. The final port was Ensenada Mexico.

Here is the full itinerary for the Disney Hawaii cruises which sailed in 2012.

Sunday Los Angeles
Monday At Sea
Tuesday At Sea
Wednesday At Sea
Thursday At Sea
Friday Hilo, Hawaii
Saturday Kahului, Hawaii
Sunday Honolulu, Oahu
Monday Nawiliwili, Kauai
Tuesday At Sea
Wednesday At Sea
Thursday At Sea
Friday At Sea
Saturday At Sea
Sunday Ensenada, Mexico
Monday Los Angeles

A 15-night cruise gives you plenty of time to truly relax and enjoy a vacation. There is a lot of time at sea on this Disney cruise to Hawaii but that is a huge part of the appeal.

How often do you go on a trip only to find yourself at the end of it, more exhausted than when you started out? Sometimes it is a good idea just to step back and take some time to truly relax. Even perfect the art of doing nothing, if only for a few days!

Disney also sailed to Hawaii in 2015. These were very different itineraries as they were not round trips. She sailed from Vancouver to Honolulu on one cruise and from Honolulu back to Vancouver on the return.

The Disney Wonder had just completed her Alaskan sailings for 2015. The first one sailed on September 7th, 2015 out of Vancouver. The second one sailed from Honolulu on September 17th, 2015. Each Hawaii Disney cruise was 10 nights.

Each Disney Hawaii cruise 2015 had the same port stops of Hilo (Hawaii Island), Nawiliwili (Kauai) and Kahului (Maui) and Honolulu (Oahu).

As you can see, these two Disney cruises to Hawaii are very different. I remember that demand for the 15-night roundtrip sailings to Hawaii was in huge demand. The 11-night sailings in 2015 didn’t sell as well. One way cruises are generally more difficult to sell.

A huge part of the appeal of the roundtrip cruise to Hawaii is that you do not have to pay for airfare back if you can easily get to LA.

On the one way cruises from Vancouver and back your only option was to fly one way – unless you could sail on both and make it a round trip! Imagine a 22 day round trip Disney Cruise. Very nice, but not an option for most people!

Will There Be Disney Cruises to Hawaii in the Future?


We predict that there will be more Disney cruises to Hawaii on the horizon. We were right to predict that there would be a return to Hawaii in 2020 and we are confident that there will be more sailings in the future.

Disney cruise lines have ordered 3 more ships. The first new Disney Cruise Ship will set sail in 2021. Two more will be launched in 2022 and 2023. The new Disney ships will be slightly larger than the Disney Fantasy and the Disney Dream. However, it will have the same number of staterooms at 1250.

Of course, it is fun to speculate about where the new Disney cruise ships will sail from. We think that a fair bet is that one of the new Disney ships will go to Australia. There is a huge demand for cruises in Australia and we think Disney would be very popular there.

With Disney cruise lines almost doubling its fleet by 2023 we think that there will be a lot more opportunity for cruises to Hawaii. Whilst we know that there won’t be any Disney cruise to Hawaii for 2018 or 2019, it seems to be that by 2021 we can look forward to a return to the islands.

With more Disney cruise ships sailing the ocean, there will be more of an opportunity for at least one of the ships to be on the West Coast. If this happens the Disney Wonder could sail out of Los Angeles and Vancouver year-round.


Therefore this would be the perfect opportunity for a Disney cruise to Hawaii. Most likely this would be a round trip from Los Angeles.

Will Disney cruises have Hawaii as a home port? In some ways, this would make sense. Guests could then combine a Disney cruise with a stay at Aulani. However, there are problems with this plan which make it unlikely.

Ever heard of the Passenger Vessel Services Act (PVSA)? Probably not, but it has a big impact on the cruise industry. The PVSA was signed into law by President Grover Cleveland in 1886 to protect US workers. It means that to sail passengers from one US port to another, without a port stop in a no US port, certain conditions have to be met.

The ship has to be owned by a US company, built in the US and exclusively staffed by a US crew. If it isn’t and it breaks the rules it has a $300 fine per passenger.

The only condition which Disney and most cruise companies meet is that they are US companies. However, cruise ships aren’t built in the US. The cruise ship industry usually relies on a large number of non-US crew.

These rules explain why the only cruise ship to sail around Hawaii is NCL Pride of America. It has a crew which is entirely made up of US Citizens or Green Card Holders.

This ancient law also explains why ships which sail from a US port have to always sail to a non-US port before returning back to the US. That is why the Disney cruises to Hawaii had to have a port stop in Ensenada Mexico before sailing back to Los Angeles.

Why Should You Sail on a Disney Cruise to Hawaii?


A Disney cruise is an amazing experience for the whole family.

Of course, there is so much to do on a Disney cruise you are always going to have something to keep you occupied. Disney cruises are very family orientated but there is something for all ages to enjoy.

Don’t think that this one is just for the kids because the adults are not going to want the cruise experience to end either!


What is so special about a Disney cruise? So many things make a Disney cruise a magical experience. The staterooms are up to 25% larger than others in the industry.

This makes a huge difference, particularly when you are sailing on a longer cruise. The children’s entertainment and kids clubs are the very best at sea.

Disney always excels at putting on a show and you can experience Broadway-quality entertainment every night on your cruise. And of course, you have the Disney magic.

It is difficult to put into words if you have never sailed on a Disney ship, but the standard of service is exceptional and the attention to detail is not something you usually find with other cruise lines.

As soon as there is a Disney cruise to Hawaii announced we are going to be one of the first to book it. Are you?

disney cruise hawaii what you need to know

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Epcot Height Requirements


What are the Epcot height requirements? Some of the Epcot rides have a minimum height requirement.

Here is a complete guide of all the Epcot ride height requirements so that you can know which of the kids are going to be able to ride!

Epcot Height Requirements

epcot height requirements
All of the Walt Disney World theme parks have some rides and attractions which have height requirements. Some of the Epcot rides have height requirements, but others are open to everyone to ride.

Usually, height requirements at Disney World range from between 36 to 48 inches. In fact, right now there is only one Walt Disney World attraction with a 48-inch height requirement. This is Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Height requirements are set for safety reasons.

This is the reason why the Disney World Cast Members have to be very careful that they do not allow you on the ride if you don’t meet the height requirement. There aren’t trying to ruin your day because your 5-year-old had set his heart on going on Test Track but just isn’t quite tall enough!

A Beautiful Evening on World Showcase Lagoon

Photo Credit

At the entrance to every ride, there will be a measuring stick. You can use this to see if your child is the right height.

As you approach the ride if you have someone who looks as though they might not be tall enough for the ride, a Cast Member will stop you and ask them to stand to be measured.

Believe me, Cast Members do know the tricks that people try if your child is not quite tall enough, but almost! Putting your little Princesses hair in a bun or forcing your child to wear those shoes with the thicker heels just isn’t going to cut it!

Disney - Epcot Torii Gate

Photo By

Just because your child is tall enough to experience the ride, doesn’t mean that you necessarily ought to take them on to the ride. The rides at Disney World with height restrictions tend to be the ones which are the most intense. Make sure that you have a good idea of what the ride entails if you are taking a child on with you.

Below we will let you know not only the height requirements but also something about the Epcot ride so that you can think about whether your child is likely to enjoy the attraction.

Epcot Soarin Height Requirements

Daily Disney (Explored)

Photo By

Epcot Soarin’ Around the World has a height requirement of 40 inches.

Soarin’ is quite a difficult ride to describe! This Epcot ride creates the feeling of flying over some of the most recognizable landmarks in the World.

You will be seated in one of 3 rows. The ride vehicle is unlike any other. It is a huge structure which houses swinging chairs. There is a lap belt to keep you safely buckled in.

If your child reaches the height requirement but doesn’t reach the red line on the seat, there is a loop which goes around the belt.

The whole structure lifts up in front of huge Imax screens. The Soarin’ Around the World experience takes you to all those places you want to see. The Taj Mahal, The Matterhorn, and the Great Wall of China.

My favorite part is the Eiffel Tower. Having seen the real one in Paris I can assure you that it doesn’t lean over and bend like the one in Soarin’ does!

The best seats in the house? Ask a Cast Member if you can be seated in B1. This is in the middle so you do not get the distortion from the sides you do in some seats. Also being on the top row means other people’s feet dangling down don’t spoil your view!

Will you enjoy Soarin’. It is one of the most innovative attractions in Walt Disney World. However, if you or your child do not like heights, this isn’t the place to be.


Epcot Test Track Height Restriction

Test Track - Goodbye Ol' Friend - It Was A Real Pleasure

Photo Credit

The Epcot Test Track height requirement is 40 inches.

This one I would recommend for all ages. It’s thrilling without being scary.

There are seat belts for everyone and the ride vehicle takes 6 people in 2 rows of 3. The outer seats will probably be better for a smaller child as it is difficult to see out of the front window. This is particularly true in the second row.

The idea is that you are in a test vehicle and will experience some typical scenarios to test things like brakes and steering. The part everyone looks forward to is the end where the ride vehicle accelerates around a loop up to 60 miles per hour.

Epcot Mission Space Height Requirements

Mission Space: Empty Queue

Photo By

Epcot Mission Space is the only Disney World ride which provides vomit bags at every seat! Perhaps the most overlooked of all the Epcot attractions, Mission Space is a motion simulator which takes its passengers on a Mission to Mars.

There are four riders in each ride vehicle on Mission Space. Each person is assigned their own role. You are either a Commander, Navigator, Pilot or Engineer.

It really doesn’t matter which one you get. All you need to do is listen out when to push buttons at a certain time according to your role.

The interactive part is fun but not essential.  You will still get back to Earth unscathed!

Disney - Mission: Space

Photo By

The thing to know about Epcot Mission Space is that the ride vehicle is small. Very small. If you think you may get motion sickness or claustrophobia this is a ride you should avoid. So should your children even if they do meet the Mission Space height requirement.

Riders experience up to 2.5 G Force. However, that is the fun of it for most people.

There are now two versions of the ride. Green and Orange. Epcot Mission Space Green has a height requirement of 40 inches and Mission Space Orange is 44 inches.

Why two versions? In the early years after the ride was first launched a number of people became sick whilst experiencing Mission Space. Hence the vomit bags!

Disney, therefore, introduced the less intense Mission Space Green ride which doesn’t spin so doesn’t have the same G Force Experience.

Our advice is that if your child meets the height requirement try them first on Green. Then see how you feel about braving Mission Space Orange!

Epcot Guardians of the Galaxy Height Restrictions


Marvel and Disney Concept Art

We know we are guessing about this one since the Guardians of the Galaxy ride is not due to open in Epcot until Spring 2021.

Not much is yet known about the Epcot Guardians of the Galaxy ride except that it will be a family roller coaster with some innovative features. We also know that it will be one of the longest indoor roller coaster attractions in the World.


A look at the ride vehicle for the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride doesn’t give us too much of a clue either. Our guess would be that the height requirement will be 40 inches as it will use a lap belt. Complete speculation though until we get more details.

Epcot Ratatouille Ride


Photo by Disney

We know a little more about the Epcot Ratatouille ride as it will be closely based upon the design of Ratatouille: The Adventure which is already in Disneyland Paris.

This is a fun ride for all the family and has no height restrictions in Paris – so we would expect the same for Epcot.

Riders board their vehicle to be taken on a journey through Remy’s culinary world. It is a lot of fun and expected to arrive in Epcot in May 2020.

What if Your Child Doesn’t Meet the Height Requirement?

A Slice of Spaceship Earth in the Morning

Photo Credit By
Now you know all the height restrictions in Epcot, but what do you do if your child doesn’t meet them?

The first thing to do is to set the expectation for your little one. If they have set their heart on riding Test Track but they are one inch shorter than they need to be, explain to them that they won’t be able to ride. They will get over it.

Don’t tell them you will buy a pair of thick-soled shoes and hope for the best. The Cast Members have seen this before and it doesn’t work!

If you still want to ride the attraction your best option is to use Rider Switch.

What is Rider Switch?

Epcot - Ready to Start

Photo Credit

Commonly known as “Child Swap” this is a very useful way that one of you can look after the children, whilst the other rides the attraction. You do not have to stand in line twice.

One of you can wait with your child or other non-riding people in the group whilst the others ride. When the first party has experienced the attraction, you simply switch. The second party can ride the attraction without standing in line again.

There will be a separate waiting area for Rider Switch. This provides a welcome place to sit down in the air conditioning!

You simply approach the Cast Member at the entrance to the ride and say that you want to participate in a Rider Switch. They will give you a card which the second party can use to go back into the line without standing in the regular line.

In Epcot Mission Space, Test Track and Soarin’ all have Rider Switch. Frozen Ever After also has Rider Switch even though it does not have a height requirement. The ride is dark though and can be scary for some children.

We would expect that Epcot Guardians of the Galaxy and the new Ratatouille ride will also have Rider Switch.

Which of the Epcot rides are you going to enjoy first?






Disney Cruise Rainforest Room


Are you thinking of getting a Disney Cruise Rainforest Room Pass? The Rainforest Room is still one of the best-kept secrets on a Disney Cruise.

If you are looking for some serious indulgence and relaxation on your Disney cruise you must head to the Rainforest Room. I think that it is well worth the cost of a Rainforest Room Pass or Daily Pass.

Disney Cruise Rainforest Room

is the Disney Cruise rainforest room worth the cost_

disney cruise rainforest room

The Disney Cruise Rainforest Room is part of the Spa on all Disney ships. The Disney Cruise Rainforest is a limited access area where you will find steam rooms, showers and stone lounge chairs.

On the Disney Fantasy and the Disney Dream, you will also find two hot tubs which overlook the front of the ship.

The Rainforest Room on the Disney Dream and Fantasy is much larger than on the classic Disney Wonder and the Magic.

Of course, there are also more passengers on the larger ships. This means that whichever Disney ship you are on, the Rainforest Room should not be too crowded.


The Disney Wonder Rainforest Room is the most recently updated. The Disney Wonder dry dock improved the Rainforest Room considerably.

Unfortunately, it will never be as amazing as the Fantasy and the Dream. This is due to its size and location. However, I still always get a length of cruise Rainforest Pass, whichever ship I am sailing on.

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The Disney Cruise Rainforest Room is Different on Each Disney Ship


The Disney Wonder and Magic have newly re-imagined Rainforest Rooms which are very similar. The Disney Fantasy and the Disney Dream have similar Rainforest Rooms to each other. However, they are very different from the Disney Wonder and the Magic.

I have to say that I much prefer the Disney Cruise Rainforest Room in the Disney Dream and the Fantasy to the classic ships of the Wonder and the Magic.

The main difference is that the Disney Wonder and the Magic Rainforest Room is completely indoors. The Rainforest on the Fantasy and the Dream has an area which is at the very front of the ship and has panoramic windows which give an amazing view.


The picture above is of the stone loungers in the Disney Wonder Rainforest Room.


They have the same basic design, but the ones on the Fantasy have a headrest. I didn’t tend to use this anyway but rolled up a towel to put behind my neck. All the stone loungers have reading lights.

Of course, stone loungers are very popular. It’s kind of like the usual deal where people tend to get a pool chair and it seems like they are never going to move.

Patience usually pays off though and you will get a chair eventually. Even at the busiest times.

The stone loungers on the Disney Fantasy and the Dream look out over the ocean. They are in an enclosed area, but you are at the back of the ship so you can see the daylight or the stars at night.

Another major difference on the newer Disney Ships is that the Rainforest Room on the Dream and Fantasy has two hot tubs. These are on the front of the ship and you have a fabulous view.

The area with the hot tubes on the Dream Class ships is open to the outside so it is a great place just to take in the view. You will often find birds flying in and hitching a ride on the ship!


These hot tubs really only fit two people at a time – unless you want to be really close to your fellow guest!

The design of the hot tub on the Disney Dream and fantasy is a little bit strange and I personally didn’t find them very comfortable. The bottom of the hot tub is not flat. It has an elevated curve design.

I am not sure if I was the wrong height to make this work. However, I am 5′ 4″ and DH is 6′ and he didn’t like it much either! The amazing view does not distract from the fact that the hot tubs are a weird design. Hopefully, Disney will get this right on the new ships being built.

Whilst the design is strange, the location of the hot tubs on the Disney Fantasy and Dream couldn’t be more perfect. You can enjoy some time in the hot tub whilst overlooking the ocean. You can even feel the ocean breeze as some of the panels on the screen are open. This also means that sometimes birds will join you in the area! They aren’t too much of a nuisance though as they seem to soon find their way back out again.

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Disney Rainforest Steam Rooms

On the Disney Fantasy and Dream ships, there are 3 steam rooms. The Disney Wonder and Magic have two steam rooms.

Again, I prefer the ones on the Fantasy or the Dream. The sauna on the newer Disney Fantasy and Dream ships has a window where you can look out over the ocean. It really is an amazing experience to relax in the sauna and look out at the ocean below.


This was probably my favorite of the steam rooms. The picture above is taken on the Disney Fantasy.


If you want to enjoy the sauna on the Disney Wonder or the Magic it is located inside the changing rooms. This is fine, except they aren’t mixed so you may have to enjoy them alone!


The Disney Wonder Sauna inside the Women’s Changing Room


The Laconium was almost too hot to deal with. The temperature of the Laconium is set between 107 and 118 degrees Fahrenheit.

The warning says no more than 10 minutes but I don’t think there is any way I could get anywhere near the time limit in here! The floor is almost too hot to walk on so be sure that you wear flip flops. Take a towel in with you to all the steam rooms to sit on.

The Hamam was a lot more tolerable. This is set at a lower temperature of 104 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit.

As part of the Disney Cruise Rainforest Spa Pass weekly package you sometimes get free salt scrubs for every visit. Take advantage of these. On my last Disney cruise, the choice was between orange, lavender, and chocolate. The orange had the nicest smell so I usually got that one.

You get the scrub from the spa reception. Always remember to ask because they don’t always offer a salt scrub automatically.

The spa staff recommends that you use the salt scrub in the Hamam. They suggested that you apply the scrub and then allow it to be absorbed for about 5 minutes. As you can imagine, this makes quite a lot of mess in an area that other people are using!

Make sure that you are courteous and rinse the seats and floor with the water provided. The best technique I found was to fill the plastic cup with the water and use that to rinse the floor. In the Wonder, there is a water spray so I just used that to rinse it down the drain!

Then go to your favorite Rainforest Room shower to rinse off the scrub. You will feel so relaxed that you are ready to face anything!

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Disney Cruise Rainforest Showers


Disney Wonder Rainforest Showers

In all of the Disney Cruise Rainforest Rooms, there are fabulous showers, all with different settings. It is a lot of fun to experiment and find out which is your favorite shower!

Again I am going to say that the newer ships the Disney Dream and Fantasy are superior to the classic Wonder and Magic.

The temperature of the showers in the Disney Wonder Rainforest seems to have just one setting. Cold!

There are just three showers on the classic ships and they don’t seem to have the same aromatherapy features like the ones on the larger ships.

Some of the showers have cold rain, others have warm tropical rain. It is a fabulous experience to come out of one of the steam rooms and go into your favorite shower. Some of the newer ships even have flashing lights and sound effects to mimic a rainstorm. It’s fun to decide which is your favorite one.

How Much is A Disney Cruise Rainforest Pass?

Disney Rainforest Cost

Of course, everyone wants to know how much a Disney Rainforest Pass costs.

You can pre-purchase a Disney Cruise Rainforest Day Pass online for $16 per day. You can buy as many as you want online. The 18% gratuity will be added automatically to this.

It used to be that the only way you could buy a Day Pass for the Rainforest Room was online before you sailed. However, on our last sailing on the Disney Wonder, they were offering Day Passes for $16 onboard.

They were also offering Deluxe Day Passes for $27. This means you get access to the Rainforest and also you have one of the scrubs. I really think that this is not worth the upgrade. The scrub is a nice addition but not nice enough for an $11 upgrade!

Do not rely on getting a Day Pass when you are on the cruise. The Disney Wonder did not have these available for purchase on my last cruise. When I asked about availability they explained they are only rarely available and only on Port Days.

If you think that you are going to enjoy the Rainforest the length of cruise pass is a better value. There are individual passes and couples passes available.


Single Pass for the Disney Cruise Rainforest:

3 Day Pass $69

4 Day Pass $101

5 Day Pass $114

7 Day Pass $144

Couples Pass for the Disney Cruise Rainforest:

3 Day Pass $102

4 Day Pass $144

5 Day Pass $169

7 Day Pass $193

An 18% gratuity will automatically be added to the Rainforest Room Pass cost. This adds quite a bit to the cost so be aware that a 7-day Couples Pass will be $228.

We think it is well worth it but be prepared for sticker shock, particularly if you didn’t realize about the gratuity.


You do not officially have to be a “couple” to buy a Couples Rainforest Pass. You can share a Rainforest Couples Pass with a friend! Therefore if you have a friend or family member in your party you can still share a Pass so that you can save some money.

This length of cruise Rainforest Passes can only be purchased once you are onboard your Disney cruise ship. We head straight to the spa when we board the Disney cruise.

There are only a limited number of the length of cruise passes available for the Rainforest. We have heard different numbers for how many, but Disney has never released the official figure.

Each time you want to visit the Disney cruise Rainforest Room you will go to the reception desk of the spa. You will hand over your room key and be given a key bracelet to access the Room. You will also be given a robe. Remember to ask for your scrub as you probably won’t always be offered one.

Disney Cruise Rainforest and Spa Changing Rooms


The lockers in the changing room on the Disney Wonder

There are changing rooms close to the Disney Cruise Rainforest Room. Here you will find bathrooms, lockers, toiletries, showers and a sauna. There are also flip flops provided for use in the Rainforest Room. We would suggest using these or bringing your own.


The showers in the changing areas are large and have really nice shampoo and conditioner available. You can use these at any time.

Even though the showers in the staterooms are relatively large for a cruise ship, it is nice to use these sometimes, particularly because the free products available are so nice!

The lockers are operated by a number key code. You simply have to remember your code and of course which locker you chose. Ok, so we know that isn’t always that simple! We did see that people forgot and then had to ask one of the spa staff to help them.

When you have finished in the Rainforest Room you just go back to the reception desk and hand them your bracelet key. They will then return your Key to the World.

There is no limit on the amount of time that you can spend in the Rainforest Room. However, if you are using the stone chairs you are asked to be considerate of how long you spend on them if people are waiting. It isn’t usually a problem but sometimes people do seem to spend an age on there without moving!

When Is The Best Time To Visit Disney Cruise Rainforest Room


There are good and not so good times to visit the Rainforest Room. It is usually open from 8 am until 10 pm every day.

One of the quietest times seems to be early in the morning when it first opens. It is good to get some time to relax even if you are just waking up! Later in the evening around 6 pm onwards is also good. Most people are either at dinner or watching the shows on the ship.

I always make sure that we make the maximum amount of use of the Rainforest Room. The first day it will be available that first evening as soon as the safety drill is completed. I have found that this is a quiet time. Most people are still just getting to know what to do on the ship.

Days at sea are the busiest times in the Rainforest Room. Days in port are quieter as of course there are fewer people on the ship. However, I have found those days at Castaway Cay tend to be quite busy.

I would have expected that this would be a quieter time, but in the afternoon people are beginning to come back onto the ship after a day on the island. It is amazing to be able to look out over towards Castaway Cay from the hot tub though!

Which is the best Disney Cruise Rainforest Room?



We recommend the Disney Cruise Rainforest Rooms on all of the ships, but by far the best are the ones on the Disney Fantasy and the Dream. The design and the amount of space allocated to the Rainforest Rooms on the newer ships are definitely better than the classic ships. The fact that you can see outside of the room and get amazing ocean views is a huge plus on the Disney Fantasy and the Dream.

Having said that, the classic ships are still very much worth some time in the Rainforest Room. Yes, they are smaller but they have many of the same relaxing elements. The stone chairs are fabulous on all of the ships.

The classic ships Rainforest Rooms have been re-imagined in recent years and it has made a big difference. The classic ships do not have the hot tubs, but for me, that doesn’t really matter as I am not a big fan of the hot tub design in the Rainforest.

If you really can’t make up your mind I would suggest that you do the tour of the Rainforest which is offered on the first day that you board the ship. You will then see exactly what facilities it offers.

Have you ever experienced the Disney Cruise Rainforest Room? Was it worth it?


Epcot Thrill Rides


Are there really any Epcot thrill rides? Epcot does have a couple of rides for thrill-seekers out there!

Epcot Thrill Rides


Whilst Disney’s Epcot does not have any traditional roller coasters, it does have some very innovative rides which will entertain all the family. Some of the Epcot rides may even get the adrenaline seekers out there interested.

All of the Epcot Thrill Rides is located in Future World. There are no thrill rides in World Showcase where the Epcot Countries are located.

Epcot Test Track

Epcot - High Speed Exit

Photo Credit

Epcot Test Track is a very popular Disney World ride – and rightly so! The idea is that guests board a ‘Test’ Car to be put through its paces on a track.

It goes through various tests including, heat, braking and of course the most fun one, speed.

What everyone is really waiting for is the outdoor High-Speed Test. Here Test Track has speeds reaching 65 miles per hour around a 50-degree banked curve.

Epcot Test Track is a ride which is suitable for all ages. However, it does have a 40-inch height requirement.

Here is a video of Epcot Test Track to show you what it is like.

If you want to cut down time spent waiting in line make sure that you get a Fast Pass for Test Track. There is also a Single Rider Line.

For more details go to Epcot Test Track

Epcot Mission Space

Mission Space: Empty Queue

Photo Credit
It may put you off a little to know that Epcot Mission Space was the first ride, and is the only Disney ride anywhere in the World to offer vomit bags as a convenience for its riders!

However, this really shouldn’t put you off from trying this very unique experience.

Epcot Mission Space is a very sophisticated motion simulator ride which shows Epcot guests what an astronaut may experience on a journey to Mars.

There are 4 riders in each vehicle and everyone is assigned their own role. You are either a Commander, Navigator, Pilot or Engineer.

Don’t worry about what any of this means. All you need to do is push buttons at a certain time according to your role.

It’s a lot of fun, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t do it. You will still get back to Earth unscathed!

The Mission Space ride vehicle is very small. If you are prone to motion sickness or claustrophobia this is a ride where you really should observe the warnings.

Riders experience up to 2.5 G Force. However, that is the fun of it for most people.


Here is a video of the Epcot Mission Space ride. You may want to watch this before you experience it. It doesn’t give you the sense of just how small that ride vehicle is though. If you have any doubt that you will be OK in a small space, don’t ride!

Epcot Mission Space is a highly intense and very unique ride. It is certainly one of the most thrilling Epcot rides and indeed one of the most adrenaline-inducing of all Disney World rides.

But be warned. For many, it is a little too much.

Disney opened a second non-motion version of the ride. This is also a lot of fun and does not have the G Force of the main attraction so is suitable for more people. Many pick this option as they do not want the G Force experience.

However, it is still in an enclosed space so be aware. If you don’t like small spaces, just avoid it.

Epcot Soarin’ Around The World


Photo Credit
Soarin’ Around the World is an identical version of it’s West Coast Disneyland cousin. Disneyland was the first, but Disney World soon got its own version.

Disney Soarin is a very innovative Epcot ride. White knuckle it most certainly is not, but it can be described as a ‘thrill ride’.

This 4 minutes 51-second simulated flight ride takes guests over the amazing sights of The Egyptian Pyramids, The Taj Mahal, The Great Wall of China and many more.

You would be forgiven for thinking that the ride structure looks like a giant Erector set – for that is exactly what it is modeled after.

The Disney Imagineers had to find some way of getting people safely in front of a giant movie screen in some kind of ride vehicle which could move in a way that made them feel like flying. They certainly did a great job with Soarin’ Over The World.

You are safely strapped into your seat and then you ‘fly’ upwards into the air in front of a giant IMAX screen. There are 3 rows of seats.

As your feet dangle in the air, the best view is on row 1 as your line of vision doesn’t have someone else’s feet in it!

However, this row is also the highest so if you are at all wary on your first ride on Soarin’ then ask for row 3.

Future Epcot Thrill Rides


Epcot is experiencing a lot of changes right now. These include new thrill rides, landscaping changes, updated movies, new restaurants and even a replacement for Illuminations.

The entrance plaza has been dominated by the Leave a Legacy structure. These were always controversial and certainly dominated the entrance.

These structures are now gone and will make way for a new, greener entrance to Epcot, much like it was in the days when the park originally opened.

More exciting for the thrill-seekers is that Ellen’s Energy Adventure is now being transformed into a Guardians of the Galaxy Ride.

Epcot Guardians of the Galaxy Ride


Concept art by Marvel and Disney

This is one of the most exciting new attractions to come to Epcot in many years. When the Guardians of the Galaxy ride was first announced it was thought that it would be a makeover for Tower of Terror, just as it was in Disney’s California Adventure.

However, when it was clear that this Guardians of the Galaxy attraction would be coming to Epcot everyone realized that Disney had something very different planned.

We still don’t have too much detail, but it is thought that the old Ellen’s Energy Adventure building will be used to hold the line for the ride. An additional building will be constructed to house the attraction itself.

What we do know is that Guardians of the Galaxy ride will be a roller coaster. Much needed in Epcot, Disney has said that it will be a “one of a kind family attraction”.

They have confirmed that it will be one of the longest indoor roller coasters ever built.

We can’t wait for the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride to open in Epcot. When will that be? No date has been announced yet, but rumor has it that it will be Spring 2021.

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure in Epcot

We have more of an idea of what Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure will be as it is based off the ride in Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris.


Here you can get an idea of what the Ratatouille Adventure in Epcot will be like.

It is not exactly a thrill ride, more of a thrilling ride, but it will certainly be a welcome addition to the rides at Epcot.

Which of the Epcot thrill rides do you want to experience? Let me know in the comments below.




Disney Cruise Ship Staterooms To Avoid


When you book a Disney cruise your choice of a stateroom is one of the most important decisions that you need to make. There are so many things to do on a Disney cruise that you may not plan to spend much time in your stateroom.

However, what you must be sure of is that you are making the right choice. Which Disney cruise ship staterooms should you avoid?

disney cruise tips

Disney Cruise Staterooms To Avoid

Disney Cruise Staterooms You Need to Avoid

Disney Cruise Staterooms To Avoid

Here our guide will help you make the best choice of Disney cruise stateroom – and avoid the ones that may leave you wishing that you had stayed on dry land.

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disney cruise cabinsto avoid

Disney Cruise Stateroom Size Is Important


Disney cruises have some of the largest staterooms at sea. They are up to 25% larger than average cruise line cabins. That makes a huge difference when you compare Disney with other cruise lines.

However, not all Disney cruise staterooms are created equal. As you would expect, the general rule is that the lower the price, the smaller the stateroom.

The different stateroom categories can be split into four. On a Disney cruise, you can choose from an Inside, Outside, Verandah and Concierge stateroom. Within those categories are different choices as well.

If you pick an Inside stateroom these range from the Standard at 184 square feet up to 214 square feet for the Deluxe Inside Stateroom. Those extra square feet may make a huge difference to your family.

Always think carefully about the type of stateroom that you choose. If you want help with more detail about the different categories you can read this

If you are choosing a stateroom on the Disney Fantasy or Disney Dream here is a guide with lots of pictures and videos.

A Disney Cruise Stateroom With A View?


Usually, the least expensive staterooms on a Disney cruise are the Inside cabins. These staterooms do not have a direct view of the outside.

I say usually the least expensive. However, sometimes the Outside Staterooms are priced only slightly higher than the Inside Staterooms. So it always pays to check.

If you sail on the Disney Fantasy or the Disney Dream you will have a virtual porthole in an Inside Stateroom. The virtual porthole is a unique feature for Disney cruises.

The virtual porthole has a video feed which shows you what is happening outside the ship. If you watch carefully you may even see Mickey and his friends.

Virtual portholes are not available on the Classic Ships, the Disney Wonder and the Disney Magic. The technology simply wasn’t there when these classic Disney ships were launched. Even though they have been reimagined they did not add the virtual portholes in dry dock.

If you want a real view of the ocean you need to book either an Outside or Verandah stateroom.


One choice is an Obstructed View Outside or Verandah Stateroom. This usually means that your view will be obstructed by a lifeboat, post or panel.

The degree of obstruction varies a lot. Some you would barely notice the obstruction, but others really do block your view.

The bonus of Obstructed View Staterooms is that they are usually offered at a lower price than others in that category. You just have to weigh up how important the view is for you and balance that against the price difference.

Disney Cruise Verandah staterooms are the most popular available. The luxury of having your own balcony is much sought after and many think that it is well worth the extra cost.

To help you choose a stateroom on one of the Disney Classic Ships we have written this comprehensive guide to help you.

For Disney Wonder and Disney Magic staterooms Click Here.

You can also use a Disney Authorized Travel Agent to help you. We recommend Destinations in Florida as our trusted travel agent. All of their services are free. Click on the link below for a free quote.

Disney Cruise Vacations

Disney Cruise Alaska Staterooms


There is a lot of debate over whether a balcony stateroom is essential for a Disney Alaskan cruise. Obviously, if the cost is not important to you, then it is an easy choice. A balcony is definitely the way to go.

However, for most people, cost is an important factor. Are you going to be missing out if you do not have a balcony for an Alaskan cruise?

The best way to put it is that you will have a different cruise experience. I have found that in general, when you have an inside stateroom on a Disney cruise, you do not spend much time in your room. This is absolutely fine as there are so many things to do on the ship.

However, an Alaskan cruise is different. You have to consider that a big part of the cruise to Alaska is the scenery.

You will probably find that you want to spend a lot of your time on Deck 4 Promenade Deck so that you can take in the amazing sights. There are comfortable deck chairs there on Deck 4.

On most cruises on the Disney Wonder, you will rarely see anyone on Deck 4. However, on an Alaskan cruise, it is the preferred spot for many people. At certain times good luck getting a chair!

Many guests sail very happily in an inside stateroom on a Disney cruise. Our advice is to compare the prices of the staterooms and see just how much of a premium you are paying for a balcony. A compromise is an Outside stateroom.

Sea Sickness Anyone?

Disney Wonder Panama Canal Cruise

One of the things which don’t get talked about very often is the possibility of experiencing seasickness on a Disney cruise. It happens.

Seasickness is rare and we can thankfully say that even in hurricane conditions we have never had a problem. However, some people do.

If you are concerned about seasickness you should pick a stateroom which is midship and on a lower deck.

Other advice would be to pick an Inside Stateroom as it is closer to the middle of the ship and you will experience less motion.

However, others would say that a Balcony Stateroom would be a better choice as you could see the horizon.



Are Some Disney Cruise Staterooms Noisy?

disney cruise stateroom

Different locations on the ship are noisier than others. The quietest places on the ship tend to be at the end of the corridor and on the middle decks. Look carefully at the Disney Cruise Ship deck plans.

If you are on the highest deck under the pools you may hear music and sun loungers being moved. If you are on the lower decks you may hear the sound of the anchor being lowered when the ship gets into port.

Staterooms near the elevators get more foot traffic with people passing to get to their cabins. You may want to avoid a stateroom directly opposite the laundry as well.

Always look at the Disney cruise ship deck plans to see what is above and below your stateroom.

This may be another reason to avoid Deck 1. Some people report that they would not choose this deck again as they could hear a lot of mechanical noise, particularly during docking.

Of course the lower you are on the ship the closer you are to the engines and you may hear noise from that or the machinery for putting down the anchor.

I have sailed on many different locations on the Disney ships. I have never been particularly affected by noise in any part of the Disney ships.

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Is A Disney Cruise Guarantee Stateroom a Good Thing?

Disney Cruise Military Discount

A Disney Cruise Guarantee stateroom has advantages and disadvantages. By booking a category guarantee you are saying that you will accept any stateroom either at the level you have booked or above.

For example, if you book an Outside Guarantee Stateroom you are booking a minimum of an Outside Cabin. You can’t be downgraded to an Inside, but there is a remote chance you will be upgraded to a Verandah.

However, the possibility of an upgrade is just that – a possibility. It does happen, but it is rare.

Never book a Guaranteed Stateroom thinking that you have a chance of an upgrade. It really is unlikely.

Always make sure that you are happy with the category that you have booked. That free Disney cruise stateroom upgrade will probably not happen.

The advantage of a Guarantee is the price. Usually, you will get a lower price on a Guarantee that you would for a specified stateroom.

The disadvantage is that you will not know which stateroom you will be allocated until very shortly before you set sail on your Disney Cruise.


For some people this is fine. However, for those who want a stateroom in a particular location they need to book a specific stateroom so that they can be sure of getting what they want.

However, I think that if you are prepared to take a bit of a chance then a Disney Cruise Guaranteed Stateroom is a great option. I have booked them a number of times after being tempted by the great rate.

One other thing you need to know about Guaranteed Staterooms on the Disney Ships is that if you book more than one stateroom they may not be located together. I have done this and had rooms allocated close by and others where we were on different decks.

Disney cruise lines always do what it can to keep guests on the same reservation close by. However, it is not guaranteed. If you want staterooms next to or opposite each other you must book specific staterooms and not a guarantee.

Disney Cruise Stateroom Location, Location, Location


Is it important that you are close to the restaurants, the pool or the buffet? For some, this really doesn’t matter, but other guests really like to be close to certain places on the ship.

The most popular location is to be close to the pools. Others may want to be lower on the ship so that they are closer to the shops and entertainment.

The Disney Wonder and the Magic are much smaller ships than the Fantasy and the Dream. Location doesn’t matter quite as much on the classic ships as things are not placed so far apart.

I personally would avoid staterooms on Deck 1 of the Disney Wonder and Magic. Deck 1 has Inside Staterooms and Outside staterooms. However, Outside staterooms have two small porthole windows. We think this restricts the view quite a lot compared to the outside staterooms with one porthole.

However, Deck 1 staterooms on the Classic Disney Ships do not have access to the aft elevators. Therefore it can be a little more challenging navigating around this ship.

If this slight inconvenience is not a problem then it can be a good choice if the price is a consideration.

Disney Cruise Stateroom Starboard or Port Side?


Should you book a Disney cruise stateroom on the port or starboard side of the ship? As we are talking about the best views here it really doesn’t make any difference which side of the ship you are in if you have an inside stateroom. However, if you have a stateroom with a view it can make a difference.

If you are sailing to Castaway Cay we prefer staterooms on the starboard side. This is because you get the best views of Castaway Cay when you are arriving in the morning.

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Disney Cruise Connecting Staterooms


If you need a connecting stateroom on a Disney cruise then there are plenty available. Particularly on the Disney Dream and the Fantasy. These can give you a convenient set up if you have children but still want separate space.

If you have balcony connecting staterooms you can have a very large balcony as the partition can be pulled back.

However, if you are just having one stateroom we would suggest avoiding a connecting stateroom. Depending upon who your neighbors are you can sometimes hear them. A lot.

Which Disney cruise stateroom do you prefer? Do you have a favorite location?

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What Not To Do in Your Disney Cruise Stateroom



Disney Cruise Vancouver to San Diego

disney wonder vancouver to san diego

Are you thinking about booking a Disney Cruise from Vancouver to San Diego? Every year the Disney Wonder needs to re-position from the Vancouver to the west coast of San Diego California when she has finished sailing her Alaskan itineraries for the summer.

A great opportunity to sail on the Disney Wonder is to sail from Vancouver to San Diego in the Fall or back again in the Spring.

disney wonder vancouver to san diego

Disney Cruise Vancouver to San Diego

Disney Cruise Vancouver to San Diego


The Disney Wonder sails from Vancouver to San Diego on September 30, 2019, and on September 14, 2020.

Here is the itinerary:

Day 1 Vancouver

Day 2 Victoria

Day 3 At Sea

Day 4 At Sea

Day 5 San Diego

The great thing about this Disney Cruise Vancouver to San Diego itinerary is that it is unique. It has 2 days at sea and just one port stop in Victoria.


You have to think about whether or not this is the Disney cruise for you. The huge advantage is that it is a repositioning cruise, so these are usually a great value on a per night basis.

The disadvantage is that you start in one port and end in another. This means that unless you live in or close to San Diego or Vancouver, your flight or ground travel expenses may add too much into the mix.

These Disney cruise line re-positioning cruises are really for the more flexible traveler. Most people prefer returning to the same port that they sailed out of.

However, if you do have flexibility then the Disney Cruise Vancouver to San Diego itinerary offers a great value. For us, two days at sea on a 5-day cruise is ideal.

The more time spent on the Disney Wonder the better. However, if you are looking for a port-intensive Disney cruise this may not be the option for you.

Why Sail on the Disney Wonder?


We have to confess that we have a soft spot for the Disney Wonder. It was the first Disney ship that we sailed on and it holds a very special place in our heart.

Of course, it is easy to say that the newer, bigger Disney Fantasy and Dream are better ships.

However, although we love all the Disney ships we think that the Disney Wonder has the best crew. Disagree with us if you like, but for us, the Disney Wonder is always like coming home. There are so many Cast Members who have sailed with her for years and who we look forward to seeing when we sail again.

Bigger doesn’t always equal better. We love Disney Fantasy and Dream as well, but given the choice, the Disney Wonder usually wins for us.

Do you want to sail on a Disney Cruise Vancouver to San Diego? Leave us a comment below and we will answer any questions that you have.