Top 10 Indulgent Things to do on a Disney Cruise


Sailing on a Disney cruise is a great way to take some time for yourself and recharge your batteries. Modern life is full of stresses so what better way than to escape and lose yourself in a Disney cruise?



One of our Disney cruise tips is to make sure that you spend some time really enjoying some things which will make you feel truly pampered and special. A Disney cruise is the vacation of a lifetime and you deserve to make the most of it!

Fancy The Fantasy

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What are the most indulgent things that you can do on a Disney cruise? Here is our guide to our favorite things to do to make you feel relaxed and pampered.

Some things do cost extra, but most are included in the basic cost of your cruise. So treat yourself and indulge on a Disney cruise!

Get a Pass for The Rainforest Room


Strictly for the grown ups, this is one that you don’t want to miss if you want some rest and relaxation. All of the Disney cruise ships have a Rainforest Room in the Spa. The ones on the Disney Fantasy and the Dream are extra special, but the Rainforest Room on the Wonder and the Magic are still worth the splurge.

So what is the Rainforest Room? It is a very special and exclusive area of the Disney cruise spa. On all the Disney cruise ships it offers hot stone beds, showers, saunas and hot steam rooms. A perfect place just to chill out and relax.


The Disney Fantasy and the Dream have one very special addition. Hot tubs which overlook the ocean. The Rainforest Room is located right at the back of the ship. It has huge windows overlooking the ocean. You can sit back in the hot tubs and just contemplate the view.

You can book a Day Pass for the spa. This is only available before you board the ship via your online Gifts purchases. Not the easiest way to purchase as you have to fax your request. The cost for the Rainforest on all of the Disney ships is $16 for a day pass per person per day. You can purchase as many as you want.

The best way to enjoy the Rainforest is to get a length of cruise pass. These are limited to a certain number on each cruise. Disney does not let you know how many they sell, but it is limited. We recommend that if you want a length of cruise pass you go to the spa on the first day that you board the ship.

You can purchase a single or a couples pass. Here are the prices for the Disney Rainforest Room.

Single Pass:

3-Day Singles Pass – $69
4-Day Singles Pass – $101
7-Day Singles Pass – $ 144

Couples Pass:

3-Day Couples Pass – $102
4-Day Couples Pass – $144
7-Day Couples Pass – $ 193

As you will see, the couples pass is much cheaper than buying two singles. You do have to buy a Rainforest Pass for the length of the cruise. If you are on a 7 day cruise, you can’t just buy the 4 day pass.

Some time in the Rainforest Room is also available with many of the spa treatments. Check at the desk as to whether your treatment is included. If it is, make sure that you enjoy the maximum time you can here. It is more than worth it.

Here is our Guide To The Rainforest Room

Watch The Sunset

Magic Sunset

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How often do we really take the time to enjoy the moment? The Disney cruise is an amazing opportunity to sit back and enjoy something which happens every day, but which most of us miss all the time. The sunset. It costs nothing to just take some time and find a great place on the ship to enjoy watching the sun go down.

Sometimes the best things in life are free and this is one of them.

One of the best places to enjoy the sunset is your verandah stateroom. Sipping on a cocktail sitting in your own private space really is one of the best ways to experience the sunset.

However, not everyone has a verandah and there are plenty of other places on the Disney ship to enjoy the experience. Go up on the pool deck to the back of the ship and just enjoy the view. Or walk around the Promenade Deck and watch the sun go down. There are so many places to enjoy this very special experience.

Be Like a Kid Again


In the words of Walt Disney, “Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional.” A Disney cruise really is a great chance to take a step back from the stresses of modern life and recapture your childhood – even if it is only for a while.

This is going to mean different things to all of us. Want to meet a Princess, learn to draw Mickey, dance in the corridors or eat a huge dessert. If you want to ride the Disney AquaDuck ten times in a row, go ahead!

Step out of your adult comfort zone and remember what it was like not to have a care in the world. It may sound cliché, but Disney cruise fans know it is possible!

Enjoy Room Service

Disney Cruise

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We sailed on a number of Disney cruises before I truly got the incredible benefits of room service. Not sure why, but maybe we were used to the usual hotel experience where it costs a fortune and usually serves bad food.

The good news on the Disney cruise? Room service is free! You can order breakfast in bed if you want. Or have a snack in the middle of the day. There really isn’t anything like just calling Disney cruise room service and enjoying the food in your room.

One of the best experiences we have ever had is ordering room service breakfast on the Disney Wonder and enjoying it on our balcony sailing through the Panama Canal. Not something any of us will ever forget.

Remember that there are certain things which are not included on the Disney Cruise Room Service Menu, but which are available. The ever popular Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar is always available from Room Service.

Ask for the Cake of the Day which is on the menu, but the secret items are Dessert of the Day and Pie of the Day. We know that there is more than enough food on the Disney cruise, but you have to order Room Service at least once!

Check out our complete guide to Disney Room Service by clicking the link below:

Disney Cruise Room Service Menu

Indulge at Remy

We know. You have already paid for everything you can possibly eat on a Disney cruise. It’s all good. The buffet and the rotational dining restaurants are fabulous and you are not going to go hungry. But you really should still go to Remy.

Remy is the premier adults only dining restaurant on the Disney Fantasy and the Disney Dream. It is some of the best food you will ever experience. Anywhere. It is an extra charge and it is pricey. However, if you want to really enjoy gourmet dining at it’s best you cannot go wrong with Remy. It’s a fraction of the price that you would pay on land for a similar experience.

There are a number of different experiences which you can enjoy at Remy. We prefer the Remy Champagne Brunch which is offered at $60 per person with an additional $30 each for the champagne pairing.

On land there is no way we would pay such a price for a brunch or even dinner, but Remy is truly exceptional. You have to experience it at least once in a lifetime!

If you want to enjoy the ultimate Disney cruise experience, the Remy Dinner has to be it. At $95 per person it is not cheap, but it will most likely surpass any dining experience you have ever had for that price. You could skip the wine pairing which adds another $105 per person.

Yes, Remy is a considerable extra cost. However, we think it is worth it.

Book a Meal at Palo

All of the Disney cruise ships have a Palo restaurant. It could be considered as the slightly lesser substitute for Remy, but we really do not think that this is very fair. Palo is an excellent restaurant and it offers a really good value. Great food and a very reasonable extra charge on Disney cruises.

We are huge fans of the Palo Brunch. We enjoy the rotational dining restaurants so much that it is sometimes difficult to make the choice to skip a restaurant in the evening and commit to something that we are going to have to pay extra for. We really think that the Palo Brunch is the way to go.

Palo Brunch Dessert

Palo Brunch is available on all of the Disney Cruise Ships for $30. The Palo dinner is the same cost, but we still prefer the Palo Brunch. Probably the biggest reason for this is because we don’t like missing the rotational dining for the Palo dinner.

We admit that we kind of think why spend extra money for Palo dinner when we like the rotational dining so much? We would rather save the money for other indulgences.

See in our Disney Palo Brunch Review why we think this is the perfect Disney cruise indulgence.

Serenity Bay on Disney’s Castaway Cay is Paradise


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Disney cruise lines does things differently to other cruise lines. Some others may have a private island, but only Disney has the perfect paradise island of Castaway Cay.

A visit to Castaway Cay is always a highlight of a Disney cruise. If you get the chance and you are sailing without kids (or they are in the kids clubs) you really should go to the adult only beach, Serenity Bay.

This private paradise is strictly for the over 18s only. Whilst the Family Beach is a lot of fun on Castaway Cay, the place to really relax and get some quiet time is Serenity Bay.

Want to know more about Disney’s private island – here is our Complete Guide To Castaway Cay.

Relax in Cove Cafe


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Cove Cafe, or the Outlook Cafe on the Disney Wonder, is a great place just to spend some indulgent time doing nothing in particular. Enjoy a specialty coffee or a cocktail. Have a great conversation or read a book. Simply spend some time doing not very much at all.

It is often the moments when we just sit back and have nothing in particular to do, that are the most memorable on the Disney cruise. Take some time for yourself.

Get Ready for the Amazing Shows on Disney Cruises

If there is one thing that Disney knows how to do, it is put on a show. On all of the Disney cruise ships you will find Broadway quality shows.

You would pay hundreds of dollars on dry land to go and see shows of such a high standard, but on a Disney cruise you can indulge as much as you want.

Lounge Around the Quiet Cove Pool


The Disney Quiet Cove pooll offers a quiet haven away from the kids. You can take a dip in the pool or just take in some sun and relax on the pool loungers. It is a great place to meet new friends, enjoy some solitude, or just take a dip in the pool.

On the Disney Fantasy another great area of the adults only space is Satellite Falls. This is an unusual circular water feature with a cascading fountain. It is just a wading pool, but it is great to put your feet in the water and cool off. It is very rarely crowded so you will get some time to yourself.

What Disney cruise tips do you have? We would love to hear from you. Just leave us a comment below.

Top 10 Things to do on a Disney Cruise for Adults


disney cruise for adults

Is a Disney cruise for adults? When you think of a Disney cruise you may first think about how much there is to do on board for children. However, what you may not realize is just how many activities and things to do there are for adults on a Disney Cruise.

Whether you want to sit back and relax, watch an amazing show, or discover some of the fun activities on board there is always something for the adults to do on a Disney cruise.

Top 10 Things To Do On ADisney Cruise For Adults
benefits of a disney cruise

We think that a Disney Cruise for Adults is an excellent choice!

Disney Cruise for Adults Exclusive Dining

Rose e Mimosas

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All of the Disney ships have restaurants which are exclusively for the grown ups. The rotational dining restaurants on the Disney ships are always a great option, but if you want to have a very special meal which is just for the adults, there are some great options.

The Disney Wonder, Magic, Dream and Fantasy all have the Palo adult only restaurants. Only the over 18s are allowed in the Palo dining room. This beautiful restaurant serving Italian style cuisine is located on Deck 10 of the Wonder and Magic, and Deck 12 of the Fantasy and the Dream.

Dinner, brunch and high tea is offered here. My particular favorite is the champagne buffet branch. There is a very good selection of cold buffet items and you can also order hot entrees cooked to order.

The charge for Palo is $30 per person for brunch and dinner. A wine pairing is available for the Palo dinner which is an additional $59. This takes the cost of a Palo dinner with wine pairings to $89 per person.

You can read our Disney Fantasy Palo Brunch Review

Appetizer at Remy's

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The Disney Fantasy and the Disney Dream also have the Remy restaurant available for adults. This is widely recognized as one of the finest dining experiences at sea. The cuisine at Remy is French inspired. The setting and decoration is just beautiful. The Art Nouveau inspired interior is the perfect place for a romantic meal.

There are various options for dining at Remy. We think that the best option is the Remy Champagne Brunch which is offered at $60 per person with Champagne pairings available for an additional $30.

The Remy dinner is charged at $95 per person. A wine pairing is $105 extra. We know this takes it up to $200 per person, but this really is one of those once in a lifetime things that you have to do.

Remy also offers a Dessert Experience for $55 each, with wine pairings for $25. The final option is the Petites Assiettes de Remy for $50 which includes a wine pairing with each course.

The Disney Cruise Senses or Vista Spa

A Disney Cruise for Adults has excellent spa facilities. You will find a complete selection of spa services on board every Disney cruise. For the Disney Wonder and Magic it is the Vista Spa, and for the Disney Fantasy and Dream it is the Senses Spa.

The Spa offers massages, skin treatments, aromatherapy, pedicures, manicures and hair styling.


All of the Disney ships have the option to get a day pass for the Rainforest Room. This is an experience which we highly recommend, particularly on the Disney Dream and Fantasy. Here you will be able to relax and enjoy the sauna, steam rooms and showers.

You can sit back and relax on one of the hot stone loungers. On the Disney Fantasy and Dream there are two large jacuzzis which look out over the back of the ship. It’s a great place to spend some time relaxing.

Serenity Beach Castaway Cay

Under The Umbrella At Serenity Bay

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Many of the Disney cruises have a port stop at Disney’s private island Castaway Cay. Many guests say that this is one of the top highlights of their Disney cruise. If you want some quiet time away from the kids then head to the adult only Serenity Beach. This is a remarkably quiet haven which is a short tram ride away from the family beach. There is a bar and buffet available and plenty of loungers so you can soak up the sun.

A visit to Castaway Cay is one of the highlights of a Disney Cruise for Adults.

For the absolute ultimate in luxury why not treat yourself to a Cabana Massage on Castaway Cay? Rates start at $147 for a 50 minute massage.

Here is our Ultimate Guide to Disney Castaway Cay

The Disney Quiet Cove Pool

There is a place where you can hide away from all the kids on board a Disney cruise – the Quiet Cove Pool. Whilst some cruise lines I have experienced have not been that great at truly providing a pool area just for the adults, Disney really does keep this space clear of the younger ones.

A Quiet Night at Quiet Cove

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Perhaps it is because there is so much for the children to do on a Disney cruise they really don’t want to venture where the adults hang out!

Be Like a Kid!

A Fantastical Morning in Jamaica

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For anyone who knows Disney World and Disney cruises well you know that part of the appeal is being able to get in touch with your childlike side! Disney gives you the chance to recapture your youth (no not with the treatments in the spa) by letting you act like a big kid if that is what you want to do.

You can get up close and personal with Mickey Mouse, a Disney Princess or even Jack Sparrow. Ride the Aqua Duck on the Disney Fantasy or Dream. Take part in one of the great family activities, or practice to be the next American Idol in karaoke.

This really is an amazing chance to rediscover your inner child – in a good way! Yes you are enjoying a Disney Cruise for Adults. However, that doesn’t mean that you always have to act like a grown up! A Disney Cruise is the place to find that childhood spirit again.

Be Active on a Disney Cruise for Adults

All of the Disney cruise ships have a great fitness facility which are for the over 18s only. Each ship has a large gym with plenty of cardio and weight machines. There is also a good selection of classes particularly for early morning yoga or pilates so that you can start the day off well.

The gym on the Disney Wonder and Magic is not that big, but it doesn’t tend to get that crowded. If you want some help with your fitness regime then there are Personal Trainers available for a fee.

Another great feature of the Disney ships is the jogging track. This is a great opportunity to keep or even start your fitness program.

Disney Cruise Adult Enrichment Classes

The most popular of these are The Art of Entertaining and Stem to Stem Wine Tasting. Every day there are different classes which are adults, most of which do have a small charge of around $15 per person. The Art of Entertaining features a Disney chef preparing a dish from one of the Walt Disney World resorts or Disney cruises. There are also plenty of wine tasting, tequila and martini tasting classes on board.

Walt Disney World Entertainment

The shows in the Walt Disney Theatre are the best at sea. Disney certainly knows how to put on a show. There are some shows just for adults late at night. However, the over 18s will most definitely enjoy the Disney classic shows such at The Golden Mickeys,Tangled:The Musical, and Disney’s Aladdin – A Musical Spectacular.

The Buena Vista Theatre shows movies throughout the day. From movie premiers to Disney classics there is something which will appeal to all ages.

The Cove Cafe

This is another quiet haven for grown ups on the Disney ships. It is located on Deck 9 on the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder, and on Deck 11 on the Disney Fantasy and Dream. Here you can relax in the comfortable chairs, read one of the magazines, enjoy a quiet conversation, and enjoy a drink from the menu of specialty coffee, tea, wines, and snacks. The Cove Cafe is one of my favorite places on the Disney ships as it just has a very relaxing atmosphere where you can truly get away from it all!

Disney Cruise Entertainment Districts

687 Sports bar

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Each Disney ship has an entire deck devoted to adult bars and lounges. In the day time this area is sometimes used for family activities, but after 9pm this is off limits to all but the over 18s.

On Disney Wonder and the Magic the area is After Hours,on the Fantasy it is The District.

There are bars and lounges to suit every mood and taste. As you would expect from Disney each space has it’s own theme and ambience.

There are so many things to keep the adults happy on a Disney cruise. The kids are not the only ones who will be asking when their next cruise is!

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Disney Fantasy Aquaduck



The Disney Fantasy Aquaduck is one of the best features of this fabulous cruise ship. The Disney Fantasy and the Disney Dream are the only cruise ships at sea to feature a water coaster.

The Aquaduck made its debut on the Disney Dream in January 2011 and the Disney Fantasy in February 2012.The original concept was the idea of Disney Imagineers Joe Lanzisero and Bruce Vaughn.

Photo by Scott Smith


This is a great video of the Disney Fantasy Aquaduck which gives you an idea of just what it is like to experience it.

The entrance to the Aquaduck is on Deck 12. Guests climb the stairs to Deck 16 which has the launch platform for the ride.


Lines for the Aquaduck can be long. Very long. A lot of the line is not in the shade so be aware that if you are in the hot sun you really should be wearing sun screen.There are 69 steps up from Deck 12. Often it is a slow climb!

Once you reach the top you will wait until called by the Cast Member and then approach the raft. We have tried many times and there really is no elegant way to get into the raft. They are built so that either two or one person can ride at a time. The best technique to get into the Aquaduck raft is to turn around and sit in it!

To ride the Disney Aquaduck you have to be at least 42″ tall. If you want to ride alone you have to be 54″. If children under 7 meet the height requirement,they have to ride with someone 14 and over.

The first part of the Aquaduck takes you over the water. The see through tube is positioned 12 feet out over the side of the ship and 150 above the water.


It all happens so quickly you aren’t particularly aware that you are above the ocean in a tube! You are traveling at 20 feet per second so you don’t get much of a chance to think about it. The raft is propelled by 10,000 gallons of water per minute.

7 Things Not to Forget on a Disney Cruise
Aquaduck (4)

The rafts are at least 30 seconds apart to make sure that there are no collisions! There is a life guard at the top controlling the launch and one at the bottom to help you off the ride.

The whole Aquaduck ride is 765 feet long. From the time that your raft starts to the end of the ride is around 45 seconds. We have been on the Aquaduck many times and we think there is a slight difference in speed depending upon who you have in the raft. If you want to go slightly faster, pick a lighter companion to travel with!

Around two-thirds of the Fantasy Aquaduck is in the transparent tube, but some of it is enclosed. If you suffer from claustrophobia this is probably an attraction to avoid. One of the portions, towards the end of the Aquaduck, is reminiscent of the lights in Space Mountain. This is one of the best parts of the ride. The only problem is that you know that you are near the end when you reach that point.

At the end of the ride the splash is pretty mild as you have slowed down quite a bit by then. They is usually a Disney Cast Member to help you out of the raft. Again, it’s not that dignified, but just do your best.

The Dead of Night on Deck 11

The Aquaduck is good to ride in the day, but you also have to ride it at night. The lights come on after dark and it is a very different experience. If you ride the Aquaduck after the sun goes down it also means that you do not have to wait in line in the hot sun. The Aquaduck usually closes around 10pm.

What are the best times to ride the Disney Fantasy Aquaduck? One of the best times is as soon as you board the Disney Fantasy or the Dream. Most people are not organized enough to have packed their swim suit in their carry on luggage. If you are prepared you can have several rides on the Aquaduck before most guests have even finished their buffet lunch!

The busiest times to ride the Disney Fantasy Aquaduck are on Days at Sea. The quieter times are whenever the ship is docked in Castaway Cay, and around 6.30pm when other guests are either at dinner or viewing a show.

The Water Cannon

The Aquaduck really is an amazing attraction on the Disney Fantasy and Dream. You should try it at least once – and they you will most likely be hooked!

Will you be experiencing the Disney Fantasy Aquaduck on your next cruise?

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Disney Cruise Double Dip 2018


Are you looking for a Disney Cruise Double Dip for 2018? OR are you even wondering what on earth a Disney Double Dip cruise is?


For those who have already taken a Disney cruise we know that a highlight is to visit Disney’s private island Castaway Cay. Usually if a Disney Cruise sails to Castaway Cay it does so only one per sailing. A Disney Cruise Double Dip is when a Disney Cruise has a port stop at Castaway Cay twice in one sailing.

There are limited Disney Cruise Double Dip cruises in 2018. The Double Dip to Castaway Cay cruises are very popular. If you want to book a Double Dip Cruise and get the best price and your choice of staterooms, do it as soon as you can.

Disney Cruise Double Dip 2018

Disney's Human Element - Chase the Oasis

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When are the Disney Cruise Double Dip dates for 2018? All of the 4 and 5 night Double Dip Cruises are on the Disney Dream. Most of the Double Dip Cruises are in June and July 2018, but there is also one in November and an exciting addition on the New Year’s Eve Disney Dream Cruise for 2018.

Here are the Disney Cruise Double Dip Cruises for 2018:

June 6 – 4-Night Bahamian Cruise from Port Canaveral
June 20 – 4-Night Bahamian Cruise from Port Canaveral
July 4 – 4-Night Bahamian Cruise from Port Canaveral
June 1 – 5-Night Bahamian Cruise from Port Canaveral
June 10 – 5-Night Bahamian Cruise from Port Canaveral
June 15 – 5-Night Bahamian Cruise from Port Canaveral
June 24 – 5-Night Bahamian Cruise from Port Canaveral
June 29 – 5-Night Bahamian Cruise from Port Canaveral
July 8 – 5-Night Bahamian Cruise from Port Canaveral
November 19 – 4-Night Bahamian Cruise from Port Canaveral
December 31 – 4-Night Bahamian Cruise from Port Canaveral

We think that Castaway Cay is the ideal Disney cruise port. Once is a treat and twice would just be luxury. The ideal would have to be the New Year’s Eve Castaway Cay Double Dip cruise.

Disney Dream Cruise - Castaway Cay

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You can do as much or as little as you want on Disney Castaway Cay. You can sit on the beach all day or run the very popular 5K. There are so many Disney Castaway Cay Activities to choose from you certainly won’t be short of choices on what to do. However, Castaway Cay is a place where you really can relax and just enjoy the perfect beach and ocean.

If you want to know more about Castaway Cay check out our complete guide:

Disney Castaway Cay

We always suggest you book with a Disney Authorized Travel Agent. Their services are FREE and you may get a discount. Click below for a free quote:

Disney Cruise on Your Horizon? Get a Free Quote Now!

Disney Cruise Placeholder


What is a Disney Cruise Placeholder? It is one of the best ways of saving money on a Disney cruise! Here we show you how you can use a Disney cruise placeholder booking to save money on your next Disney cruise.

What is a Disney Cruise Placeholder?

A Disney Cruise Placeholder is sometimes known as a Disney Cruise dummy booking. This way of booking is only available to you when you are actually sailing on a Disney cruise. There is no other way to book a Placeholder. You have to be on board a Disney ship.

If you book onboard a Disney cruise and book specific dates you can also get the discounts and perks. If you know when you are going to sail with Disney cruises again and you know exactly when it is a good idea to book the exact sailing that you want. The reason for this is that Disney cruise prices usually go up and not down. Booking earlier usually gives you the best price and also lets you have a better choice of staterooms available.


However, if you do not know which dates you want to book a Placeholder Disney cruise booking is something that you really need to think about.

If you book a Disney Cruise Placeholder or book the actual dates. you will get a 10% discount on the current rate of the cruise. This is obviously a big saving which can easily run into hundreds of dollars.

If you book a Placeholder you will get a reference number to prove that you have paid your deposit.

You will also get an Onboard Credit. You will get a $200 OBC if you book 7 nights or more, and $100 OBC for 3 to 6 nights. You cannot use a Placeholder for a 2 or 3 night Disney Cruise. This OBC is per stateroom.

The Placeholder also has the advantage of a reduced deposit. You pay only $250 for a deposit. Usually the Disney Cruise deposit is 20% of the total cost. Therefore this is a big saving on the amount that you have to put down for a deposit.

The snag with a Disney Cruise Placeholder? It can only be booked when you are on board a Disney cruise. It is easy though. You do not even have to visit the Future Travel desk if you do not want to. You can just complete the Placeholder Form which is readily available on board and authorize the deposit to come from your on board account. You then just post the form in the Future Travel Desk Mail Box at the desk.


As you can imagine the Future Cruise Desk gets busy on Disney Cruises. If you want to actually talk to the Cast Member at the desk and not have to wait in line too long, go as close to the beginning of the cruise as you can. The last day is the absolute worst as everyone is trying to book another cruise as they realize this one is nearly over!

Obviously, this is not a discount which first time Disney cruisers can get. There are other ways that everyone can get discounts on a Disney cruise.

See our guide at How To Save Money on a Disney Cruise for more ideas.

Disney Cruise Placeholder FAQ

The Disney Cruise Placeholder is valid for 2 years from the date that you booked. So you have a good amount of time to decide on which Disney cruise that you would like to sail on next.

This really is a no risk way to get a discount on a Disney cruise. Of course you have to pay a $250 upfront deposit, but if you change your mind within the 2 year window you get all your money back.

There are some block out dates which cannot be used for the Placeholder 10% discount. You will still get the Onboard Credit and reduced deposit, but you will not get the Disney Cruise discount.

The blockout dates for all Placeholder and Onboard Disney Cruise booking discounts are:

Disney Fantasy 2018 – 3/24, 3/31, 11/17, 12/22, 12/29

Disney Dream 2018 – 3/26, 3/30, 4/2, 6/29, 7/4, 11/19, 12/24, 12/28, 12/31

Disney Wonder 2018 – 3/25, 3/29, 4/1, 4/27, 5/4, 5/11, 10/5, 11/16, 12/21, 12/27

2019 – 4/12, 4/19

Disney Magic 2018 – 3/28, 4/1, 12/23, 12/28

You can still use a Placeholder for these but it is much less valuable as you forfeit the 10% discount.

You can make 2 Disney Cruise Place bookings per stateroom. This is in contrast to booking a specific date onboard a Disney cruise. Then you can only book one cruise per household.

A Disney Cruise Placeholder cannot be used for Concierge staterooms or Guaranteed Stateroom bookings.


When you book a Disney Placeholder Cruise you will specify the guests who are on the booking. However, as long as the person who made the Placeholder booking is in the finally booked stateroom, then you will still keep your discounts and on board credit.

A Placeholder is not transferable to anyone else. There person who booked the Placeholder has to be on the final booking.

If you want to use a Travel Agent with a Disney Cruise Placeholder then you can request this on your booking when you are onboard. If you have already used a Travel agent you can request that the same one is linked to your Placeholder. If you have not specified a Travel Agent you can do so up to 30 days after you have booked your Placeholder.


We recommend Destinations in Florida as our trusted travel agent. All of their services are free. They are Disney authorized travel agents and know what they are talking about. Click on the link below for a free quote.

Disney Cruise Vacations

The Disney Cruise Placeholder is one of the easiest ways to save money on a Disney cruise. You don’t need to decide which cruise that you want to book yet. You have a whole 24 months to book and sail. The savings are considerable and that Onboard Credit will help in paying for gratuities, activities or anything else that you want to purchase on board your next Disney cruise. If you are sailing on a Disney cruise and love it you have to book a Placeholder!

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Disney Fantasy Oceanview Stateroom – Is It A Good Choice?


Are you wondering whether to book a Disney Fantasy Oceanview Stateroom? We think that this is one of the best choices on the Disney Fantasy.

There are two different types of Disney Fantasy Oceanview Stateroom . The staterooms are also identical on her sister ship the Disney Dream.


The Deluxe Disney Fantasy Oceanview Stateroom Stateroom

The Oceanview Stateroom is the same square footage as a Deluxe Inside Stateroom at 204 square feet. However, it does seem larger because of the window which of course allows you to look outside. Each of these staterooms sleeps either 3 or 4 guests.

There is a Queen bed and a single sleeper sofa. Some of the staterooms also have a pull down berth which enables the stateroom to sleep 4 guests.

The window in a Disney Fantasy Oceanview Stateroom can either be one or two portholes. We prefer the one window as it is large enough to sit inside. Well, it is unless you are particularly tall!

Some of the porthole windows are obstructed. Some are more obstructed than others, but usually you will have a view of a large part of a lifeboat out of your window if you pick one of these.

There are a number of decks to choose from. The Oceanview staterooms are located on Decks 2,5,6,7 and 8.

Disney Fantasy Deluxe Family Oceanview Stateroom

Disney Fantasy Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom

If you want some extra space the extra room in the Deluxe Disney Fantasy Oceanview Stateroom is well worth it. At 241 square feet the stateroom is a decent size. The other great feature about this stateroom is that some sleep up to 5 guests. This is great if you have a larger family and do not want to have two staterooms.

The Deluxe Family Oceanview Staterooms are on decks 5,6,7,8 and 9. Most have one large porthole window. Some on Decks 5 and 6 have 2 large portholes. We really prefer the single window, but the ones with two are in a lower category so will usually be cheaper.

DIsney Oceanview Stateroom

The Deluxe Oceanview Staterooms have the same configuration and features as the standard Oceanview Stateroom. Each stateroom has a Queen bed with luxury Frette linens. The beds are some of the most comfotable that we have ever experienced on sea or land.

There is a nice seating area with a convertible couch next to the window. There is a desk with a good amount of storage and wall shelving. The 22 inch television is on a swivel stand so that you can watch it from either the bed or the living area. There is also a heavy curtain which separates the living from the sleeping area.

Disney cruise stateroom storage

Storage is extremely well thought out in Disney staterooms. There is plenty of under bed storage which is useful for putting your suitcases when you have unpacked. There is a wall of wardrobe and shelving space opposite the bathroom. Usually there is a reasonable amount of hangers but we always bring extra with us. Each stateroom has a storage trunk which doubles as a table. It is useful for storing a lot of items.


The bathroom in the Standard and the Deluxe Oceanview Staterooms is the famous “split bath”. This was a first for Disney cruise lines and is a very popular feature of most Disney cruise staterooms. The toilet and a sink are in a separate room from the bath/shower and an additional sink. This makes the stateroom much more practical when guests are sharing – less competition for getting to the bathroom to get ready.

Most of the Oceanview staterooms have the very popular round bath. It is not a large bath – big enough only for a small child really. However, the design works really well.

The bath products are really nice. They are H20 Plus bath and shower products of shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and soap. The bath towels are a good quality and a decent size.

Other nice features of the room include a refrigerator, iPod dock and a safe.

If you have young children a great feature is the stars which shine above the pull down bed. They can go to sleep under a sky of twinkiling starts. Don’t worry, you can switch them off when your little one is finally asleep.

We think that the Oceanview Staterooms are one of the best options on the Disney Fantasy. You will save a considerable amount of money over the staterooms with a Verandah. Those of course are our favorite, but often the price difference means that we pick the Oceanview.

What do you think of the Disney Fantasy Oceanview Stateroom?

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Universal Cabana Bay Beach Resort Review

Universal Cabana Bay Beach Resort Review

Are you thinking of staying at Universal Cabana Bay Beach Resort? We have been lucky enough to stay here a number of times and Cabana Bay Beach Resort is one of our favorite hotels in Orlando.

Universal Cabana Bay Beach Resort has a really fun retro 50s and 60s theme. If you ever wanted to go back to nostalgic Americana you are going to love Cabana Bay Beach Resort.


There are few hotels where you arrive as a grown up and are just really excited by the theme. Cabana Bay Beach Resort puts a smile on your face from the moment that you arrive in the lobby. The theme is upbeat, fun and really well done.

Here is our video which shows the really funky room design of a Universal Cabana Bay Resort Family Suite

We think Cabana Bay is an excellent choice for those who want great features, value for money and a fun theme. It is a particularly good choice for families as the majority of the rooms are Family Suites which sleep up to six guests.

Here is our Universal Cabana Bay Beach Resort Review.

Universal Cabana Bay Beach Resort Hotel Location


You really can’t get a much better location than Cabana Bay Resort if you are visiting Universal Studios Florida.

Cabana Bay is part of the growing family of Universal Studios Resort Hotels. The other options are Lowes Portofino Bay Hotel, The Hard Rock Hotel, Loews Royal Pacific Resort and Lowes Sapphire Falls Resort. Universal Resort will add a fifth hotel in August 2018 with Universal’s Aventura Hotel.

You can walk to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure from Cabana Bay Beach Resort. However, we really wouldn’t recommend doing that when it is so easy to get on board the shuttle bus.

The shuttle buses travel at regular intervals from the front of Cabana Bay Resort. It is rare that we ever experienced more than a 5 minute wait for a bus.

The actual journey from the hotel to the parks takes about 8 minutes by the Cabana Bay Beach Resort shuttle. It’s easy and the buses are clean and the drivers are helpful and cheerful. We never had to wait long for a Cabana Bay Beach Resort shuttle either to the parks or to Volcano Bay.

cabana bay beach resort shuttle

If you walked from Universal Cabana Bay it is going to take at least 25 minutes to reach the entrance to Universal Studios Orlando or Islands of Adventure. It can also get pretty hot in Orlando and we have to confess that we would rather take the Cabana Bay shuttle bus.We suggest that you save your time and perhaps more importantly your energy for the parks!

The Cabana Bay shuttle bus stop is close to the main entrance to the security check point at Universal Orlando Resort. It is a short journey up the escalator and through the security lines. You then walk over the bridge. Turn left to Islands of Adventure or right to Universal Studios park.

Cabana Bay Beach Resort is ideally placed to visit the new Volcano Bay Water Park. There is an entrance at the back of the property – so no need for a shuttle bus. Volcano Bay is a short walk from any of the rooms in Cabana Bay. We find this a particularly convenient feature of Cabana Bay Beach Resort. It really doesn’t get any better than this.

You have to get a shuttle bus from the more expensive Portofino Bay, Hard Rock and Royal Pacific Hotels. It’s not too far on the shuttle, but it is a great feature just to be able to walk to Volcano Bay from Cabana Bay Beach Resort.

Universal Cabana Bay Beach Resort Hotel Perks


Apart from the location there are a number of additional perks which are only given to Universal Cabana Bay Resort guests.

The most valuable of these perks is being able to enter the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Universal’s Volcano Bay Water Park an hour earlier than the general public. This can make a huge difference to your Universal theme park visit.

Even though the Wizarding World of Harry Potter has been open for a while now, it is still the busiest area of the Universal parks. The main Harry Potter rides of Escape from Gringotts and The Forbidden Journey are still the most popular rides in the park. At peak times the wait times can approach 120 minutes.

If you have early entry you should be able to time it so that you can ride one of the main Wizarding World attractions at least twice. It is possible to go around three times but that is pushing it a little!

The more expensive Universal Studios hotels, the Portofino, Hard Rock and Royal Pacific all have the extra, incredibly valuable perk of a free Express Pass for everyone staying at those hotels. Unfortunately Cabana Bay doesn’t offer this. Lowes Sapphire Falls doesn’t and neither will Aventura when it opens.

However, we think that this is the only disadvantage to choosing Universal Cabana Bay over the other hotels. The Express Pass is a huge perk, but of course the hotels offering it are considerably more expensive than Cabana Bay and Sapphire Falls. It really depends upon your budget and how important the Express Pass is to you. If you are going at a slow time then Express Pass is nice, but no where near as much of a perk as if you are going at a peak time.

The other perk is that you can charge everything to your room. All restaurant and merchandise purchases at Universal Resorts can be charged on your room key. So really I am not sure how much of a perk this actually is. One large account instead of splitting it between credit cards? Not really a reason to stay at a Universal Studios Resort Hotel, but if you have the perk it is easy to use.

It’s a nice feature that you can also have purchases delivered to your room. This means that if you buy all the Harry Potter merchandise that you have had your eye on you can have it delivered to your room. However,you do sometimes have to wait until the next day for it to arrive. Not an amazing perk but nice to have.

Universal Cabana Bay Beach Resort Rooms


This is a major benefit of staying at Cabana Bay Resort. The rooms. They are some of the best designed rooms I have ever stayed in with family comfort in mind.

We all know that cramming four people into an hotel room can be a challenge. Not at Cabana Cay Resort. The Family Suites really are perfect for parents with children.

The Family Suites sleep up to 6 guests. They offer a very generous and well planned 430 square feet of space.

The bedrooms in the Cabana Bay Family Suites have 2 Queen Beds. The bathroom is a split bath with the toilet on one side, a sink in the middle and with the bathroom to the right having a bath with shower and a sink.


This really is the ideal set up for a bathroom for a family. Several people can get ready in the morning at once. This is really important when you are trying to get different members of the family out to the Universal parks early in the morning!

There is also a separate living room, kitchenette area. The living room has a full sleeper sofa. It is comfortable enough for two children to share.


An adult probably isn’t going to want to spend many nights sleeping on there, but it is pretty comfortable for a sleeper sofa.


The kitchenette area has a microwave,small sink, decent sized but small refrigerator, coffee maker and a bar with seating. You can certainly save yourself some money if you are efficient about getting some breakfast items and snacks.

The bedroom and living area are completely separated in the Cabana Bay Family Suites. It has a really good sliding door so that you can have privacy between the two areas.

There is also a really useful closet area in the bedroom. It offers a good amount of space for putting your luggage and hanging clothes. It also has a safe.


Both the living room and the bedroom have 48″ televisions. There is enough separation between the two areas that you can use both televisions at the same time if you really want to.

Universal Cabana Bay Family Suites are also available with connecting suites. If you have a really large party these are ideal.

If you book a Family Suite at Cabana Bay Beach Resort you will choose between a Tower Suite and a Courtyard Suite. The Tower Suites have internal hallways and the Courtyard Suites have external hallways. We always book the Tower Suites even though they are usually at least $10 a night more. Just not a fan of external hallways.

If you need extra space at Universal Orland Cabana Bay you can book a two bedroom suite. These are ideal for larger families or even two families sharing. The two bedroom suites offer up to 772 square feet of space and sleep up to 8 people. The two bedroom Cabana Bay Suites have 2 separate bedrooms. One has two full beds and the other has a Queen bed. The 2 bed suites also have a pull out full sofa in the living area. There is a kitchenette and 2 full bathrooms.

It is really difficult finding affordably priced larger accommodation close to Universal Studios, so if this is what you need you should definitely look at this option in Cabana Bay Resort Hotel.

You can also book a room for 4 at Universal Cabana Bay. These are the perfect solution if you want a standard hotel room for up to 4 guests. The room has two Queen beds and sleeps up to 4 guests. The standard Cabana Bay Resort Hotel rooms also have a mini refrigerator and a full bathroom. At 300 square feet the standard rooms at Cabana Bay offer a decent amount of space.

Universal Cabana Bay Beach Resort Pool


Cabana Bay Beach Resort has two main pools. The Cabana Bay Courtyard Pool is the largest of the two. Yo can access this straight off the lobby and it has a dive tower themed water slide. We really didn’t enjoy the water slide as the turns were really sharp and meant that you kept hitting the sides. In contrast to this the pool slide at the Portofino Resort was one of the best hotel resort pool slides that we have ever encountered.

The Universal Cabana Bay Lazy River Pool is definitely our favorite and we talk more about that below. We much prefer that pool to the Courtyard Pool.

The Cabana Bay Beach Resort pool hours vary according to the season. Check with the lobby so that you can find out the current Cabana Bay Beach Resort pool hours.

You can rent a Cabana at Cabana Bay Resort. We have never done this and feel that we probably never would.You can just walk to Volcano Bay from Cabana Bay so if we were going to spend money on a cabana rental it would really be at Volcano Bay. However, Cabana Bay Hotel cabanas are available. Prices vary by the season but they are suitable for up to 4 guests.

Universal Cabana Bay Lazy River

The Cabana Bay Beach Resort Lazy River is one of the best features of the resort for us. It is a reasonable size for a resort and usually it isn’t too crowded. It is a rare feature of any hotel resort to find a lazy river. It is the only one available at any Universal Orland Hotel Resort right now. It takes about 5 minutes to go the whole circuit and there are two main entry points.

However, we do have one major complaint about the Universal Cabana Bay Lay River. To get an inner tube you have to pay! We never felt nickel and dimed in any Universal Resort, but to have to actually buy an inner tube for the Cabana Bay Lazy River is annoying. To get a decent sized inner tube is $11. Let’s do the math. Yes you can tell we are pretty put out by this. $22 for 2 kids. You can take them home with you. It’s pretty cool to have a Universal Cabana Bay lazy river themed inner tube or two at your home, but we really could have spent the $22 elsewhere.

This really is our only complaint about Cabana Bay. Just give us a free inner tube! You can bring your own Cabana Bay Beach Resort Lazy River inner tubes, but who is really going to do that. We now own two but the chances of us remembering to back them next time we go to Universal Cabana Bay is probably almost zero!

Universal Cabana Bay Beach Resort Dining


The Cabana Bay Bayliner Diner is a great place to grab something to eat. The Bayliner Diner is a large, fun, quick service dining location. There are plenty of different choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


There are four different hot food stations to choose from as well as a salad bar, frozen yogurt self serve and a drinks section.

The prices are pretty reasonable considering the location. We enjoy the Breakfast Waffles with strawberries and whipped cream for $7.65. The Create Your Own Omelet is also a good choice for $9.10. It is freshly made while you wait.


Lunch and Dinner at the Bayliner Diner also have some great choices. The Grill Station offers burgers, including a Black Bean Veggie Burger for $8.99. We like the International Station which serves some interesting choices such as Colombian Chicken Empanadas and Swedish Meatballs. Pizza and Pasta is also available. The pizzas are particularly good.

All of the hot food stations have a vegetarian choice. If you have a special dietary requirement just tell one of the staff.


Bayliner Diner has a huge seating area. There are places for 600 inside and 100 outside. The whole theme is the retro 50s and 60s theme of the hotel. Lots of bright blue and orange furniture. Plenty of booths for you to sit and enjoy your food. You can watch old commercials on the huge screens in the seating area.

Cabana Bay does not have a full service restaurant. However, there are plenty of places to dine just a short shuttle ride away. You can take the Cabana Bay Resort Shuttle to Universal Studios City Walk and there are plenty of restaurants to choose from.

There is also a Universal Resort Hotel Shuttle which runs in the evening to take guests to Portofino, Hard Rock and Royal Pacific Hotel if you want to dine in one of the full service restaurants there.

Cabana Bay Resort Bars


There are two outside bars at Cabana Bay – one in each pool area. Our favorite is the Hideaway Bar and Gril which is open from 10 am until 10pm. It is right by the courtyard pool so convenient for the Cabana Bay Lazy River. The Atomic Tonic poolside bar is also a great place to enjoy a cocktail by the pool.


The Sizzle Bar is located inside the lobby area and is open from 5pm until 11pm. There is a Happy Hour from 5pm until 6pm every day.

Galaxy Bowl Bowling – Cabana Beach Resort

Not many hotels have their own bowling alley! Staying with the retro theme, there is a bowling alley inside Cabana Bay Hotel. If you have ever seen the movie The Big Lebowski then you may recognize that the Galaxy Bowling alley is modeled on that. There are 10 lanes available for bowling from 11 am until 11 pm every day.

The prices for Bowling are a little high, but it is a lot of fun. It is $15 for adults, $9 for kids 12 and under. The amount of time you get depends upon how many guests are in your party. Up to three people get one hour, four to eight people get 90 minutes bowling time.

You can also grab a table and enjoy some traditional bowling alley type food. Items on the menu include Chicken Wings, Tater Tots and Steak Flatbread. There is also a bar offering cocktails, beer and wine.

Cabana Bay Beach Resort Starbucks


If you simply have to have your Starbucks fix every day then you will be well catered for at Cabana Bay. There is a large Starbucks right next to the Bayliner Diner. There is a large seating area. Lines can be long in the morning when everyone needs their first coffee of the day.

Cabana Bay Beach Resort Store

We really like the Cabana Bay store which is located just off the hotel lobby. They have a good selection of items including a dedicated Harry Potter section. It is good to be able to browse without the crowds of people that you often find in the stores in the park. There are some fun Cabana Bay themed merchandise items available too.

Universal Cabana Bay Beach Resort Parking


Universal Aventura Construction in Progress

One of the really great things about staying at Universal Cabana Bay Beach Resort is that you do not need to have a car. If you just want to visit the Universal Parks then we would suggest you leave the car at home. There is a Hertz rental location available at all of the Universal Studios Resort Hotels, but if you are just visiting the Universal Parks you can walk or use the resort transportation.

We found that the easiest way to get from Orlando International Airport MCO to Cabana Bay Beach Resort was to take an Uber. It was cheaper and easier than renting a car to get to the resort.

If you do bring your car to Universal Cabana Bay Resort there is plentiful parking available. The day rate for Universal Cabana Bay Beach Parking is $12 for guests If you hare not a guest of the resort the overnight rate of the hotel is $45 a night. Hint. Don’t do it.

How To Get Dining Reservations for Disney’s Be Our Guest Restaurant



Disney’s Be Our Guest Restaurant in Magic Kingdom is the hottest reservation in the parks. Located in New Fantasyland inside the Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Be Our Guest Restaurant rivals Cinderella’s Royal Table to win the not so coveted prize of being the most difficult place to secure an Advance Dining Reservation.

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Magic Kingdom - Be Our Guest Ballroom

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However, don’t be put off from trying. Disney’s Be Our Guest serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, so there are plenty of times that you can aim for during your visit.

How To Get a Reservation at Be Our Guest

Here are our tips and tricks to maximize your chance of getting a dining reservation for Disney’s Be Our Guest Restaurant.

Be Our Guest is located inside The Beast’s Castle in Magic Kingdom. It is a truly impressive sight on the outside as well as the inside. The beautiful dining rooms seat 550 guests in three different areas. The Ballroom is the largest area and some would say the best. The West Wing is our preferred dining area of Disney’s Be Our Guest Restaurant The Rose Room is only generally used for lunch and is our least favorite space.

Be Our Guest is a little different from most other Disney World Restaurants. It is Quick Service for breakfast and lunch, but turns into a full service restaurant in the evening for dinner.

Disney’s Be Our Guest Restaurant Dinner Reservations Tips

Be our Guest - Beauty and the beast

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Dinner reservations are the most difficult ones to get at Be Our Guest.

You have to use one of the Disney Dining Advance Dining Reservation systems to book your reservations. All reservations can be made up to 180 days in advance. You therefore need to be aware of exactly the opening date of your reservation window.

Disney World Resort Hotel guests have a big advantage in snagging difficult to get Disney Dining Reservations.

Guests staying on or off Disney property can make Advance Dining Reservations. Those staying at a Disney owned-resort can book their reservations 180 days in advance, plus up to 10 days of their vacation stay, giving them an advantage over other potential diners to book all of their dining reservations at once. Therefore booking a Disney World Hotel gives you a big head start when it comes to booking Disney’s Be Our Guest Restaurant.

If you are staying at a Disney World Resort you should try and make your most difficult to get reservations towards the end of your stay. Why? This is because you increase your odds. The number of guests eligible to book further out will be less as each day progresses. How? Say you as a Disney guest can start booking your reservations on 1 May. You are staying until 8 May. There will be proportionately less people who are staying until 8 May, so your changes are increased if you try and book for dates later in your stay.

Magic Kingdom - Guardians

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Once you know the date that you can actually start booking your Disney World restaurants you have to be one of the first to actually start booking on that date. You can use any one of these systems:

You can call 407 WDW DINE from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m. This is EST so if you are in any other time zone you have to be aware that you may be getting up early to call! If you are on PST you are going to be starting at 4 a.m.

You can also book via the My Disney Experience website or app. The online reservation systems open up at 6 a.m. EST. We recommend having a trial run with how to do this, before lining up for your crucial Be Our Guest reservation attempt. Make sure that you know how to log in and are familiar with the system. This will mean that you are able to do it more quickly when you actually try for that crucial reservation.

Always try and book the most difficult and sought after Advance Dining Reservations first. This would include Disney’s Be Our Guest Restaurant, Cinderella’s Royal Table and Le Cellier. Making advance reservations takes time, particularly if you have a long trip. You want to prioritize the popular ones first, before someone else takes them!

Always be flexible in when you can visit Disney’s Be Our Guest Restaurant. Remember that you will have to give a credit card guarantee at the time of booking. If you see a less than ideal time for Be Our Guest you may want to reserve it and then think about it. However, we always say don’t hang on to reservations that you don’t need as it isn’t fair to others. Always remember to cancel your credit card guaranteed reservations in time – or you will be $10 per person down.

If you do not get your keep checking back. Sometimes there are cancellations. These can happen at any time, but tend to be close to the reservation date. People tend to hang on to them until just before the credit card cancellation charges start to kick in.

Be Our Guest Breakfast and Lunch Reservations

Be Our Guests is a Quick Service Dining Restaurant for breakfast and lunch. Again, you can reserve this online or by phone 180 days ahead. Disney Hotel Resort guests get the advantage again. You can use the same tactics to maximize your chance of getting a reservation.

Be Our Guest offers breakfast dining before Magic Kingdom opens in the morning. We think this is a great time to go to Be Our Guest restaurant. You will be in the Magic Kingdom early before the crowds arrive. As soon as you finish breakfast at Be Our Guest you can experience the rides in Fantasyland. This will give you a head start for the day. This can be a good time to ride Seven Dwarves Mine Train before the lines build up.

Another great feature is that you can pre-order your lunch or breakfast online. You can do this starting from 30 days in advance of your Be Our Guest dining reservation. This saves a lot of time when you are actually in the restaurant.

If you have pre ordered at Be Our Guest you just go straight to the cashier desk to pay for your meal. If you haven’t pre-ordered you have to stand in line to use the automatic kiosks to order. We highly recommend pre-ordering to save time.

Here is our Review of Be Our Guest Lunch

Have you got any tips of how to get a dining reservation at Be Our Guest?