What Makes a Disney Cruise So Special?


What makes a Disney cruise such an amazing experience? My family and I have just returned from a magical 7 night Mexican Riviera cruise on the Disney Wonder. We have sailed many times with Disney cruises and have also sailed with a number of other cruise lines.

Nothing even comes close to the Disney cruise experience compared with the other cruise lines we have tried. For us the first choice is always Disney. Why?


I gave a lot of thought to the question of what makes a Disney cruise so special. We particularly enjoy the Disney Wonder as we like the size of the ship. The entertainment is amazing, the kids programs are the best at sea, the staterooms are very well designed, and of course it is just, well, it’s Disney!

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But of course I really don’t have to think too hard about why the Disney cruise experience is the best. Really for us it is the crew. The people who are there to make sure you have the best cruise experience. Of course the ship is beautiful, the entertainment wonderful, but the thing which really brings the magic to life are the people who work so hard to make the cruise experience truly special.

One of those people is our very favorite server. Dinesh from India. We met him on the Disney Wonder last year and very much hoped that he would be there for us on this cruise. In fact for my 10 year old son this was the most important aspect of the cruise. Forget the shows, the kids club and the water slide – the thing that he was most wishing for was that he would see Dinesh!

I had requested that he be our server months ahead of time. As a travel agent I do this all the time as guests often want to request a particular server. I even double checked as this was so important to us all. As soon as we checked in and I saw the table number on the card I thought that something was wrong. It wasn’t anywhere near the one we had last time and I guessed that a mistake had been made.

As soon as we boarded we went to Parrot Cay for a buffet lunch. We were so happy when we saw Dinesh there. Not so happy when we realized that a mistake had been made and that he was not our server in the dining room.

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Happily he sorted it out for us and we changed our dining assignment so that he could be our server again. It didn’t even matter that we had to change from the very coveted Main Seating to the later one as it was more important to us all that we were at his table.

For me people like Dinesh are what makes the Disney cruise line the best in the world. You just know that he genuinely wants to help you get the most our of your experience. He remembered that we like curry so made sure that we got some amazing dishes every day.

He made sure that my very picky 5 year old always got the exact type of bread that he wanted. He got ginger for my daughter’s tea as she was not feeling well. There were so many things that he did above and beyond what he needed to do. He really looked after us and made us feel very special.

Cliche though it may sound, he and other Disney crew members just make you feel at home. You feel so welcome. The customer service we experience in daily life is so often just not good. You can often tell people don’t really enjoy their jobs. The waiter who looks annoyed when you ask for something, the person on the phone who is irritated and reading off a script, the hotel receptionist who just wants to get back to talking to her friend. The concept of great service is now the exception rather than the rule.

Thankfully Disney cruise lines gets service right. From the stateroom attendants who always greet you with a smile, to the highest quality entertainers at sea, to the bar staff, the restaurant servers, the kids counsellors and every other member of the almost 1,000 crew at sea. They make you feel welcome. That is the Disney difference.

To lessen the sadness of leaving a Disney cruise I always have to book another one before I leave the ship. We will be back on the Disney Wonder later this year. And I am calling this morning to make sure that we get our favorite Disney crew member in the dining room. Let’s just hope that the request gets communicated to the ship this time. See you soon Dinesh!

Update for 2018: I found this post recently, more than 6 years after I had written the orginal. I am happy to report that I still feel exactly the same way about the Disney cruise experience. I have spent many months on board a Disney cruise with my children and will always return to the amazing Disney ships.

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