Which are the Best Disney World Rides?

Disney World Rides

Which are the absolutely not to be missed rides at Walt Disney World? People do often ask me which rides they should go on first and which they should make sure they definitely experience. Which would make it into your Top 10 Disney World rides?

There are so many innovative and fun rides at Disney that it was so difficult to pick just my Top 10. Because of the size of Disney World a Top 25 would probably be an easier list!

I have just written the new EverythingMouse Top 10 Disney World Rides with great pictures, fun facts, videos and tips to get the most from each attraction. I chose all of the photos to show you a slightly different view of the rides than you usually get. So make sure you look out for Jack Sparrow, an unusual view of a Disney roller coaster classic and a spooky image of a spectacular elevator ride.

Photos used under Creative Commons by Joe Penniston.

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