Win a Stay In Disney Cinderella Castle Suite!


Who wants to win a stay in the Disney Cinderella Castle Suite? Money cannot buy a stay in the Disney Castle Cinderella Suite but once in a while a stay is given as a prize. The Suite is inside Cinderella Castle in Magic Kingdom and it is only the very very lucky few who have ever been able to go inside.

This sweepstakes is billed as a honeymoon stay, however we couldn’t see anywhere in the rules which says that you have to actually get married!


You have to enter a special code word – read all the way to the bottom of the post to find out what it is!

The winner will receive:

Airfare and Accommodations for two
4 night stay at a Walt Disney World Resort®
Exclusive one night stay in the Cinderella Castle Suite
Two x 5-Day Park Hopper Tickets
$500 Disney Gift Card

Click to Win a Night In Disney Cinderella Castle

There is only a short time to enter this Disney Cinderella Suite sweepstakes as it closes on 5/13/17 at 11.59 PT. It is open to any US legal resident of the US.

Here are the Official Rules of the Cinderella Suite Sweepstakes

Cinderella Castle Suite

Photo by expressmonorail

We all know what the outside of the iconic Cinderella Castle looks like. However, few have ever seen what is looks like inside. To take a peek inside this amazing Cinderella Castle suite that money can’t buy visit our page at Cinderella Castle Suite

The code word is DREAM

Good Luck!

How Do You Get to Stay in Disney's Cinderella Castle Suite? - EverythingMouse - July 26, 2013

[…] Win a Night in Disney Cinderella Castle Suite […]

hannia guerrero - July 28, 2013

love it

win a disney world or disneyland vacation - August 7, 2013

[…] Win a Stay In Disney Cinderella Castle Suite […]

Barb Ziemke - September 15, 2013

Cinderella CastleSuite would be a dream come true! I would love to share it with my mother, who with my dad, worked to make my dreams come true, and my niece who I love to spend time with. (She is my princess,seeing I don’t have a daughter.) The happiest place on earth hosts the most beautiful castle for girls of any age to feel like a princess in. What an exciting unforgettable experience.

Maria Koch - November 3, 2013

Children are so magical…. They can warm your heart on the coldest days… Make the sun shine in the middle of a storm…. They do not realize it or take it for granted… They are just sweetly …magical…..
To be able to give them the feeling of the magic the way that they imagine it …… It would be a dream come true …. to be able to give a memory that will last their lifetime….

Maria K

Selena camacho - December 3, 2013

I would love to take my daughter to stay at the castle. We can’t barely afford to go to Disney so this would be a wonderful gift to her.. I live and work very hard for my daughter I am a single mom and am on a very tight budget if u get what I mean.. Thanks

Dianne Geoffroy - January 8, 2014

I am now 62 years old. My family could not afford to go to WDW finally at age 36 I was able to take my two children. Now I have visited 16 times because I love Walt Disney, his philosophies, his belief in magic, his love of his family and his talent to entertain both adults and children in the same film and parks. I actually became a Cast member in order to attend the Disney orientation and hear more about Walt ‘s dreams. Here we are in 2014 and now I bring my grandchildren to WDW because it is a pure, clean form of entertainment in this current world of pushing the edges. The grand-daughters are now 13,10, and 6. We have brought them three times and they are true Disney fans just like me. So what a dream come true to sleep in the Cinderella castle with those three wonderful grand daughters and their mom and me.
I would love that memory.
I realize it is a very special opportunity but I actually promote WDW to my friends, and family and bring many first time visitors to WDW. In fact I just came in October, will return in March with adults who have Never Ever been. People in Louisiana who know me say I am unbelievable promoter of the Magic!
Email if I get to have this Magical opportunity.

Suzanne Stanaback - January 11, 2014

It is hard to imagine being chosen to win such an unimaginable stay in this amazing suite. According to the site, the sweepstakes has ended, and I am unsure as to when or where (if ever) there will be another one. I have been a Disney fan since I was born, memorizing songs and lines from nearly every Disney movie ever made – forcing members of my family to sit and watch as I performed them, verbatim, in the living room of my grandmother’s house. Over my life, I have probably been to the Disney parks over 200 times, know where every restroom is located, the quickest routes to every attraction. To be given the opportunity to stay in such a place would not only be a dream come true for me, it would be an indescribable honor. Disney is more than just a theme park to me: It is my home; a place where I’ve grown up, experienced joy, laughter, tears, and fond memories. It is part of who I am and will continue to be a part of who I will become.

Dean gandley - September 14, 2015

This would be a real dream come true for my 6 year old ,15 year old and as parents , could make life any better

Amanda - December 29, 2015

Me and my family have always been fans of Disney and it would be amazing to share this with my family…

Linda - March 7, 2016

Is there a contest to stay at the hotel inside Disney?

Alison - April 10, 2016

There isn’t anything at the moment but I will post whenever there is!

Lori Smith - October 4, 2016

I would love to stay in the Castle. My husband and I stayed at Disney when we were married June 1979. We continued to come almost every year for nearly 30 years with our daughters. My husband and I was planning a trip for us, our daughters and their husbands and our grandchildren. We had all the information ready to book when the day of my daughter’s wedding my husband, 56 years old, collapsed in our driveway and died of a blood clot to the heart and a massive heart attack. Our trip with our kids never happened but November 5-13, we are coming to Disney the week of my husbands birthday and this trip will be in memory of my husband. Their will be 14 of us. The first family trip with all of us but without my husband. I have came to Disney every year with my youngest daughter since my husband passed. People question how I can afford to do that every year. We save every penny. Lol. The first time I walked in Disney without my husband I cried but I also had so many memories that made me smile. Now it gives me a lot of peace and new memories. Sometimes I still shed tears but Disney is a Magical Place and the memories I have cannot be taken away. What a magical ending of a vacation with a night at the Castle!

katrina - January 28, 2017

Is there going to be a new sweepstakes for win a stay at cinderella,s castle suite at disney world this year let me know

Alison - January 28, 2017

I am always looking out for one and will post as soon as it arrives!

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