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Disney Dream Rotational Dining Restaurants

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What are the Disney Dream Rotational Dining Restaurants? As excitement builds prior to the launch of the Disney Dream in January 2011 Disney is releasing more details of what the ship actually looks like inside. The picture shows the final stages of creating the Enchanted Garden Restaurant. This magical garden which is located on Deck 2 was inspired by the Gardens of the Palace of Versailles. The light in the restaurant will magically transform from day to night.

This latest video takes you on a tour of the Disney Dream restaurants.

As with the Disney Wonder and Disney Magic there will be three rotational dining restaurants on the Dream. Rotational dining is very much a Disney cruise concept. Guests dine in a set rotation around the 3 restaurants during their cruise, but there wait staff come with them. This has the great advantage that your waiters will know your dining preferences. So if you want a slice of lemon in your water they will know and anticipate your requests. It is all part of the Disney difference.

Animators Palate has been redesigned for the Dream. The concept is still the same as on the other Disney ships. Diners will experience a colorful change of scene as well as enjoying sights from the popular Disney movies.

Royal Palace is new on the Disney Dream. It takes it’s inspiration as the name would suggest from the Disney Princesses and their palaces. It promises a royal dining experience.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.