Disney Hollywood Studios Block Party Bash Parade to Finish


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Disney Block Party Bash Farewell

Disney has announced that the Block Party Bash Parade at Hollywood Studios will end on January 1st 2011. The parade featured Disney Pixar characters and for me was perhaps the weakest of the parades ever offered at Disney World.

It seemed inevitable that the Block Party Bash would not last too much longer at Disney World when it was pulled from Disney’s California Adventure.

Why didn’t it work? For me there just wasn’t enough activity or enough characters in the 35-minute parade. It spends long periods of time static and this just seemed to be a time filler so that they could have fewer floats on the parade.

Anyway, there is a promise of an all-new parade featuring the Disney Pixar characters that will start in Hollywood Studios on 16th January 2011. It is being said that it will include new characters such as Remy and Emile from Ratatouille and Carl and Russell from Up.

Picture by armadillo444

One thought on “Disney Hollywood Studios Block Party Bash Parade to Finish

  1. I just have to say to this post is the Block Party Bash is not the weakest of the parades it is the strongest and one of the best parades that has come to walt Disney world. As someone that has preformed in the parade itself I enjoyed doing it and enjoy watching it as a guest It is the best parade that has been at the studios in a long long time

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