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How Much Do You Know About Epcot Quiz?

Think you're an Epcot expert? Have a try at our Epcot quiz below and see how you do.

What's The Last Test On The Thrill Ride "Test Track?"

What's The Name Of The Upcoming "Guardians Of The Galaxy" Roller Coaster, Which Is Replacing "Universe Of Energy: Ellen's Energy Adventure?"

In Which Attraction Can You Hear The Song "One Little Spark?"

Which One Of These World Showcase Pavilions Hosts A "Circle-Vision 360" Show?

Walt Disney Originally Intended Epcot To Be A...?

What Was The Name Of The Now Closed Down Pavilion Which Housed "Body Wars," "Cranium Command," And Other Attractions Centered Around The Human Body?

If You Wanted The "Less Intense" Experience On "Mission: SPACE" Which Does Not Spin, Which Team Would You Pick?

What Is The Name Of The Short Film About France That Plays At Palais du Cinéma In The France Pavilion?

Which Pavilion Is Located Between "The American Adventure" And "Germany?"

How Many Pavilions Are There In World Showcase?

The Back Of The "Twilight Zone - Tower Of Terror" Building Over At "Disney's Hollywood Studios" Was Designed To Blend In With The Architecture Of Which Pavilion?

Which Of These Was NOT A Set Piece In The Defunct Attraction "Maelstrom," Located In The Norway Pavilion?

Who Narrated The First Rendition Of The Attraction "Spaceship Earth?"

In Which Former Epcot Attraction Could You Find The Snake "Gigabyte?"

One Of The World Showcase Pavilions Served As A Backdrop For A Music Video Of A Cover Of Popular Disney Song. Which Pavilion Was Used And What Was The Cover Song?

"Sum Of All Thrills" Was An Attraction Where You...?

What Was "The Tapestry Of Nations?"

Notorious For Being One Of The Worst Ever Disney Attractions, How Many Years Was "Journey Into YOUR Imagination" Open? (This Was Replaced By "Journey Into Imagination With Figment," The Version Of The Attraction Which Resides There Today)

Which One Of These Was NEVER An Exhibit At Innoventions In Epcot?

What Year Did The Attraction "The Seas With Nemo & Friends" Open?