Soarin’ Over California At Disney World Rumors


Soarin' Over California At Disney World Rumors

There have been a lot of rumors about changes and expansion of the Soarin Over California attraction at Disney World. Will there be a new Soarin’ movie and will there be a third theater in the Epcot Disney World location to help with escalating wait times?

Soarin’ is one of the most and innovative attractions in the Disney parks, but may are excited that the is talk of a new movie. The Soarin’ attraction was of course first in the Disney California Adventure park so the attraction was named and themed around California. But when it came to Disney World the ‘California’ was dropped from the attraction name, but the movie remained a journey through California.

The Soarin’ attraction is also in Shanghai Disneyland, and Tokyo Disney Sea. It is speculated that the new movie will be introduced in all of the Disney Soarin’ attractions around the world.

The new movie will have a more worldwide appeal and of course it is fun to speculate which countries and locations will be included. For Epcot it would of course be sensible to include some of the locations included in World Showcase – England, Italy, France, China and Japan seem likely places to include. There are so many possible places that could be in the new Soarin’ movie, speculation could go on for ever!

We do know that a new flyover sequence was filmed at Disney California Adventure and Disneyland on March 12, 2014. It is thought that this would be the final sequence for the Soarin’ in California Adventure park only. Maybe each park will have their own fly over specific to that particular park?

There has also been much talk about whether or not a third theater is planned for the Disney World Soarin’ attraction. It would certainly be welcome as the wait times for the attraction are usually at least an hour and often in excess of that at busy times. You can only hold a Fast Pass to either Soarin’ or Test Track at Epcot at any one time – which makes it difficult to schedule these 2 attractions without long wait times.

There is space for a third Soarin’ theater at Disney World, but we still wait for an official confirmation from Disney that another theater is planned.

What would you like to see included in a new Soarin’ movie?

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