Disney World Hidden Gems You Must Discover For Dining

One of my favorite things about Walt Disney World dining is discovering hidden gems. Those restaurants that aren’t as well known. The ones that have slipped under the radar.

Let’s explore some less well-known Disney World restaurants which are well worth a try.

Read my top favorite Disney World hidden gems for some insights into potential meal discoveries.

Disney Magic Kingdom Plaza Restaurant

The Plaza Restaurant in the Magic Kingdom really is “hiding in plain sight” right there on Main Street. It really isn’t as busy as you would assume, given its location.

Monsieur Paul

Aside from the food, Monsieur Paul has one of the best views of any Epcot Restaurant. Time it right and you will have an amazing view of the World Showcase Lagoon fireworks.

Kona Cafe is, quite rightly, best known for its Tonga Toast. Goodness knows what the calories and carb count are, but sometimes you just have to let these things go.

Kona Cafe

Disney World Whispering Canyon Cafe

Although a bit tamer than in its heyday, the Whispering Canyon is still delighting guests with zany antics and hearty, good, reasonably priced meals.

Bon Voyage Breakfast Trattoria Al Forno Trattoria

It’s a very good Italian restaurant for anyone staying in the immediate Epcot area. The gem within this gem is the breakfast service.

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