9 Things To Avoid Doing on Your Disney Cruise Balcony

A Disney cruise balcony stateroom is a luxury that costs a little extra, but many guests feel is well worth it.

Waking up every morning to a new vista, enjoying a cup of coffee on your own private verandah whilst you arrive in a new port, watching the sun go down in the evening.

These are all great things about staying in a Disney cruise balcony stateroom. However, there really are some things you absolutely must not do on your cruise balcony!

Smoking On A Disney Cruise Balcony

This one will get you into trouble. If you are caught smoking on your Disney cruise balcony or in your stateroom you could be charged a $250 cleaning fee.

Leave Things Hanging Out to Dry

We know. It’s tempting to think that you can leave your wet bathing suit out there, but you really shouldn’t.

Talk So Loudly Your Neighbors Can Hear Every Word

You may feel as though you are completely alone on your Disney cruise balcony. You aren’t. You are inches and a partition away from other Disney cruisers.

Leave Your Children Unattended

We know that a lot of people worry that balconies may not be safe if you have young children. Never, ever leave young children unattended on your cruise balcony. Not even for a second.

Leave Your Cruise Balcony Door Open

We admit that it can be really tempting to leave your Disney cruise verandah door open. It is a sliding door and sometimes that ocean breeze is very seductive.

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