Disney Animal Kingdom Rides – Which is Best

Here we take you on a journey from Asia to Africa.

A place where you will climb a mountain, go on a safari, and ride the rapids. Disney’s Animal Kingdom has something for everyone!

Here you can find out about the best rides in Disney’s Animal Kingdom and how to make the most of your visit there.

Disney Expedition Everest

The Expedition Everest ride debuted in 2006 and had taken Disney Imagineers 6 years to research and build. Animal Kingdom’s Expedition Everest is a true Disney thrill ride.

This Disney roller coaster reaches speeds of up to 50 mph and takes you on a thrilling ride of twists and turns. All whilst trying to escape that ancient legendary creature The Yeti.

Disney Kilimanjaro Safaris

This Animal Kingdom ride is a must-see when you visit the park. What not many people realize is that this Animal Kingdom Safaris ride is the realization of one of Walt Disney’s original dreams.

Guests board an authentic safari vehicle as they are taken on a tour of the 110-acre African savanna. The area is huge. Just about the same size as the whole of Magic Kingdom!


I confess. I think this is the scariest ride in Disney World! Forget the Tower of Terror this is the one that scares me the most.

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