Disney Wish Pools: Unforgettable or Total Flop?

Dive into the innovative design of Disney Wish's pool deck.  It is very different from the other Disney ships, with more pools located around the deck.

Immerse yourself in the magic with four themed pools on Deck 11 and Disney movies playing all day.  Plus, enjoy delicious bites at Marceline Market and Mickey & Friends Festival of Foods

Escape to the Quiet Cove for an adults-only retreat featuring an infinity pool with ocean views.  But is the area too small? Discover why this exclusive area is a topic of conversation.

Little ones will adore the playful Toy Story-themed water area and slides.  Plus, don't miss the thrill of the Aqua Mouse – a unique water coaster experience!

Do you think the Disney Wish pool deck is a dream come true or does it leave something to be desired?  Join the conversation and see what others are saying