Disney World Grand Floridian Afternoon Tea

The Disney World Grand Floridian Afternoon Tea is one of those wonderfully relaxing dining experiences at Walt Disney World.

It is time to just sit back and enjoy the ambiance of the Grand Floridian Garden View Lounge.

Disney Grand Floridian Afternoon Tea

As soon as you walk into the lobby of the Disney Grand Floridian Hotel you feel as though you have stepped into another age.

The elegance of the decor, the soaring atrium and the just well the relaxed atmosphere of the place is so far away from the hustle and bustle of the Disney parks.

Yet the Grand Floridian is only a short distance away from Disney’s Magic Kingdom. It’s Disney’s flagship luxury hotel, and the Afternoon Tea is one of its treasures.

The Garden View Lounge is right at the back of the Grand Floridian lobby. As you approach it make sure that you look down to the floor. A really nice touch is the Mrs Potts and Chip from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast in mosaic tile on the floor.

The interior of the Garden View Lounge is stunning. It has huge windows at the back of the room which look out onto the grounds of the Grand Floridian.

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