First Time Disney Cruise Money Mistakes

Are you a newbie to cruising looking to get the most bang for your buck on a Disney Cruise? Looking to save money on a Disney Cruise both before you book and once you are onboard?

Here we will show you all the ways that you can easily save money on your cruise and avoid the mistakes that newbies often make.

Not only did I draw upon my many many months at sea with Disney to bring you these tips, I also asked the thousands of Disney Cruise fans in my EverythingMouse Disney Cruise Group what their best secrets area.

Not Exploring all the Stateroom Options

Always look carefully at the pricing of your Disney Cruise stateroom. Often you can get an Outside Stateroom with a porthole for a very small amount more than an Inside Stateroom.

Waiting Until the Last Minute to Book your Disney Cruise

Usually the further out you can book your Disney Cruise the better the rate you will get.

Having Inflexible Travel Dates

Some sailing dates cost more than others. Obvious examples are Christmas, New Year and Thanksgiving. Expect to pay more on average if you are sailing on these very popular dates.

Failing to Book a Placeholder Onboard

A Disney Cruise Placeholder is sometimes known as a Disney Cruise dummy booking. It is an easy way to save 10% on your next Disney Cruise.

Not Bringing Your Own Drinks Onboard

One of the biggest expenses onboard in any cruise is drinks. Disney is one of the few cruise lines that actually let you bring a limited amount of alcohol on board with you.

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