How Long to Stay at Disney World

Before we can arrive at any decision directing the number of nights you lodge or days you spend in the Walt Disney World resort area, we need to look at the theme parks individually.

That’s because not all Disney World theme parks are equal in the length of time they need to experience them.

Here is a quick look at the value of each Disney World theme park in terms of my minimum recommended duration.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Half Day

Even with the recent expansions, Disney’s Hollywood Studios is still the smallest park. Although it does have some outstanding attractions, in many ways this is the Disney park with the least to offer.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom – One Day

Since there are so many animal viewing areas and learning experiences on top of the E-ticket attractions, entertainment, and dining you can spend a very long day doing everything at this park.

Disney’s Magic Kingdom – One or Two Days

It certainly isn’t a place for relaxation! Planning is key – so you really should do some research about which rides are your priority, and have a plan for the day.

You could easily experience the Magic Kingdom with no regrets in one day. Your feet are going to hurt and you will probably be exhausted but in a good way. Two days at Magic Kingdom is best because it takes off some pressure.

Epcot – Two to Three Days

Because of the many different aspects of Epcot, a solid approach is to break up your visits by park-hopping and returning on multiple days.

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