Disney Wish Surprise: The Grown-Up Experience at Sea You Never Expected

Explore the magic of Disney Wish, designed with adults in mind. From the grandeur of the Grand Hall to the tranquility of adult-exclusive areas, experience a cruise where sophistication meets enchantment.

Indulge in the luxury of the adult-only pool deck with its infinity pool and wading areas. Sip on a refreshing drink at the Cove Bar, and let the ocean breeze soothe your soul.

Treat your palate at Palo Steakhouse, where Italian flair meets American steakhouse tradition. For an intimate gourmet affair, reserve a table at Enchanté, offering a culinary journey curated by a Michelin-starred chef.

Immerse yourself in Broadway-caliber shows and cinematic adventures. As night falls, discover a host of bars each with their own unique theme and atmosphere, from the jazzy Bayou Bar to the interstellar Hyperspace Lounge.

Embark on a Disney Wish adventure that caters to adult tastes and sensibilities. Enjoy a visit to Castaway Cay and personalize your journey with an array of activities designed for adult indulgence and relaxation.