Starbucks at Disney World – What You Really Need to Know

Visiting Disney World and needing your Starbucks fix? Want to know if there is a Starbucks in Disney World? No problem.

There are in fact six Starbucks at Disney World.

Let’s start with the branded Starbucks at Disney World. These are the locations outside of the Walt Disney World theme parks. Then we’ll talk about the undercover Starbucks that go by different names.

Disney Springs Starbucks Locations

The sign and the decor are unmistakable and they have all of your favorite Starbucks goods available for purchase.

Town Square is the starting point for Main Street USA which begins at the Train Station and ends at the towering Cinderella Castle.

Starbucks at Magic Kingdom

It’s along this avenue that you’ll discover a hidden Starbucks. This location goes by the name Main Street Bakery. Go inside and… it’s a Starbucks!

It is amazing how somehow Disney has managed to blend a Starbucks into the decor of the park, so it looks as though it really belongs in the same location as the iconic Tree of Life!

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Starbucks

All the Disney World parks Starbucks have a specific name. In Animal Kingdom Starbucks is known as Creature Comforts.

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