Things That First Time Disney Cruisers Do Not Expect

Are you thinking of sailing on your very first Disney Cruise? It is an amazing experience and once you have sailed on Disney you will most likely be hooked forever!

However, what is surprising about a Disney Cruise? What will you find that you really did not expect on your first Disney cruise?

A Disney cruise is an amazing experience and we are here to help you make the most of it!

How Many Bags You Can Bring on a Disney Cruise?

Each guest is allowed to bring aboard the Vessel a reasonable amount of clothing and personal effects, not to exceed two bags per person.

How Large The Disney Cruise Staterooms Are

Disney has some of the largest staterooms available on a family cruise line. The industry average is around 140 square feet for an inside stateroom.

The Ship Cannot Always Dock at Castaway Cay

The Captain will always do his very best to make sure that the ship can dock at Castaway Cay. However, occasionally it just isn’t possible due to the high winds and currents.

The Weather is Unpredictable

Make sure that you look at the weather forecast for your vacation and make sure you are packing the right things for your Disney Cruise.

How Great the Entertainment Is

It is difficult to describe just how amazed you will be at the quality of the entertainment on a Disney ship. The quality of their production shows is just off the charts.

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