What is Not Included on a Disney Cruise

One of the really great things about a Disney Cruise is that most things are already included in the cost.

You can sail on a Disney cruise and just pay the basic cost without incurring much more expense. However, you have to budget.

To do this you also need to know what is not included on a Disney Cruise. Here is our guide to the things that you will pay extra for on a Disney Cruise.

Disney Cruise Gratuities

There are two types of gratuities on a Disney Cruise. Automatic Gratuities and Additional Gratuities. Automatic gratuities which are charged at the end of your Disney cruise.

Is Food Included on a Disney Cruise?

All of your meals in the three main Disney Cruise Rotational Dining Rooms are included. You can sail on a Disney cruise without spending any additional money at all on food.

Disney Cruise Alcohol

Most cruise lines don’t let you take any alcohol on board, so the Disney Cruise line policy is pretty generous in giving you the chance to bring your own beer or wine on board in limited quantities.

Specialty Drinks on a Disney Cruise

If you just want to drink soda, coffee, and tea you can have an unlimited amount of this 24/7 by going to the pool deck on any of the Disney Cruise Ships.

Disney Cruise Port Adventures

All of the Port Adventures are at an extra cost. Disney offers a huge range of different Port Adventures.

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