When Is The Best Time To Go To Disney World?

It is crucial when you visit Walt Disney World to pick the best possible time to visit – and you need to think about crowds, weather and of course your own personal needs.

So how do you decide when the best time to go to Disney World with your family actually is?

There are ways that it is possible to predict which Walt Disney World Parks will be the busiest on each particular day. And of course certain times of the year are much busier than other times. Christmas Day anyone?

What Is The Best Time of Year to Visit Disney World?

This is not rocket science. Common sense alone tells you that the most crowded times of the year are Christmas, New Year and the two weeks around Easter break.

Think Disney World and of course it is very very popular with families with young children. This means school vacations are busy times. You do have to factor in that not all schools are out at the same time.

The later weeks in August tend to be much less crowded although there are many British visitors as their school break extends into late August/early September.

But what if you are stuck with school vacation times and busy times to visit Walt Disney World? It’s not all bad news. At busy times the Disney parks will have extended opening hours and also extra parades and fireworks.

Don’t despair if you have to visit at busy times – it still is of course the Most Magical Place on Earth.

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