How to Avoid the Worst Food on a Disney Cruise

The food on a Disney Cruise is mostly extremely good. Some of the dishes are exceptional.

However, sometimes even Disney Cruise Lines gets it spectacularly wrong.

Here is a discussion of some of the worst food we have experienced on a Disney Cruise.

Disney Cruise Breakfast

The omelet always tastes as though it has been under the heater for just that little bit too long. I really prefer the freshly cooked ones in Cabanas, where you also get a much larger choice of fillings.

Disney Cruise Salads and Soup

This basic salad from Enchanted Garden is definitely underwhelming.

Disney Cruise Appetizers

This is from the Tiana’s Place Prince and Princess menu. There isn’t anything really bad about it. Just it’s not great unless the asparagus is in season and it is cooked perfectly.

The Iced Lobster and Jumbo Shrimp at Triton’s on the Disney Wonder is a favorite of mine. Why have I included it in this article? Because each time I order it I remember just how tiny it is!

Disney Cruise Entree Choices

The Thai Red Pumpkin and Coconut Curry just lacks flavor. Also, I have no idea why they use these red plates sometimes.

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