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Win a Stay In Disney Cinderella Castle Suite!


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This contest is now closed

Who wants to win a stay in the Disney Cinderella Castle Suite? Money cannot buy a stay in the Disney Castle Cinderella Suite but once in a while a stay is given as a prize. The Suite is inside Cinderella Castle in Magic Kingdom and it is only the very very lucky few who have ever been able to go inside.

This Disney Cinderella Suite sweepstakes is a little different for a giveaway. It’s a fantastic idea. Give Kids the World Village is the sponsor of the Cinderella Suite giveaway. It is a nonprofit organization which fulfills the wishes of critically-ill children and their families.

How it works is simple. If you give a donation, you are entered to win. The larger the amount of the donation, the more entries you get. So, for example if you donate $25 you get 250 entries, for $50 you get $500.

The lucky winner gets to spend the night in the Disney Cinderella Castle Suite! The winner and 5 guests will receive return flights to Orlando, breakfast at Cinderella’s Royal Table, and 2 Day Walt Disney World Park passes.

Click Here to Enter

There is only a short time to enter this Disney Cinderella Suite sweepstakes as it closes on October 13, 2017 at 11:59pm PST

It is open to anyone aged 13 and over with the exception that the winner must not be a resident of Belgium, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Malta, North Korea, Singapore, Sudan, Syria, or Thailand

Here are the Official Rules of the Cinderella Suite Sweepstakes

Cinderella Castle Suite

We all know what the outside of the iconic Cinderella Castle looks like. However, few have ever seen what is looks like inside. To take a peek inside this amazing Cinderella Castle suite that money can’t buy visit our page at Cinderella Castle Suite

Good Luck!

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Colleen A Giorgi

Friday 9th of March 2018

I would love to be able to stay in Cinderella suite,I am a long time disney fan and visitor ,I am raising a beautiful little girl ,who was born addicted ,her mother told my son he was the father and I prepared everthing for her , her parents are raising her first child ,I stood with my sonand after a week or more she was released to me from the hospital,at 4 pounds my son stepped up to be her daddy ,after days of being here her mother told me she was leaving she wasn't done running and my son was in the room with the baby and she got her clothes without saying a word ,I had to tell my son what was going on ,she came down didn't look at them put her boots on and left he handed me the baby and tried to stop her but she didn't my son was younger than her and I taught and helped him ,now she is 4 and a beautiful little girl who is all play and has picked a different princess every halloween and all year through,she is a mixed race ,but all she nos is love ,she has my whole family wrapped around her finger ,and she doesn't no color and she never will ,I can't explain the bond I have with her ,I would give my life for her ,her mom see her but not much ,then my son relapsed and moved out but has spent all his time he can with her because he is good now ,I went to court and was granted primary custody of her. Then last year in march I lost my oldest son tragidy,he was on life support and 3days later they told me he was braindead so I donated his organs which took a couple days but I spent all my time with him in the hosp and my mom came and watched cali,on march 5th surgeons were flying in and until they were ready to take him to surgery I had to say goodbye and I stood and watched them roll him down after I couldn't breath my husband was holding me up ,if I didn't have her I wouldn't be here today ,so he was taken off life support on the 5th and I had to bury him on my birthday on march 10th, this year has been so hard all the firsts and reliving those days, I no I am nobody special and you probably hear different ones from everyone ,but I am a good person who this little girl wants to go to Disneyworld with ,I haven't worked since my son ,I don't like leaving my house but I no I have to start for her I was trying to save anything I can because we like going in dec and so is her birthday ,so I am trying

Mickie Coggin

Tuesday 20th of February 2018

I am going to Disney World next week with my friend Barb and this will be her 60th, yes you read that right, 60th visit to Disney. I would give anything if she could stay in the Cinderella Castle suite. She is retiring the end of March and plans to retire to Orlando so she can work at Disney World, the most magical place on earth. If anybody from Disney is reading this, please please please make some magic for my friend!!!!


Saturday 28th of January 2017

Is there going to be a new sweepstakes for win a stay at cinderella,s castle suite at disney world this year let me know


Saturday 28th of January 2017

I am always looking out for one and will post as soon as it arrives!

Lori Smith

Tuesday 4th of October 2016

I would love to stay in the Castle. My husband and I stayed at Disney when we were married June 1979. We continued to come almost every year for nearly 30 years with our daughters. My husband and I was planning a trip for us, our daughters and their husbands and our grandchildren. We had all the information ready to book when the day of my daughter's wedding my husband, 56 years old, collapsed in our driveway and died of a blood clot to the heart and a massive heart attack. Our trip with our kids never happened but November 5-13, we are coming to Disney the week of my husbands birthday and this trip will be in memory of my husband. Their will be 14 of us. The first family trip with all of us but without my husband. I have came to Disney every year with my youngest daughter since my husband passed. People question how I can afford to do that every year. We save every penny. Lol. The first time I walked in Disney without my husband I cried but I also had so many memories that made me smile. Now it gives me a lot of peace and new memories. Sometimes I still shed tears but Disney is a Magical Place and the memories I have cannot be taken away. What a magical ending of a vacation with a night at the Castle!


Monday 7th of March 2016

Is there a contest to stay at the hotel inside Disney?


Sunday 10th of April 2016

There isn't anything at the moment but I will post whenever there is!

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