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Apple Air Tags Deal – The Best Way to Track Your Luggage

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Ever had that experience when you arrive in the bag claim area and there is no sign of your luggage?

Have you ever lost your keys, your wallet, left your purse in a restaurant, not been able to find your pet?

Air Tags are the answer and right now they are a great discount price.

Apple AirTag 4 Pack

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These are one of the most useful travel purchases I have made this year – they have saved me a lot of time and given me the reassurance that I always know where my stuff actually is.

For everyday use they are great for keys and wallets. That has certainly saved a lot of time!

And I have found them to be invaluable when I travel for tracking checked luggage and also having the reassurance that I have tracking in my carry on bags too.

You attach the AirTags to anything you want to track. You can easily check the location of your stuff in the Find My app on any of your iOS devices.

If you know something is close to you (like you know your keys are in your house), you can locate your item by activating the sound on the AirTag.

Apple AirTag 4 Pack

When I am sailing on a cruise I have Air Tags in all my checked luggage, my carry on items and any other valuable items, such as camera equipment. You can see exactly where your luggage is – so you can see when it has been transfered onto the ship, and even when it is making it’s way to your stateroom.

There is nothing quite like that feeling when you arrive at the airport and your bags are not appearing on the carousel. If you have an Air Tag you are going to be able to find out exactly where that bag is.

I recently used the Air Tags on a visit to Universal Studios. I was transferring from one hotel to Portofino Bay Hotel. The luggage desk told me they would transfer my luggage.

However, when it hadn’t arrived by early evening I asked the bell hop to investigate what had happened to it. I could see exactly where my luggage was all the time, so it was easy to get the matter resolved. I could even see when my luggage was in transit.

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