Apple iPod Touch About To Replace The Turnstiles at Walt Disney World?


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We are hearing the very welcome news that Walt Disney World is taking some innovative steps to make the process of getting through the turnstiles at the parks just that little bit easier.

Some of the guests entering Disney’s Magic Kingdom are being greeted not by the traditional turnstiles, but by Cast Members holding Apple iPod Touch devices. The guest ticket is then scanned – much like the experience of buying something in one of Apple’s own stores.

Photo by AmandaB3

At the moment at the start of this test, there are only 50% of the entrance points being used for the new Apple iPod system. Traditional turnstiles remain for the moment. The plan is that after successful testing the technology will be introduced to all of the Disney parks.

Any visitors to Disney World in recent years will have noticed how often the process of entering the parks has become more and more difficult. I admit to loathing the finger scanner system.

Whilst I completely see that there needs to be a system so that Disney tickets are not transferable, those finger scanners drive me crazy as most of the time they just do not seem to work!

Thankfully Disney are clearly taking great leaps forward with their use of technology to enhance the guest experience.

Disney’s use of Apple technology looks set to expand in the future with the Apple iPad being tested for the new Fast Pass systems.

Now if only they can come up with a better system for security checks. I see that there is an unfortunate need for security for the safety of all guests but at the moment those long lines at the desks are infuriating.

The training and vigilance of the Cast Members searching bags are so variable, and often the start of the Disney experience is anything but magical! Not sure whether Apple has a solution for that …..

Do you think that this increased use of technology is going to enhance the guest experience? Leave me a Comment below.

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