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Best Disney Music For Studying

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Need some Disney music for studying? Look no further!

Below is a mix of some of the best Disney music to study to that you can find on the internet. The list consists of music from Disney movies, some of which are acoustic covers, as well as tracks from some of their other properties such as Star Wars, along with some from the theme parks.

I use these compliations all the time for studying, writing, work, or any other task that’s tedious. They really make the time fly when you’re working!

Keep in mind that there won’t be any songs with singing – it’s all orchestrated music.

1. Disneyland Entrance Loop

This is the loop that plays in the ticket area of the Disneyland Resort, right before you enter the parks. I like this one because it makes me think of that feeling of anticipation when you’re just about to get into the parks.

2. Disney Piano Collection

This one is so relaxing it could put me to sleep. It’s a great playlist if you want to put on some light background music as you work.

3. Orchestrated Disney Songs

I only just discovered this one, and it’s amazing! It comes from the Disneyland Hotel and is a compliation of orchestrated versions of a number of Disney songs, such as Circle of Life, Colors of the Wind, and everyone’s favorite Disney song, Saludos Amigos. (Never heard of it? Yeah, me too…)

The best song on the playlist is Colors of the Wind, as it has a really nice guitar part going along it.

4. Pixar Music

I’m a huge Pixar fan, so this is another one of my favorites. This is a compliation of great soundtracks from the Pixar movies, such as The Incredibles, Wall-E, Ratatouille, and Up.

5. Best Disney Soundtracks

Similar to the Pixar video above, this is a compliation of some of the best soundtracks from the Disney movies, with a few Pixar songs in there too.

Out of the two volumes, I think the second is the best, mainly because it has a song from the Lion King, which has one the best soundtracks out of all the Disney movies.

6. Pirates Of The Caribbean

The Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack not only stands as one of the best Disney scores, but also one of the best film soundtracks ever composed. Enjoy!

7. Star Wars Music!!!

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh! We all love Star Wars music! Yaaaay!

8. Epcot Background Music

Fans of Epcot will love this one. This backing track plays in the entrance, right near Spaceship Earth.

9. Tangled Restrooms At Magic Kingdom

If anyone who’s been to the bathroom near the Tangled section of the Magic Kingdom and thought – “wow, the music in here is great!” – then congratulations buddy! Today is your lucky day!

I have a couple of questions. Did someone sit in the bathroom for half-an-hour taking note of the songs playing on the speakers? Why has this video, as of July 27, 2020, had nearly 9,000 hits?

In all seriousness, it isn’t a bad compliation. It’s not very Disney, but it’s still very nice.

10. Disneyland Playlist

This is perfect for anyone missing Disneyland right now with it closing due to the ongoing health crisis. It includes music from pretty much every single attraction in the park – The Haunted Mansion, Indiana Jones Adventure, and Space Mountain included – as well as music loops from some of the different areas of the park, such as Tomorrowland and Adventureland.

11. Pirates Of The Caribbean Ride

It gets a little boring after a while, since it’s on repeat, but it’s still a great track to listen to when you’re working, especially if you’re a fan of the attraction. Give it a try and see what you think!

12. Animal Kingdom

Even if you’re not a Disney fan, you’ll love this music loop. It has a nice tropical feel to it and it really helps you get through whatever tedious work you have to do.

Do you have a favorite from this list? What Disney music do you like to listen to while you study or work?