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California Screamin At Disney’s California Adventure Park

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California Screamin At Disney's California Adventure Park

Dare you ride California Screamin At Disney’s California Adventure Park? Disney’s California Screamin is one of the most intense of all of the Disney park attractions and is one for those who truly love thrill rides.

Photo by KGSImaging

California Screamin opened on February 8th 2001 and is one of the original rides in the Paradise Pier section of California Adventure park. It is one of the fastest rides in any Disney park with a top speed of 55 miles per hour.

It is the only attraction in Disneyland and California Adventure park to feature an inversion. Definitely not for the more easily scared amongst us! California Screamin has the only outdoor inversion on a roller coaster. Rock N Roller Coaster has 3 inversions in Disney’s Hollywood Studios but of course that is an indoor coaster.

California Screamin is a long ride! At 6,072 feet it is the fourth longest steel coaster in the US. The ride time is 2 minutes and 36 seconds. It feels way longer than that!

The launch is for many the best part of the ride. California Screamin uses a linear induction motor system (for those who aren’t technical it kind of feels like you are being catapulted from standing)! You go from zero to 55 miles per hour in just 4 seconds! The biggest drop on the coaster is 108 feet.

Disney California Screamin

Photo by express monorail

Have you ever wondered what the tubes are for on California Screamin? They are to minimize the noise of the screaming guests! The attraction is set very close to the perimeter of Disney’s California Adventure park and it is close to a residential area – so the tubes are to minimize the impact of the noise. The tubes direct the noise back into the park.

Aside from the loops and thrills of the attraction the California Screamin the experience is made even better by the inclusion of music. Just like Rock N Roller coaster this really adds to the experience.

You must be at least 48 inches tall to ride California Screamin. Each train holds 24 riders who sit side by side in twos. There is a Fast Pass available as well as a Single Rider line. The Single Rider line is often a really good option as it often is a short wait. As with all other Single Rider lines you will not be seated with any other member of your party though.

Have you experienced California Screamin?