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Castaway Cay Cabanas Price Increase 2024

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Well we probably all knew this was coming, but it is always just a bit of surprise when it does.

Disney Cruise Line has increased the prices of the immensely popular Castaway Cay Cabanas once again.

Prices had been stable for a considerable time until the last price rise which came in April 2023. Now less than a year later, in February 2024 here is another one.


Here are the new cabana prices – with the old rates shown in brackets so you can see the increase.

  • Family Beach Cabanas cost $880 (increased from $797.50) for up to 6 guests The cabanas can accommodate up to 10 guests. If you want to add guests this is an additional $56.00 (from $50) plus tax per person for guests 7-10.
  • Serenity Bay Castaway Cay Cabanas are $523 (from $493.90) for the first 4 guests. You can add up to another 2 guests for $56 each (from $50)
  • The Grand Cabana #21 has a daily rate of $1,238 (from $1,127.50)for up to 10 guests. The Grand Cabana can accommodate up to 16 guests. There is an additional $56 (from $50.00) plus tax charge per person for guests 11-16.

If we look at the recent price increases (since April 2023) these are substantial. Here are the prices as they were prior to April 2023.

Family Beach Cabanas were previously $599 for the first 6 guests. That is now $880

Serenity Bay Cabanas were $399 for the first 4 guests. That is now $523

The Grand Family Cabana #21 was $949. This is now $1,238.

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There is one thing that is certain though – they will still sell out on the first day that they are released. The Castaway Cay cabanas are always in very high demand and it is very very difficult to actually get a reservation for one, even if you are prepared to pay the price.

What do you think of the latest price increases?