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New Outfits for the Characters on Castaway Cay

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Everyone needs a wardrobe change once in a while – and that includes Mickey, Minnie and Friends.

Disney Cruise Line has just released pictures of the new Castaway Cay beach wear for the characters who get out and about on Disney’s Private Island.

It is interesting to compare with the previous look.

I think I like the new look a lot. Particularly for Minnie – what’s not to love about the new dress and the sunglasses!

All of the new outfits are even more colorful and vibrant than the previous ones. You won’t have any difficulty spotting your favorite character on Castaway Cay.

Friends Chip and Dale, Daisy and Donald Duck also get a vibrant new makeover.

This is a very different look from the outfits that will debut in June for Disney’s new island at Lighthouse Point.

Which ones do you prefer?