Disney Cruise Bottled Water


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One of the questions that we hear a lot is can you bring bottled water on a Disney Cruise. Also, can you buy Disney cruise bottled water?


Bottled Water on a Disney Cruise

Disney cruise lines are one of the most helpful in allowing guests to bring certain items on the ship. It has one of the most flexible policies at sea for bringing alcohol on board. You can see our guide at:

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Fortunately, Disney cruise lines are also very helpful in allowing guests to bring as much bottled water on board as they can carry. It has to be unopened and in carry on luggage.

You can bring as much water onboard a Disney cruise as you want to. However, you do need to give some thought as to how best to transport it on to the ship!


A pack of even just 12 bottles of water is pretty heavy and bulky. You really don’t want to think about picking that up with your bare hands! Make sure that you have a wheeled carry on bag to either put them in or balance them on top of.

Also, remember that your Disney cruise stateroom is not going to be ready until 1 pm. This means that you could have a couple of hours on the ship balancing those water bottles on your carry on. Just bear that in mind when you choose how to transport it.

There are water packages to purchase on your Disney cruise. You will notice on the first day there will be crew members asking if you want to buy Disney cruise bottled water.


They are not pushy and a simple no thanks is enough. However, it can be a good option if you don’t want to carry on your bottled water.

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Bottled water is more expensive on the ship of course. What does the Disney cruise bottled water cost?

A 6 pack of bottled water costs $9.75 and a 24 pack is $39. This does not include tax and gratuity. You can see that if you think you are going to buy bottled water you can save by bringing it on yourself.

The water in your stateroom and from the drinks station is perfectly safe to drink and tastes good too. Remember also that many of the drinks are free on the Disney Cruise Line. You can see our guide to this at:

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We know some people love their bottled water but to save money we always take a Reusable Water Bottle and just fill it with ice and water from the beverage station.

Do you bring bottled water on a Disney cruise?

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