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Disney Cruise Europe Cancellations 2020

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Disney Cruise Europe Cancellations 2020

Disney Cruise Line has announced more cancellations – now all Disney European cruises are canceled through 2 October 2020.   Unfortunately, none of these Disney European Cruises will be sailing:

Disney Cruise Europe 2020

  •  7-night Mediterranean 5/30
  •  7-night Mediterranean 6/6
  • 9-Night Mediterranean with Greek Isles 6/13
  • 9-Night Mediterranean with Greek Isles 6/22
  • 12-Night Mediterranean with Greek Isles 7/1
  • 5-Night Mediterranean Cruise from Barcelona 7/13
  •  7-Night Western Europe Cruise from Barcelona to Dover 7/18
  • 11-Night Northern Europe Cruise from Dover to Copenhagen 7/25
  • 8-Night Northern Europe Cruise from Copenhagen 8/5
  • 7-Night Northern Europe Cruise from Copenhagen 8/13
  • 10-Night Norwegian Fjords and Iceland Cruise 8/20
  • 7-Night Norwegian Fjords Cruise from Dover 8/30
  • 7-Night British Isles Cruise from Dover 9/6
  • 5-Night Western Europe Cruise from Dover 9/13
  • 10-Night Westbound Transatlantic Cruise from Dover to New York 10/2
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Adventures by Disney Cruise or Escape Packages Cancellations

These Adventures by Disney sailings in Europe have also been cancelled. 8/5 – 8-Night Northern Europe:  8/2 Copenhagen Escape and 8/5 Northern Europe Cruise Package 8/13 – 7-Night Northern Europe:  8/10 Copenhagen Escape and 8/13 Northern Europe Cruise Package 8/20 – 10-Night Northern Europe: 8/17 Copenhagen Escape 8/30 – 7-Night Norwegian Fjords:  8/28 London Escape 9/6 – 7-Night British Isles:  9/4 London Escape 9/13 – 5-Night Western Europe:   9/11 London Escape

What if My Disney Cruise is Cancelled?

Guests can choose between a full refund and a Future Cruise Credit (FCC) The Future Cruise Credit is equal to 125% of the original cruise fare plus the cost of the Vacation Protection Plan, if applicable.  The FCC is only valid for sailings departing prior to March 31,2022. The original reservation must be paid in full to be eligible for the FCC. The FCC is applied per person and is non-transferable, non-refundable and has no cash value. Standard prevailing rates apply and Guests are responsible for any balance due after the FCC has been applied. In other words if you have a $5000 FCC and your new cruise costs $6000 you will be responsible for the balance. If you take the FCC but then can’t use you will be eligible for a refund up to the amount of their original voyage fare plus the cost of the Vacation Protection Plan, if applicable. In other words, you revert back to your original 100$ refund figure, instead of the bonus 125% amount that you would have had if you had used the credit to pay for another Disney cruise. Standard cancellation policies and terms and conditions apply to future sailings. Guests who previously received a FCC are not eligible for an additional FCC. So if you had a Disney cruise cancelled, say in April, and used it to transfer to another cruise you can’t get the additional credit twice.  Let’s take this example. You were booked on the Disney Wonder for a Mexican Riviera sailing in April 2020. You paid $5,000. You chose to get the FCC which would have given you a total of $6250 to apply to a future cruise. You applied it to a September Europe cruise from Dover. You spent $6250. You can now either claim back the original $5,000 you spent, or you can use the $6250 for a future cruise departing prior to March 31, 2022.  Here we have a complete list of all the Disney Cruise Cancellations 2020. Have you been affected by Disney Cruise cancellations? Have you rebooked and taken the cruise credit, or cancelled?  
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