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Disney Cruise Hawaii?

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Is there going to be a Disney Cruise to Hawaii? It is only a rumor at the moment but it would certainly be a good bet that the Disney Wonder would include a Hawaii itinerary for 2012. The Disney Wonder is to have Los Angeles and Vancouver as her home ports next year. It would make sense for Disney to include a repositioning cruise with a stop in some ports of Hawaii.

One complication is that regulations state that foreign ships may not sail directly between 2 US ports. The Disney ships are all registered in the Bahamas so they are seen as foreign ships so they have to abide by this regulation. One possibility is that a cruise from Los Angeles could include a stop in a Mexican port before sailing to Hawaii. Then if the Wonder sets sail from Vancouver to Hawaii it would have to include a Mexican port before docking in Los Angeles again.

Certainly it could work and it would be another interesting itinerary in addition to the Disney Cruise Alaska and Mexican Riviera cruises. The news is that The Hawaii Department of Transportation has “confirmed that Disney has tentative bookings at Pier 2 in Honolulu Harbor in May and September of 2012.

It would also make a lot of sense as Disney will have a new resort in Hawaii by 2011. The Aulani Resort and Spa in Hawaii is all set to open on August 29th 2011. Disney could then offer cruise and stay options for Hawaii to tie in with the repositioning cruises.