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Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship To Stage Aladdin Show

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Disney’s Aladdin – A Musical Spectacular will take to the stage on the Disney Fantasy cruise ship when it launches in 2012.

Anyone who has been to the amazing Aladdin show in California Adventure Park will know that this is one of the best theme park show attractions which Disney has ever staged, so we should have high hopes for the new Disney Fantasy version.

I am sure that we can expect the same high-quality staging and performances as we see in the Anaheim park version. Disney has said that there will definitely be a flying carpet – obviously the first at sea!

There has been talk for a while that the California Adventure Park version is going to be replaced.

It was supposed to close last year to make way for a Toy Story show but Disney changed it’s mind on that one.

I certainly hope that it gets to stick around for some time to come, and particularly that it does not get replaced with a version of Toy Story The Musical. On a cruise on the Disney Wonder recently this was by far my least favorite show.

One of the things which makes the Aladdin show such a huge success is of course the Genie.

I wonder if the amazing actor who has played him for so many years in this show (anyone know his name) is going to transfer to the Disney Fantasy. If the show has to stop at the park then I certainly hope that the Fantasy is taking the star of the show with her!

Photo by armadillo444