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Disney Hollywood Studios Sorcerer’s Hat Removed

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Disney Hollywood Studios Sorcerers Hat

Love it or loathe it the Disney Hollywood Studios Sorcerer’s Hat is now just a piece of history with it’s removal on 7th January to make way for many changes at the Disney park.

It is the end of a Disney Hollywood Studios icon with the removal of the 122 foot tall Sorcerer’s Hat. The huge structure appeared in 2001. The removal will start on January 7th and we are told there are no plans to move it to any other place on Disney World property.

I have to confess that I am one of those who never really liked the Sorcerer’s Hat. It always looked like a late and rather awkward transplant to the park which for me never really worked at all. It just blocked the view to the Chinese Theater and really looked as though it didn’t belong.

It is true that the Sorcerer’s Hat provided a great photo opportunity and here we have gathered a selection of our favorite photos:

Photos by Christian Lambert wbeam and edanley and expressmonorail

There have been a lot of changes recently in Disney Hollywood Studios with the closing of the Studio Backlot Tour and the American Idol Experience.

The huge change of course for Hollywood Studios will come with the building of more Star Wars attractions. Disney Hollywood Studios is very much in need of an overhaul and it will be interesting to see how things develop over the next few years.

With the enormous success of Universal’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter Disney is moving towards immersive experiences connected to movies. Avatar Land in Disney’s Animal Kingdom will be the first real experiment for the company with this concept. You really can’t get any bigger than the Star Wars movie franchise and it would seem that any new attractions on that theme are going to propel Disney Hollywood Studios into a new level of huge attendance levels.

What do you think about the changes at Disney Hollywood Studios? Will you miss the Sorcerer’s Hat?

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