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Disney Music

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Part of the magic of all of the Disney parks and movies is the amazing music. In Walt Disney World music is used in all of the parks and resorts to enhance the guests experience. The range and repertoire of music used is huge. So next time you are walking around the parks or even standing in line take some time to just listen and really think about the music. How does it make you feel?

I enjoy listening to music whilst I write and to me there is nothing more inspiring than Disney music. So I was delighted to find Reedy Creek Radio. It is a great place to listen to Disney music online. From Disney classics to music used in the lines for the attractions Reedy Creek Radio has it all.

So how much of a Disney music fan are you? My story is that when I had my youngest child of course I picked a midwife who was a Disney fanatic. She was a fabulous midwife with the added benefit of having lots of Disney music on her mp3 player! So my son was born to the sounds of Reflections of Earth! Perhaps that is why he is such a devoted Disney fan……

Photo courtesy of dawnashley