Disney Princess Ceremony in Kensington Palace


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It has just been announced that Rapunzel will be formally recognized as a Disney Princess in a ceremony to be held at Kensington Palace in London on October 2nd 2011. So a real royal palace is to be used as the setting for the ceremony! Kensington Palace has been home to members of the British Royal family since the 16th century.

Queen Victoria was born there, and of course it’s most famous and beloved resident was Princess Diana. Prince Willian and the Duchess of Cambridge now live there, along with many other members of the current British Royal Family.

Here is the official announcement from Disney:

“Once Rapunzel becomes an official member of the Disney Princess court, she will be celebrated and recognized as such across Disney, and will be included in all Disney Princess products featuring multiple characters, in addition to her own merchandise line. Plus, across all Disney Parks, Rapunzel will for the first time wear her royal tiara, stolen from the kingdom by Flynn Rider in the Tangled film,” said Mary Beech, vice president of girls franchise development and marketing at Disney Consumer Products. “With London knowing a thing or two about bringing royal celebrations to a worldwide audience, it seemed only fitting for the city to become the stage for the celebration to welcome Rapunzel into our own Disney Princess royal court. We are inviting girls from across the globe to welcome each Disney Princess character to the Palace and celebrate with Rapunzel on her special day.”

Independent charity Historic Royal Palaces has joined with Disney to help stage the event, in a collaboration that aims to encourage children all over the world to explore the stories behind the real kings, queens, princes and princesses alongside Disney’s.

“Our aim is to help everyone explore the stories of how monarchs and other royals have shaped society, in some of the greatest palaces ever built,” said Ruth Gill, Head of Interpretation at Historic Royal Palaces. “Kensington Palace has always been a place of spectacle, beauty and majesty, and home to many inspirational real-life Princesses. We are therefore delighted to celebrate our relationship with Disney by hosting this magical event that will welcome Rapunzel as the 10th member of the Disney Princess royal court.”

All ten Disney Princess characters will take part in the royal celebration and will be joined by VIPs, celebrities and little princesses from across the globe in festivities including a procession through Hyde Park, party activities and a welcoming ceremony”

I am guessing that the newest resident of Kensington Palace the Duchess of Cambridge will not be part of the ceremony. Of course she really isn’t eligible as the former Kate Middleton is not actually a Princess unlike Rapunzel and her royal friends!

I would assume that the Queen had to give her permission for this. This is most definitely a bold sign that the British Royal family is moving with the times. Although some would no doubt say moving too far ….

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