Disney Wonder Cruise Discounts For Canadian Residents


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Disney Cruise Discounts For Canadian Residents

Even though right now Disney cruise lines are not sailing until at least 12th April 2020, there is still a great opportunity for a Disney Cruise discount for Canadian Residents.

Disney Cruise Canadian resident discounts are currently available for all of the ships. 

The rates shown in the table below are for up to 3 guests, although some Disney cruise staterooms sleep up to 5.

The firce price shown is for the first 2 guests in the stateroom. The second price is for additional guests in the same stateroom up to 5 guests.

All fares include taxes, port fees and port expenses. Here you can see what is included in a Disney Cruise.


DateCruise itineraryInside IGTOceanview OGTVerandah VGT
4/16/204-Night Bahamian Cruise from Miami on Disney Magic$826/$655$910/$670$1,075/$715
4/27/204-Night Bahamian Cruise on Disney Dream$915/$582$948/$582$1,032/$582
4/30/204-Night Bahamian Cruise from Miami on Disney Magic$831/$552$894/$567$1,035/$582
5/4/204-Night Bahamian Cruise on Disney Dream$924/$582$966/$582$1,038/$582
5/4/204-Night Bahamian Cruise from Miami on Disney Magic$796/$526$880/$556$1,057/$571
5/8/203-Night Bahamian Cruise from Miami on Disney Magic$680/$449$723/$460$845/$471
5/11/204-Night Bahamian Cruise on Disney Dream$952/$613$991/$613$1,066/$613
5/23/207-Night Western Caribbean Cruise on Disney Fantasy$1,825/$1,221$1,830/$1,221$1,956/$1,221
5/25/204-Night Bahamian Cruise on Disney Dream$1,260/$828$1,299/$834$1,377/$846
5/29/203-Night Bahamian Cruise on Disney Dream$945/$607$979/$607$1,030/$607
5/30/207-Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise on Disney Fantasy$2,028/$1,382$2,054/$1,382$2,170/$1,382
5/30/207-Night Mediterranean Cruise from Barcelona on Disney Magic$1,510/$1,037$1,720/$1,063$2,166/$1,090
6/20/207-Night Western Caribbean Cruise on Disney Fantasy$2,172/$1,510$2,245/$1,510$2,403/$1,510
6/21/205-Night Bahamian Cruise with 2 Stops at Castaway Cay on Disney Dream$1,662/$1,100$1,733/$1,100$1,865/$1,100
7/6/207-Night Alaskan Cruise from Vancouver on Disney Wonder$2,158/$1,476$2,631/$1,476$3,676/$1,528
7/13/207-Night Alaskan Cruise from Vancouver on Disney Wonder$2,163/$1,480$2,635/$1,480$3,680/$1,533
7/20/204-Night Bahamian Cruise on Disney Dream$1,339/$931$1,408/$931$1,516/$931
7/20/207-Night Alaskan Cruise from Vancouver on Disney Wonder$2,091/$1,461$2,600/$1,461$3,661/$1,513
7/24/203-Night Bahamian Cruise on Disney Dream$1,037/$747$1,091/$747$1,157/$747
7/25/2011-Night Northern Europe Cruise from Dover ending in Copenhagen on Disney Magic$3,412/$1,886$4,072/$1,927$5,433/$2,009
8/1/207-Night Western Caribbean Cruise on Disney Fantasy$2,113/$1,472$2,192/$1,472$2,370/$1,472
8/21/203-Night Bahamian Cruise on Disney Dream$695/$533$754/$533$819/$533
8/22/203-Night Bahamian Cruise on Disney Fantasy$748/$505$778/$505$834/$505
8/27/203-Night Bahamian Cruise on Disney Dream$764/$490$789/$490$859/$490
9/6/207-Night British Isles Cruise from Dover on Disney Magic$1,626/$812$1,836/$839$2,309/$865
9/10/204-Night Halloween on the High Seas Bahamian Cruise on Disney Dream$733/$538$769/$538$829/$538
9/13/205-Night Western Europe Cruise from Dover on Disney Magic$1,186/$623$1,317/$642$1,673/$661
9/18/205-Night Baja Cruise from San Diego on Disney Wonder$896/$599$978/$618$1,147/$637

All Disney cruise fares shown are for a Guaranteed Stateroom. What this means is that you pay a certain fare for a distinct category of a stateroom. This is either Inside IGT, Outside OGT or Verandah VGT.

You will be allocated your stateroom at any time prior to sailing. This could be weeks before you sail or literally at check-in.

You will be allocated a stateroom of at least the category that you booked. Sometimes you are upgraded from one category to another – but this is far from usual. 

In other words, if you book an Inside Stateroom you will be given at least that, but you may be upgraded to an Outside. If you book an Oceanview you may be upgraded to a Verandah.

You will be required to show proof of Citizenship for these Disney Cruise Canadian discounts. The easiest way to do that is with a passport.

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