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Disneyland Hotel Club Level – Is it Worth It?

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Discover what Disneyland Hotel Club Level is really like. If you are thinking about booking a Disneyland Hotel concierge room it is important to know what the upgrade actually offers.

Is it worth upgrading to a concierge room at the Disneyland Hotel?

Is a Club Level stay worth the splurge?

Here is a guide that will help you decide if it is worth the extra money.


Disneyland Hotel – The Background

The Disneyland Hotel is the oldest of all Disneyland Resort Hotels.

It was built in 1955, but surprisingly it was not owned by the Walt Disney Company until 1998.

The Disneyland Hotel Entrance from Downtown Disney

Walt simply couldn’t afford to build a hotel in 1955 as all his money had gone into creating Disneyland.

However, an enterprising friend of his saw the opportunity to build a hotel very close to this innovative new park named Disneyland.

You can see a tribute to the original owners, Jack and Bonita Wrather, in the hotel today.

Jack and Bonita Wrather Tribute in Disneyland Hotel Lobby

The Walt Disney Company purchased the Wrather Company in 1998 and part of this finally gave them ownership of the Hotel.

There have been major refurbishments in 1998 and more recently in 2010 and 2011.

The Disneyland Hotel is the largest of the resort hotels with 930 rooms and 60 suites. 

The Entrance to the Adventure Tower Disneyland Hotel

Disneyland Hotel has three Towers.

The Adventure Tower is regarded as the “best” of the three Disneyland Hotel towers as it offers the closest access to both Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure Park.

All Concierge Rooms are located in the Adventure Tower.

The Fantasy Tower is the main building that houses the lobby and the store. You never know who you might meet in the lobby!

Goofy in the Lobby of Disneyland Hotel Anaheim

The Frontier Tower is the furthest away from the theme parks and Downtown Disney.

However, whilst the Adventure Tower is the most desirable, any of the rooms in the Disneyland Hotel offer easy access to the parks.

It is easy to walk to Disneyland or California Adventure through Downtown Disney.

Or you can take the monorail from the station which is located just a few minutes walk from Disneyland Hotel.

The Monorail will take you to Tomorrowland in Disneyland Park.

Which Disneyland Entrance should you take? There are pros and cons to both.

If you have never visited Disneyland before then I would suggest that you go through the main entrance for your first visit.

This is because you will then arrive the traditional way and see the iconic Main Street and Sleeping Beauty Castle as your first experience.

If you take the monorail you will arrive in Tomorrowland which is closer to the back of the park. Then you would miss the first impression being of the Castle and Main Street.

However, if you want to be in that area of the park first then this is the way to go.

If you want to experience riding on the monorail then think about taking it on the way back out of the park.

Disneyland Hotel Rooms


Standard rooms are 364-415 square feet.

Each room has either a king-size bed or two queen-size beds and will accommodate up to five people.

They are the largest of all the Disneyland Resort Hotel rooms and I think they are the nicest.


My favorite feature has to be the headboard.

Press a switch and it will light up and play A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes. 


The rooms are very spacious and are large enough even for a family of 5 without feeling cramped.

Disneyland Hotel Concierge

Disneyland Hotel Concierge Lounge View

Concierge rooms are located in the Adventure Tower and have views of either of the Never Land Pool, Downtown Disney, or the theme parks.

As you would expect, the views from the concierge rooms are among the best at Disneyland Hotel.

The Concierge Lounge, which is known as the E-Ticket Lounge, is located on the 11th Floor of the Adventure Tower.

It is open from 6:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. 


Concierge service includes the following amenities:

  • Priority Check-In
  • Concierge vacation planning services prior to and during your visit
  • Nightly turndown service
  • DVD players and a complimentary movie library
  • Disneyland fireworks viewing from the Concierge Lounge
  • Continental breakfast, snacks, beverages and fresh fruit, evening wine, and cheese reception

Of all the Concierge benefits offered the one which really is my favorite is the food. This is the biggest perk as it can save you a considerable amount.

One of your biggest expenses at Disneyland is food, so any savings I can make I most definitely see as a positive thing.

A Continental Breakfast is served from around 7 am until 10.30 am each morning.

There aren’t any hot items, but you can still have a breakfast of cereals, fruit, and pastries


There is Iced Tea, Lemonade, and Water available all day.

There are also canned sodas and bottled water available in the refrigerator.

Coffee Machine at Disneyland Hotel Concierge Lounge

The coffee machine is a great feature of all of the Disney Hotel Concierge Lounges.

There is a really good selection of different coffee pods as well as different flavored syrups.


Snacks are available all day.

My kids always love the goldfish snacks so I make sure that I take some Small Food Containers

so we can easily take food into the park.

For a discussion on what kinds of food you can take to Disneyland and what you can’t, you can see my article here.


I particularly like the vegetable crudites selection with the Ranch Dressing. 

There is fruit and chips with a really good selection of fresh salsa.

The view from the Disneyland Hotel Concierge Lounge is exceptional. It is particularly good for viewing the fireworks in the evening. The music is piped into the Lounge so you get the full effect.

It really is a unique perspective to see the Disneyland fireworks from the Lounge. 

In the early evening, hot and cold appetizers are offered. Beer and wine are also served. 

As it is so easy to get back from the parks to the Disneyland Hotel I always try and time it so that we can get back to the Concierge Lounge to eat. Then we go back out to the parks.

You can save a lot of money on food by eating breakfast in the Concierge Lounge, taking snacks with you to the parks, and then coming back in the early evening.

You can then rest enough so that you have the energy to go back into the park.

For me, this is the real benefit of a stay at Club Level in the Disneyland Hotel.


From 8 pm until 10 pm desserts are offered in the Concierge Lounge.

Disneyland Hotel Signature Suites


If you really want to stay in the best rooms that Disneyland Hotel has to offer then it has the Pirates of the Caribbean Suite, Big Thunder Mountain Suite, the Fairytale Suite, Adventureland Suite, Ambassador, and even the Mickey Mouse Penthouse.

Fortunately, the Disneyland Hotel Club Level is not limited to those who are staying in these suites, as not many will ever be able to pay the premium prices of those suites.

You will rarely get much change from $2,500 a night in any of these Disneyland Signature Suites and more likely you will be paying around the $5,000 mark.

I had the chance to take a tour of the Pirates of the Caribbean Suite recently. This is a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom suite located on the 11th Floor of the Adventure Tower.

It is certainly fit for Jack Sparrow himself with lots of lush dark furnishings and Pirates of the Caribbean artifacts.

The highlight of the Suite is the large living room that has a seating area with a stone fireplace, a huge dining table, and even a wet bar. 


The attention to detail in the Suite is amazing.

From the moment you step into the Suite and realize that the doorbell plays Yo Ho Ho It’s a Pirates Life for Me, to discover the many items of Pirates of the Caribbean memorabilia and artwork, you know that this is a unique place to stay in the Disneyland Resort.


The master bedroom has a huge dark wood four-poster bed with lush red and gold soft furnishings. 


The views over the Neverland Pool are stunning. 

For more details on the Pirates of the Caribbean Suite visit our article here.

Is Disneyland Club Level Worth the Cost?


I am a big fan of staying at the Concierge Level at any of the Disneyland Hotel Resorts as it works out well for my family.

If I can get an upgrade to Club Level at the Disneyland Hotel for around $150 then I will usually take that as I know that I can make savings on the amount of food that I buy.

Standard room rates at the Disneyland Hotel start at around $450 with Club Level Rooms usually starting at over $600 per night. 

With a family of 5, you can easily save that amount of money on food per day if you are prepared to make good use of the Concierge Lounge. If you don’t think that is going to work for you then the benefits are minimal.

It is nice to be able to watch the fireworks from the Lounge but you can also do that from any hotel room with a fireworks view, without it being a Club Level room. 

Have you stayed in a Disneyland Club Level room? Did you think the extra cost was worth it?

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Sunday 4th of September 2022

Thanks for this information! We just booked a couple nights at the Disneyland Hotel club level in December and are really excited! We have never splurged like this but we also feel that the food alone makes the expense more bearable. Did they not offer Mickey waffles for breakfast? I’ve seen some older videos where they were served but maybe they stopped.

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