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Disney’s Blizzard Beach

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What happens when due to freak weather conditions it snows in Orlando? Disney’s Blizzard Beach is created! Well although of course this is just a story that is how the Disney Imagineers came up with the concept for this amazing Water Park. So what will you find atDisney’s Blizzard Beach?

For those of you who like to drop 13 stories down at a speed of up to 60 mph then head straight for Summit Plummet. Looking for something a little more relaxing? Then you can float around the park on Cross Country Creek. Just pick up a raft and float around this lazy river attraction.

Blizzard Beach has many water slides to keep family members of all ages happy. For those of you not quite ready for Summit Plummet then try it’s slightly smaller brother Slusher Gusher. Or for a great family water slide try Teamboat Springs. Other favorites are Runoff Rapids, Downhill Double Dipper and Snow Stormers.

Or just want to chill out in the wave pool? Melt Away Bay is a huge gentle wave pool where you can swim or float around in an inner tube raft. The perfect place to relax and think about your next ride on Summit Plummet…….

What is the best time to visit Blizzard Beach? This Disney park definitely gets busy and will close when it reaches capacity which happens often in the summer months. So arrive early. Ideally around 45 minutes before opening time. Head to the slides as quickly as you can and you will cut down your wait in line. You might want to designate one member of your group to go and find a good place to hang out for the day too – go and grab that lounger before someone else does!

Mid afternoon can also be a good time to arrive. A lot of guests arrive early so are leaving at this time of the day so crowds can be lighter.

Blizzard Beach also has Extra Magic Hours for it’s hotel resort guests. It can be a good thing to take advantage of this as it will get you in earlier or allow you to stay later. Park hours and Extra Magic Hour schedules vary so be sure to check opening hours before you plan your trip. And weather reports too. Disney’s Blizzard Beach closes during rain storms for safety reasons. Often the storm passes and the park re opens so this can be a great chance to get into the park when most guests have already left.

How does Disney’s Blizzard Beach compare with Disney’s other water park Typhoon Lagoon? Blizzard Beach is the newest of the 2 parks and most definitely has the best slides if that is what you are looking for. But Typhoon Lagoon has a spectacular surf pool. Yes, Blizzard Beach has a gentle wave pool for you to enjoy but at Typhoon Lagoon we are talking 6 foot tall waves!

Photo of Blizzard Beach used by Creative Commons and king permission of Anthonut