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Epcot Test Track

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Epcot Test Track is one of the most popular rides at Walt Disney World for a good reason. It is just a huge amount of fun. So what is Epcot Fast Track? Every Disney ride has a back story and the one for Test Track is that you are going to be part of a vehicle test facility. Yes you get to be the crash test dummy! Of course this is Disney so everything is going to be just fine.

Here is a video which will show you everything on the ride. So if you want it to be a surprise do not view!

How to Reduce Time Spent in Line for Epcot Test Track

Of course a popular ride at Disney World means long lines and this is certainly true of Test Track. Lines of 60 to 90 minutes are common. The best way to save time is to use a Fast Pass. Try and get a Fast Pass as early in the day as possible though as often by early afternoon there aren’t any left.

You can also arrive early so that you are there as soon as the park opens. You can then join many other guests running around to the left past Spaceship Earth to get to Test Track.

Another way to cut down you wait time considerably is to go in the Single Rider Line. You will cut your wait time but of course you will not be seated with the rest of your party.

Epcot Test Track Repair and Test Shop

This is the line for the ride. You enter a huge building which houses a car test facility where you will see different tests for tires, car doors, various safety tests, and of course crash test dummies. The one overwhelming thing about this area is that it is very very noisy.

Finally you reach a holding area where you will wait to go into the briefing room. This wait can be anything from 2 to about 10 minutes. You think you are there but of course not quite yet!

Epcot Test Track Briefing Room

This is a video which is supposed to introduce you to the ride. Watch out for the ‘surprise’ test at the end. The briefing room is perhaps the most frustrating part of the wait in line if you are a Test Track ‘veteran’. You know there is no way you are getting out of there until you have watched the rather dull video again! One tip to get to the final bit of the line faster is to try and pick a spot closer to the door on the far side. This will mean that you get to be out of the room a little faster and can cut your wait time by a couple of minutes.

You then exit to, yes, yet another line. There shouldn’t be too long a wait now though as you are almost there. You will see the Test Track vehicles for the first time. They hold 6 guests in two rows of 3. Most people would agree that the front row is the best so ask the Cast Member if you can have the front.

Test Track Ride

Now it is time for the real fun to start. First you will climb a steep hill and of course there has to be a steep descent after that for some suspension tests. Next is the Brake Test. This is one of my favorites as it demonstrates the difference that anti lock brakes make to a vehicle.

The Environmental Chamber Test explores how well your vehicle will withstand extreme temperatures. It does get pretty warm and cold in there! Next is the Ride Handling Test which gives you a little taste of things to come. You speed around hairpin bends up hills at ever increasing speeds. Then it is your chance to experience a near collision – a lot more fun than it sounds!

Of course what everyone is waiting for is the final test. The outdoor High Speed Test at speeds reaching 65 miles per hour around a 50 degree banked curve. This is one of the best experiences of any Disney World ride and of course what makes Test Track so popular.

Test Track Post Show

Your photo will be taken on the ride and you can add it to a Photo Pass. Then you enter the post show area which is one huge vehicle showroom. And then of course the gift shop!

Height Requirements for Epcot Test Track

Guests need to be at least 40″ high to ride Test Track. If you have a little one who is too small to ride then you can of course do the Child Swap. Simply ask a Cast Member at the entrance for what to do. You go and wait in the post show area, near the photos. Then when the rest of your party has experienced the ride you go back through the way they just came out. This means that you join the line at the very last stage and skip the line and the pre show.

Test Track is definitely one of the best rides in Walt Disney World. If you get the chance then it really is something which should be on your list of ‘must do’ rides.

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